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What are Avatar Legend of Korra Games?

This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a new and beautiful category of games with the characters from the nikelodeon serie, Legend of Korra. This is one of the most loved series from nikelodeon, so we invite you to read a little about it and have fun playing with your friends.

Here is a new category that we offer to you where you will play with the Avatar Legend of Korra games. If you have watched the Avatar Legend of Korra series on Nickelodeon, then you can imagine how fun the games will be. This is one of the most beloved series from Nickelodeon, because Avatar Legend of Korra was very popular in every kid’s life. You will be able to try out a lot of games related with this popular series, so if you want to have some great, adventurous playtime, then you should take a look into this category and experience all the types of games that this Avatar Legend of Korra category holds.

The origin of Avatar Legend of Korra

Avatar Legend of Korra is an American animated fantasy action television series created by Michael Dante and Bryan Konietzko for Nickelodeon, the channel where you spent your childhood, watching a lot of series and comics to make your day better and Avatar Legend of Korra was one of them as well. The Avatar Legend of Korra series is set in a fictional universe in which certain people can telekinetically manipulate one of the four elements: water, earth, fire or air. Only the Avatar can bend all four elements and is responsible for maintaining the balance in the world.

What are Avatar Legend of Korra Games?

Avatar Legend of Korra games are something that you don’t want to miss out. These games will take you on a great adventure, as the series is already very adventurous and if you choose to play on of the games you will surely have a lot of fun in your playtime, mostly if you are a fan of this Avatar Legend of Korra series from Nickelodeon. I suppose that you have watched it before, or if you haven’t, you should, because it is very good and if you know what is happening in the series you can enjoy the games with Avatar Legend of Korra even more! You will be able to find all the games that include Avatar Legend of Korra characters or themes, here in this category and of course you can play all the games here on online and for free. All the games will be gathered to one place and you can find them here on this category, this way you can find them easier and you can look for your next favorite game.

The series’ main character is of course, Korra, who is 17 years old, headstrong and rebellious and it Is Aang’s reincarnation as the Avatar. The main theme of the series is her transformation from a warrior to a spiritual being. This character from Avatar legend of Korra was inspired by Brian’s sister and from female MMA fighters! This fact is very interesting, but you may have known about it if you are a real fan of Avatar Legend of Korra.

The series focuses on Korra and her friends. Her friends are the bending brothers Mako and Bolin and the non-bender called Asami. Mako is the older brother and he is a firebender, a dark and brooding character. His younger brother is called Bolin and he is an earthbender, who is described lightheaded and humorous. Asami Sato is the only non-bender character among the leading characters and she is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato.

The other main characters from Avatar Legend of Korra are the airbending master Tenzin, one of Aang’s grown children. Tenzin’s family includes his wife called Pema and their children named Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan. Jinora is calm and she is an airbender, Ikki is fun, crazy and talks very fast and Meelo is very hyperactive. Korra also has some animal friends called Naga and Pabu.

Adventures with Avatar Legend of Korra

Here on this games-kids.com page you can find the best Avatar Legend of Korra games for free and online, all kinds of exciting, relaxing, fun Avatar games taht will make your playtime ten times better if you play them! If you are a real fan or Korra, then you have to try out all of them, because you can find all kinds of games with Avatar and now you should search for the best one. If you want to know what kinds of games are waiting for you in this Avatar Legend of Korra category, then follow along and find out how you can have fun with these games.

We have plenty of games for each generation and gender, for kids and teens and for boys and girls as well. For the girls we can recommend the great Avatar Legend of Korra dress up games, fashion games where you can put together some amazing outfits, you can create your dream look for the Avatar Legend of Korra characters, some amazing makeup looks maybe and various hairstyles.

There are 2 player games as well, which are the best because you can invite a friend an you can play the game together, this way you can have more ufn in your playtime as you have some company and also spend time with your best friend. You will find superhero games where you will meet other famous characters as well from other series or games, so maybe you will meet all your favorite characters in one place.

Quiz games can also be found with the Avatar Legend of Korra theme, where you will answer some questions and based on your answers you can find out character would you be from the Avatar Legend of Korra.

You can already see how much fun holds this Avatar Legend of Korra category, there are all kinds of fun games and I am sure that each of you will find the game that will suite your personality the best and that will be your favorite. Now you must be very curious about these Avatar Legend of Korra games and I hope you will have fun with them! Have fun!

Who is the main character of the story?

Korra is the main character.

Is Korra a warrior?

Yes, she is a trained ninja warrior.

How does Korra look like?

She is always dressed as a Avatar Airbender ninja, has darker skin and dark hair.

Where can we watch Avatar Legend of Korra?

Nickelodeon is the place where this series was last released on.

Is Korra part of the Airbender series?

Yes, the Legend of Korra series is a sequal.

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