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This time has decided to offer you the category with Pac Man types of games.

The most played games from this category are: Soy Luna Pac Man (played: 13866 times), My Little Pony Pac Man (played: 11237 times), Paw Patrol Pac Man (played: 9939 times), Minions Pac Man (played: 7599 times), Goldfish Fun Vacuumania (played: 6963 times).

It is time to offer you a new category, but this time a category dedicated to a special type of game. Slowly as you can see we have more and more categories and even more games and we love to make you happy by offering you some of the best games. This time has decided to offer you the category with Pac Man types of games. We know that you all love this simple but in the same time kind of difficult type of game in which you all have fun each time playing it. We have decided that it is time to offer a category as we will start offering more and more pac man type of games and we want you to play them and be happy. Even if you know about the game, maybe you do not know all, so that is why we will offer you all the details and even the instructions and some tips. Immensely popular from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is considered one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of 1980s popular culture. Upon its release, the game and, subsequently, Pac-Man derivatives became a social phenomenon and also inspired, among other things, an animated television series and so on. In this category you will have both clasincl pacman game and also pacman types of games with some of your favourite characters. The principle of Pacman is similar in that it is a simple game which players want to try, and feel because it is so straightforward they have a realistic chance of winning and in is also very fun. Pacman, the classical character of the game is a happy, yellow character who wants to get out of the playing area. In order to do this our little yellow friend needs to eat all of the little yellow dots while avoiding the monsters, which are now called Ghosts. There is a skill level which must be achieved to progress further and if Pacman touches a Ghost then one of Pacman's three lives will be lost. But Pacman has also some bonus dots , as in each corner of the room there is a special dot, which when Pacman eats one, the Ghosts turn blue or yellow. And Pacman can get extra points by eating the Ghosts. The first one is worth 200 points and each additional Ghost eaten is worth double the number of points which makes us eat them all . Well we are sure that you will love to play this type of game and you will have a lot of levels to win, so do not waste another minute, enter the world of Pac Man and have a lot of fun playing all the games that we have to offer!!!