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This new and beautiful online category is dedicated to the characters from the serie Masha and the Bear and we want to offer you all the existing games with the characters from the serie. We recommended the games like Masha at the Beach, Masha Facial Spa and Masha Top Chef because is the most played games from our website.

What are the best Masha and the Bear Games in 2021?

  1. Masha at the Beach (played: 68269 times)
  2. Masha Facial Spa (played: 66556 times)
  3. Masha Top Chef (played: 64373 times)
  4. Masha Dog Surgery (played: 61193 times)
  5. Masha Math Quiz (played: 39525 times)
  6. Masha Room Cleaning (played: 38566 times)
  7. Masha Bathroom Cleaning (played: 28502 times)
  8. Masha vs Bear Secret Items (played: 26464 times)
  9. Masha and The Bear Jewel Match (played: 26441 times)
  10. Masha and the Bear Jump (played: 24467 times)

What are the best mobile Masha and the Bear Games?

  1. Masha and the Bear Jelly Match (played: 14935 times)
  2. Wonderful Toys Party (played: 13515 times)
  3. Masha and the Bear Jigsaw Puzzle (played: 10651 times)
  4. DIY Masha Doll (played: 9160 times)
  5. Masha and the Bear Puzzle 2 (played: 7949 times)
  6. Masha Hidden Candy (played: 4527 times)
  7. Famous Cartoon Characters Eggs (played: 4262 times)
  8. Masha and the Bear Jigsaw (played: 4193 times)
  9. Masha and the Bear Cooking Dash (played: 3365 times)
  10. Masha and the Bear Little Games (played: 2697 times)

As always we offer you the best categories in which you have the best online games that our site offers to you. Our administrative team decided to bring you this new category, a new category where you will have a lot of fun playing with your favourite characters. The new category that we have for you today is only one of the more to come, a new category in which we desire to offer you some of the best online games with new characters that you can be friends with. This new and beautiful online category is dedicated to the characters from the serie Masha and the Bear and we want to offer you all the existing games with the characters from the serie. In this new category not only we will offer you games, bit we would alos like to keep going with our tradition and offer you as many details about the characters and their story as we can. In this serie we have as main character a little, and fun 3 years old girl whose name is Masha. The serie focuses of the adventures of Masha and an anthropomorphic bear who is her best friend. Masha is characterized as fun, happy, kind, and mischievous little girl, while the bear is a grandfatherly retired circus performer that tries to keep Masha out of trouble but often ends up the unintended victim of her mischief, which makes us laught the entire episode of the serie. There are a number of characters that also appear in the series, including Masha's cousin, a penguin adopted by the Bear, a tiger that worked with the bear in the circus, and a female bear that is the object of the bear's affections, but unfortunately the bear does not know how to get her attencion. There are also a rabbit, a squirrel, and two wolves who live near the bear's house who appear in the series and who you all like to see. Let us stick at Masha and offer you some more informations about her. Masha is a Russian girl who lives in the forest with her pig, goat and dog and she is always looking for a play pale and some fun . All the animals in the forest are afraid of her as she forces them to play with her all kind of games that can be sometimes dangerous. Masha has met the bear, when one day she went to hunt some butterflyes and inadvertently follows it inside the home of a bear who has gone fishing to have some food. While she discovered the house, she started playing there and she made a big mess. When the bear returns, he sees the disaster caused by Masha and tries to get rid of her, but he is unsuccessful as the little one is stubborn and persuasive, and he and Masha become friends after a time and get to care for each other like family.We know that you would love to play the games that they have for you,so that si why we have decided to offer you this new and beautiful online category of games. Join us in this new category with Masha and the Bear and play all the games that it has to offer. Have fun, here on the best website with free games for both boys and girls!