Old Disney Games

Old Disney Games

Are you searching for fun playing old Disney games? Disney is the name that most of the kids know about irrespective of any generation. Recall the old times when you were eager for the school timings to end so you can go home, have lunch and set for playing the cool old Disney games. How serene and cool that nostalgia feels, right? Indeed it was a great time of your life, having no worldly cares, just you with your schedule of binge-watching relaxing shows and playing amazing games.

In case you have that much sufficient time during this quarantine going on, you still haven’t run out of luck. Turn back the time to 2002. It might be a little struggle for you to find those old games at the official site as they had removed them in 2009 to develop third-person games. However, you can still find them on unofficial websites. There are some of the websites that we can suggest to you where you can still find the never-ending fun of playing those nostalgic games.

Old Disney games:

Following are some of the amazing old Disney games that are worth having your time:

Duck tales:

This game is from the time even before the teenagers of today were born. They have missed out on this fun game. It was released in 1989. However, they were lucky that they had the chance to play the second version of the game released in 2013.

This game’s gameplay was about a duck named Scrooge McDuck, which was out globally and even out of the world to find the five valuable treasures. The character used to have a cane through which it was able to attack its enemies. It could move only by jumping back and forth. They used the other characters of this same series as an ally. They used to help us by giving hints and providing us with items that can become useful in the game ahead. It was a great commercial success as it generated around 1.6 million copies of NES and 1.4 million copies of Game Boy.


Wondering why it was a favorite game of those kids of that time? Because it had “Donald Duck”. It was the game similar to Castle of Illusions that was released on Sega Genesis in 1991. In this game, the Donald Duck was an adventurer who was probing in Indiana Jones. The major point of attraction of this game was that the graphics were considered as the most enhanced one. It was a new thing in terms of graphics that were put forward to the world.
Donald Duck was after the treasure that he tracked in the map of Scrooge McDuck which was put there by its duck ancestors long ago. It contained levels above the ground and under dungeons to get to the treasure at last. There were also some levels where you will find some IQ quizzes and puzzles to solve.

Ariel, the little mermaid:

This game is the total nostalgia for most of the boys and girls of that time. They might have crossed their 20s by now. It has some real memories related to this game. It had the same idea with that dolphin game, but it had Ariel, not any dolphin fish.

This game was developed and launched in 1992. It was based on the idea of that movie of Ariel that released in 1989. There were two characters to choose, Ariel or King Triton. It had only two moves for wiping out the enemy with either the normal or special move. There also occurred the appearance of other supporting characters from the movie. They came for rewarding some useful items or brings along the quizzes or puzzles to solve.


This game was played till the early 2000s. You may even find some people sticking to it till today, playing to revive the old memories. The game was based on the Aladdin movie. It was the side-scrolling platform type of game.

The attacks of your character against the enemies were by slashing through the sword by getting next to them any by throwing apples by maintaining the distance. This game had the concept of saving on every checkpoint through which when you die, you can continue from where the checkpoint is not from the start. This concept still uses in many games today.


This game was a bit new to the previous ones. It brought a great innovative approach to old Disney games. It was the side-scrolling game in which they finally worked on the graphics similar to that of the movie.

In the game, Hercules had to get his immortality again and meet Zeus with other gods at Mount Olympus as described in the movie. For that aim to complete, he had to complete many tasks along with defeating the villain characters. This game included a lot of fighting stages. The game was designed with 10 levels and three different modes of difficulty. The idea of the game was moving back and forth and jumping, and hence it was a two-dimension game.

What age is appropriate for playing the old disney games?

It is absurd to put an age to gaming. There should be no limit or shame in playing video games of age. However, the game should be compatible enough to entertain all ages, which is hard to find. These games are appropriate for the players of age 7 to 12.

What is Disney Classic Games?

For the new generation to enjoy the old experience of the masterpieces of the lion king and Aladdin, they have combined them for today’s modern era. It does not have the same game or graphics. They much more improved now and also the gameplay content and plot is even healthier. There are multiple versions available of the games. The game is all great, but you may see people complaining about the difficulty level of lion king when players get stuck to a level. Other than that, the game is as great as before.