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Barbie Superstar Beats Game

Today we have a really special surprise for all the girl fans of our site, a surprise for everyone who loves playing games with this cute character named Barbie. Barbie and her friends have gathered together and created a rock band, and today, they would really like you to join them in this fun and amazing game. Barbie has to offer today a fun bejeweled type of game, in which you will have to prove your skills. Barbie Superstar Beats is a fun new game specially destined for all of you out there who love playing games with Barbie, and moreover, bejeweled type of games, and if you are here, then you surely are one of those fans. What you have to do, is to create a line with the tiles having the same colors. Draw a line with your mouse cursor over the similar tiles, meaning over the tiles having the exact same color, and make them disappear, so that new ones appear. On each level, you will receive a certain number of certain tiles that you need to make them disappear. Enjoy!


You can also read the instructions that Barbie Superstar Beats are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Barbie Superstar Beats Barbie Superstar Beats

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  • ls say that:

    15.10.2016 16:28

    oh now

  • Lianaphoka Mosae say that:

    29.03.2016 20:46

    Best game ever!!!

  • Rizwan Shahzad say that:

    29.02.2016 09:59

    Very Nice Game