Wolf Blood Full Moon

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About Wolf Blood Full Moon


As alway we have the pleasure to put at your disposal new and beautiful online game. Now the new game thet we have to offer is a beautiful adventure game, a game in which you will have alot of fun for sure. This game is with the characters from the serie Wolf Blood a game in which you will have a new and beautiful aventure with your favourite characters. In this new game you play the main role and you have to discover and collect all the mising evidence you can find before Shannon discovers you are a Wolfblood. In this new game you need to remember that it is dangerous to wolf out , you have to gain control over it, becasuse if you cannot, that you are in danger. The game has a number of levels and lived, so try to keep your lives, avoid all the possible obstacles and get pass every level of this new game. Collect all the bonus objects you find in the game , bonus objects that help you get trough the game easier. Have fun with your friends from Wolf Blood, here on!

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How to play

Use the arrows to move and space to turn!

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Others said:

loading is to slow for this game but my little sister loves wolfblood

thamp13 in 23.12.2019 02:33

it doesn't work for me

el in 16.09.2019 17:18


dfann7 in 04.09.2019 06:38

I like Jana because she is wolfblood I can see her having her veins growls howling biting people if there annoyed or wind people up but please Jana can you teach be to part of wolfblood

Lucylewis in 23.12.2018 13:50

I love Henrydanger games

Rocky in 18.11.2018 06:58

isn't right

cal in 24.08.2018 13:57

Hi I want to be wolfblood I a, 15 years younger and I would sense and Smell touch hear a want blood on my Lungs at the night time a would use A eoals and thank you so much a vely become wolfblood my eyes colour Will be yellow growls

Lucylewis in 08.06.2018 17:21


chloelarkin04 in 29.04.2018 22:41

it doesn't work!!!!

Maddy in 02.12.2017 20:21

i love wolfblood its the best show ever!

lydia in 29.06.2017 21:51

i like wolfblood even though fluttershy keeps turning the tv off and i try to play games of it but fluttershy plugs the game out.oh well at least you know who i am!!!

pinkie pie in 07.04.2017 09:44

Wolfblood is a really cool game and a cool movie i don't really watch it but it sounds like a really great movie and a great game

Chloe in 03.02.2017 05:17

I like wolfblood🐕

Thai in 23.01.2017 02:01

I love wolfbood oh no I'm wolfing out

mckenzie in 20.01.2017 16:46

I love this game soo much cant stop play it and I love wolfblood soo much

Kira in 06.01.2017 19:27

lets play

galomercera in 28.12.2016 21:09

hacker i love you're hacker time.And I lake wolfblood i want to be a wolfblood.

charlotte in 28.11.2016 18:54

Its me again and I just want to say that i'm a real wolf blood, and that's it bye!;)

Tori Twildwolf in 19.11.2016 19:45

I love Wolfblood so much i have a stock of it.

wolfbloodfan in 04.11.2016 18:33

I like wolf blood can I be in it in a season please

Ashari lewis in 17.10.2016 03:17

I cant play it help

Rhydian_bobbylockwood in 08.10.2016 05:38

I love the show wolf blood so much and something that would make my year is if Rydein, Maddy, tom, and Shanan to come to my house, and if those wolfblood stars that I said have any ?just e-mail me

Twildwolf/ Tori in 18.09.2016 04:45

come on releasea a new game

fvxghxx in 18.08.2016 00:20

wolfblood game is gowing to be fun a lot.

Shyian in 26.07.2016 19:50

you are the best and i want to meet you at aden road 173 pairadise vally

will in 23.07.2016 22:05

I love wolfblood soo much

Wolf Quest in 16.07.2016 02:44

Wolfbloods do you like meet

Brennan in 28.05.2016 17:27

ilone you changing into wolfs i wish i was one

val in 25.05.2016 21:12

I love wolfblood ,wolfblood is the best show ever made

Kimira Hamilton in 24.05.2016 20:18

They need to make a 5th season and 6th and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 season I love wolfblood it is the best show made I watch all the season all the time 1 through 4 I love wolfblood do not stop making wolfblood.

Kimira Hamilton in 19.05.2016 19:53

I love wolfblood

Kimira Hamilton in 19.05.2016 16:48

I really want to meet the characters

Kandis Suniga in 02.05.2016 05:12


animee kelly in 22.04.2016 19:57

l really love Jana she is the best wolf XOX

littlewonder123 in 18.04.2016 14:37

i really love it

aimee kelly in 10.04.2016 18:59

l went out my casen did tell me that l am wolf blood and she said look at to your hands and l said oh my god how can that happen to me

desislava in 03.04.2016 22:45

love wolf blood so much I have a room full of wolf blood

lovegirl8107 in 31.03.2016 05:02

so you guys like wolfblood.

bobby lockwood in 29.02.2016 02:18

I love wolfblood they need to make a 10th season its has the best players. maddy is my fav

kate in 25.02.2016 06:46

i love this game

wolfblood11 in 21.02.2016 05:03

ik wil ze graag ontmoete klaar

desmond in 03.02.2016 19:27

love to play radien even thought i'm a girl

libbyangel255 in 01.02.2016 23:45


Sarah in 24.12.2015 20:20

I love wolfblood

savannah in 16.12.2015 03:55

I love wolf blood and I wish they could do. A session 4 and 5and 6. And 7 and 8 and 9 and 10

Heidi in 27.11.2015 22:20

please make moves

kermitgroom in 13.11.2015 04:01

Love but I don't think I'm allowed to play these games what I am allowed to but I think it works for me because it never lets me play please try to make it let me play thank you love wolfblood girl with blood

Wolfblood in 07.11.2015 22:36

I like thiois game it is good and good

celest in 12.06.2015 06:42