Top Superhero Games for Boys

Top Superhero Games for Boys Boys all ages love to play with action figures and try to have a great time playing with their friends and reading comic books about their favorite superheroe stories from the famous Marvel universe created by Stan Lee or from the DC Universe which both have awesome stories and famous superheroes that save the world on the daily basis. Because comic books are so popular around the world, all the stories were picked up and started cartoons and after that famous 3D movies and animated stories that you can watch on TV or cinemas.

The Marvel Studios launched a lot of new stories in 2018, and a lot of movies and even animated cartoons, and can find amazing games with all of the Marvel superheroes online for free to play. Free animated games are ready for you to play online, and you can see that superheroes like the Captain America, Ant Man, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man or Hulk are the main stories and comic books that became very popular in America and around the world. Free games for boys are available for each story and each comic book apart, and in this article, you can find which are the best games and the best stories that Marvel present.

Thor is a very special story that has as a main character a demi God from a different world, that has a special ability to control lightning bolts and one of the most powerfull weapon in the world, his hammer that only he can summon and control. Thor's father is Odin, and he is also a demi God that tried all his life to maintain peace in space and the entire Universe. Loki is Thor's step brother and he is a magician, but unlike Thor, Loki turned evil and mostly makes Thor's life difficult because he is trying to defeat Thor and even try destroy the Earth over and over again, and that means that Thor will bring online many boys games, adventure games and even fighting games for kids in which you will see that in the shortest time, you and all your friends can play online games for kids that you can find online New Thor Puzzle, Thor Arkanoid, Thor the God.

Iron Man is also a very popular story because the main character is no other than Tony Stark, famous millionar that has an unique way of living his life. One day, Tony Stark had an accident, and his heart is weak, and the only way he figured that he could live a normal life, is to implant a very special device that will help him become a famous superhero, because Tony Stark is not only rich, he is also very smart, and adventurous which means that he build himself a very high tech iron suit that he cals the Iron Man. Tony Stark is the only one that can operate the suit, because his implemented device is the core that links with the Iron Man suit, and that gives him total access and super powers that any kid would dream to have one day, which makes Tony Stark or Iron Man their favorite. Even though he doesn't have real superpowers like all the other Marvel superheroes, Tony Stark is a brave man and he even started the Avengers by making sure that you can finish awesome adventures. All the Tony Stark and Iron Man games will have the Iron Man or IM in the titles, and if you search games for boys with superheroes, we are sure that you will love all the Iron Man games that you can find online for free to play: Stark Tower Defense, Iron Man Doctor, Lego Iron Man 3, Iron Man Dodge Race.
Hulk is maybe the most powerfull superhero that Stan Lee created in the Marvel Studios, and without any doubt he is the biggest and the greenest. Hulk is a very smart science nerd, that had a bad science project for the military went wrong, and for doctor Bruce Benner is in love with the Colonel's daughter and he tries to protect her when the experiment with Gamma radiation went wrong, and he got exposed very bad. Bruce Benner has the Gamma genes into his system now, and it's triggered when Bruce Benner is getting angry or anxious, so Bruce Benne tries to stay as calm as possible, and for that most of the time he stays far away from the crouded cities. Because of her power and mind, the Hulk is part of the Avengers as well, and he is in the middle of the action in every one of the Avengers movies because he is the kids favorite. Hulk games are free to play online on phones, tablets and laptops wherever you are so start searching for the Hulk games on the free games websites. Hulk Titans Career, Lego Hulk, Planet Hulk Gladiators, Hulk Madness, Hulk Power, Hulk Smashdown , all of these fighting games for boys are free to play, and you can easily find them online with all your friends.

Black Panther is a 2018 movie that is very popular even in 2019, because all the boys and Marvel fans waited for the Black Panther superheroe to be star in a Marvel movie since a while back, so when the Black Panther movie aired in cinemas, it was higly praised and watched around the globe. For those who do not know the Black Panther comic books, the king of Wakanda is always called the Black Panther and has the power of the Black Panther and he is named the strongest man in Wakanda, where the people found a magical flower that give them amazing powers and a special cediment that makes Wakanda one of the richest countries in the world, but the Wakanda people kept  it a secret so that the energy and the resources do not go to waste. T'Challa is the Black Panther and the Wakanda kind, even   though he has to fight for the throne against N'Jobu for the Wakanda Black Panther power and the throne. N'Jobu wants to go public and reveal all of Wakanda's secrets, technology and last of the vibranium that it yelds, but rightfull king T'Challa does not allow it and goes far and beyond to keep the Black Panther spirit alive and shows that it is not just a power but a spirit and a characteristic of the king of Wakanda. All the children loved the fights that T'Challa had in the Black Panther movie, and most of them you can find in the adventure games Vibranium Hunt  and Black Panther Jungle Pursuit. Make sure that you search all the other boys Black Panther games online.
Spiderman is probably the friendliest superhero from Marvel, and he even has a slogan called the friendly spider from the neighbourhood in many of the Spider Man cartoons and even the latest Marvel movies. Spiderman had a lot of actors and a lot of stories in his latest movies, and you can see that he evolved and in the latest Spiderman movie, Peter Parker is under Iron Man's or Tony Stark's wing, and he even created a special suit for Spiderman to defeat his enemies easier and keep him safe when trouble is bigger than him and he maybe even need help from his Avengers friends, which you can see in the latest Avengers movie that already happened, but no spoilers!! Spiderman lives in New York and is in love with her next door friend Mary Jane Watson, who always get's into trouble with the villains, because they know that Peter Parker is actually Spiderman. Most of the Spider Man games are for boys, adventure games and action games with superheroes and villains, in which you will actual be Spiderman, so you have to work hard in each challenge to finish, unlock new levels and see if you are suited to become a superhero one day, and you can see that these games are Spiderman Superfight , Spider Hero Street Fight, Spiderman Epic Battles, Spiderman Racing 3D  or Spiderman Dangerous Journey .
Deadpool, Ant Man, Ant Man and the Wasp, X-Men, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Venom, Captain Marvels, Guardians of the Galaxy or Suicide Squad are other Marvel moves that every kid would like to watch and after that play amazing games for boys online, so search them all, watch and play them for free online!



There is a real debate which comics are better, the DC comics or the Marvel ones, but everyboyd knows that it's a very high dispute and that it's far from being over. DC Comics brought in 2018 probably the most wanted movie, Aquaman that surprised every body with the cast of Jason Momoa. Aquaman is still in cinemas in 2019 because it's such a new movie and being released at the end of 2018. Constantine City of Demons and the Teen Titans Go the Movies are other first page announcements that the DC artists and producers announced and already aired in Cinemas or Cartoon stations. Superman, Batman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Shazam or Green Lantern are other succesfull stories that DC created.
Batman is most likely the best and the most popular story that DC Comics created, and it's bringing for you the story of young Bruce Wayne, a 12 years old boy that look at his mom and dad get murder for their pocket money, necklace and watch because they were very rich and had a lot of influence in Gotham city. Bruce Wayne after he got older, he promised to find out which are his family's killers, and for that he started training and even went outside America and trained as an aprentice for Ra's Al Ghul, who you will see in one of the Batman movies that turned bad, and tried even to kill Batman because he is trying to stop him from destroying Gotham. Batman or Bruce Wayne is a very powerfull man, and even though he doesn't have any superpower unlike the other superheroes, he fast become one of them and you can see in each comic book, cartoon or Batman movie that he doesn't need any super power, because he has a lot of very well thought gadgets, machines and his trusty helper Alfred. After a few seasons, in the Batman comics it appeared a little helper called Robin that wanted to become a superhero and Bruce Wayne trustest him. Catwoman is the female version of Batman, and even though she is more of a bad girl, she is also categorised as a superhero in the DC world. Both Batman and Catwoman are superheroes are very anxious and happy to play online games with you. Look for the Lego Batman Movie Scene Builder, Lego Matman Movie Super FigFig, Batman Rck em Sock Em, Catwoman Night Kissing or Catowman Pregnant, for fun adventures with both DC superheroes.
Aquaman was the most exciting story and the most interesting new movie that DC announced in 2018, and we are sure that most of you know that story, but DC spinned it a little bit and made Aquaman human and he will return back to the depth of the seas and oceans once his father, Poseidon died, and his brother started to announce every living creature in the ocean that he will start a real war against the human race because of the polution and the way people treat the water around the globe. Aquaman who is played by Jason Momoa in this 2018 movie is going to rebel against his brother and try to stop the humas-sea world war before it even starts. You have to watch the movie in order to see if Aquaman fulfilled his destiny and was able to defeat his evil brother, but before you do so, you might even want to search for online Aquaman games such as Aquaman Race to Atlantis. The awesome Aquaman Race to Atlantis movie is one of the latest stories that DC created, and you have to try finding all the possible games that you can play online for free with all your friends.
You already know that one of the most powerfull superheroes that DC created is nobody else than Superman. He is an alien that landend in America and was raised by a farming family such as their boy, because Superman has human features, and he lived until he was 26 as an usual American. His name is Clarc Kent, but when trouble is iminent and danger of Earth destruction is knocking at the door, he suits up very fast and gets out of discuise and become Superman. He has a lot of special powers like ability to fly, lase bean eyes, amazing blowing breath and strength that cannot be measured with anything else, which makes Clark Kent to be Superman, one of the best and the most powerfull superheroes. Like any superhero, Superman is constantly fighting against robots, aliens and villains all over America, and that means that you will manage to find a lot of boys games, adventures, superhero mission challenges and 3D games in which you can help Superman finish his missions and help all the humans to not get hurt. Fight with Superman in the Lego Superman, Batman vs Superman, Happy Superman games that you can find online.                    
The Green Lantern is another famous story from the DC Comic Books world, and all the kids love his story because his ability to use his green lantern ring and create special objects that helps him defeat any enemy. Green Lantern has tried to live a normal life, but the former Green Lanter died and the ring, which has special powers chose him and you will see that for the first time in history, a human from planet Earth is a Green Lantern. There are Green Lanters all around the Galaxy, and you will see that they will be different types of aliens and creatures, but they all stand together in order to defeat all the villains from the Galaxy and make sure that you can work hard and finish all the games with the Green Lantern in order for the human superhero to become the best Green Lanter in the world, and that means that many other humans will get to become superheroes on other planets, and you will see that all these stories are going to be turned by the DC Comics into special movies, and most importantly into special online games for kids that you will manage to play for free on the internet such as the Green Lantern Space Escape, Green Lantern Asteroid Adventure, Green Lanter Robot Shooting or Green Lanter Boot Camp.