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Moana Candy Shooter Game

It seems like a great moment to offer you some new and amazing online games and of course that among those games there is also this new and fun game, another new and exclusive game created by the team of Here in this new and fun online game you will have to use your logical thinking and shoot some candies. The game is a candy shooter type of game in which you will have by your side, one of the most loved disney characters of the moment, princess Moana and her friends. You will have to play after the classic bubble shooter rules, but you also have the option of choosing the type of game between classic and arcade. You will have to shoot the candy that you have in the area where there are more of the same type in order to eliminate them and get some points in exchange. The game has a number of levels for you to explore and as you will advance in those levels you will see that the game will become more fun and more challenging. Enjoy your time with your friend from Disney, princess Moana in this new and fun online game that we have for you next!

Use the mouse to play!

You can also read the instructions that Moana Candy Shooter are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Moana Candy Shooter Moana Candy Shooter

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