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This game has been added 03.01.2015, has played by 3493 times and has voted by 3 times.

Rarity Puzzle Game

The next game for today is a new puzzlegame in which you will have a picture with Rarity, one of the ponies from the animated series My Little Pony.This new game has the exact same rules and the last puzzle game with My Little Pony, only that the image is different. As in the last game, when the game is starting you have to choose between the three different modes, Swap, Spin, or Clear and after you chosed the one you want to play, you have to choose the level of dificulty that you would like to have.In the first mode, you have to click on two blocks to switch their positions. Keep swapping till you solve the whole puzzle and win the game. In the second one,click and drag to rotate each ring to its correct position. Rings lock when placed correctly. An in the last one, place the shapes to reveal the picture under the gray. Play this new puzzle game with Rarity and have fun!

Use the mouse to play this new game!

You can also read the instructions that Rarity Puzzle are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Rarity Puzzle Rarity Puzzle

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