Disney Games LOL - What Should We Play?

Disney Games LOL - What Should We Play?

Do not tell me that you are not aware of the new internet games sensation Disney games lol. They are gaining the rapid attention of the crowd by providing them easy streaming or playing the best online play games. In June 2016, they also developed and launched their application for tabs or smartphones. Everyone thinks about the comfort and feasibility of their users or customers. They have launched this family-friendly app in which you or your wife or kids can have an experience of mini-Disney social contents.

Thanks to Disney games LOL, now you all can join others like you from any part of the world who are fans of Disney. Disney is holding a great franchise which have the overall followers up to 1.15 billion in 2016. They are serving around more than 300 million online surfing in a single month. They have plans to entertain their crowd online as well as off the screen. Before this covid pandemic broke on all of us, they were handling the population of 155 million recorded attendees on daily basis. No wonder how they have expanded so big. Now they have come up with their app where you can enjoy the GIFs, gigs, vines or non-stop fun of content apart from the episodes, some videos based on maximum of 2 minutes. It is an app without any expense available on IOs on AppStore and Android on Play Store.

Are the Disney games lol appropriate for kids?

Disney is super conscious about their content to be friendly to the family. It is safe to enjoy it with your family and kids. There are designed to serve the age of seven and above. The apps are totally free of cost and requires only 22 MBs of your phone’s hard disk.

What is their targeted age group?

You may see fans of all ages that Disney owns. The specific age which is their most concern is to get those 4-12 years old kids who are in their childhood age. Then there comes the next generation who are at the end of their teenage and still are great fans of Disney.

Disney games LOL - what games does it have for kids?

As Disney has launched the app, people are more concerned about the best Disney games LOL? As we have told you what age they are targeting the most, they have worked on their games and have come up with a great difference. When we are still nostalgic about their previous great games that are not even available on their site and they are here with a great and wide collection of games for kids to play.

There are 20 sections for different kinds of nature of kids. You can enjoy any of the games depending on your mood and what you desire right now. Following are some of their sections:

  • Gravity Falls.
  • XD Games.
  • Star Wars Games.
  • Brain Games.
  • Fashion Games.
  • Action Games.
  • Marvel Games any many more.

Disney games LOL - best games for adults

It is not serving just the kids all around the world. There are some games that you might love to play on their LOL app. Following are some of the great ones:

Tsum Tsum Mix

Tsum Tsum is a game you can play on mobile. They have turned the Disney characters in small, round cartoons and you will match these cartoons to get the points and level clearance. To play it on their website, you can approach the Tsum Tsum Mix. Let's see how many you can score.

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Where’s My Water?

It too was designed initially for the mobile app but now you can enjoy it on their website too. It is a mind presence game of puzzles featuring an alligator who is looking forward to have a shower but he cannot because the water is not accessible to his bathroom. It asks you to complete the levels so that water starts to move through the pipeline and get to him.

Disney XD Hero Trip

How good it is to play a game where you can see all of your favorite characters as you clearing up the levels? All of them are thrown in some strange world and they all are finding out a way to get of it. They can form their team based on the most favorite characters and starts solving the puzzles and IQ games in time to get out of it.

The Great Stanmobile Escape

Their tab of Disney Gravity Falls has the games that everyone, kids and adults, finds. This section has very few of the games and this one is the one that people have played the most. This game features your favorite character Grunkle Stan who is driving a car with some trouble at the rear wheel and he should not get caught.

Creepy Crawl Space

Do you want some spooky fun game? Toy Story of Terror: Creepy Crawl Space is here for you. Three characters, Jessy, Buzz, and Woody from toy story, are here with you. Unfortunately, they have lost their other toy friends. Now you have to guide them the way through some creepy space and connect them back again.

Descendents: Aisle of the Lost Rush

Finally, a game which is not so simple and just for kids. This game is fun for adults too. It is the best choice for you. It has action, storyline, and strategic missions for you to accomplish. It is a running game with your favorite character from the show Descendents running in the Isle of the Lost streets to end up fine at his final destination. Unlocking other characters will grant you many other qualities and abilities.

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Is Disney or Dreamworks better?

Kids would tell you that Disney is the best. It has a touch of magic in their movies and games. However, Dreamworks presents more mature and original stuff that is closely related to real-life topics. This is the reason you will find adults preferring the Dreamworks movies over Disney. Some kids too like Dreamworks too.