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What are Ben 10 Games?

Ben 10, the teenager hero, is ready to bring amazing adventures, boys' challenges like motorcycle racing, tunning cars, and missions to save the world by fighting bad guys! The Omnitrix and Ben 10 will have aliens, superheroes, and villains that you will have to defeat in battles and the adventures inside the 3D games.

Get to know the real Ben 10!

We know that the boys and even some of the girls on our website are amazing, and they love a good story, so we are preparing for you guys a new online category! This is the new 2022 Ben 10 games category, in which you will have to make sure that you will gain a lot of points by helping the main character and all of his friends fight the bad guys which are trying to take over the world.

There might be children that do not know who Ben 10 is, so we are going make a summary of the Ben 10 story. We are sure that all the fans of the Cartoon Network are waiting anxiously for the new 2022 Ben 10 games online, and that the new kids on our website are going to love the teenage boy, his sister, his grandpa, and all the aliens that he can control with his special watch. The entire story of the Ben 10 games category relies on a ten-year-old boy named Ben Tennyson, which goes on vacation with his entire family. This story appeared in December 2005, and it took place for several seasons, a time in which Ben 10 had a lot of fans.

What makes this story so interesting is that on that family vacation, the 10-year-old boy found a very special watch, which he later used to unlock different chapters. The watch is special because it's somewhat magical, and gives the power to whoever owns it to change himself into alien warriors of different kinds, with special powers, abilities, and strengths. Starting from that day, Ben became Ben 10, because the watch known as the Omnitrix had the ability to hold the powers of 10 different characters at the time. Later on in the story, you will learn that the Omnitrix is capable of much more, so stay tuned!

The Omnitrix is holding the DNA of a variety of different types of aliens inside of it, and you will see that once Ben activates it, his DNA and the alien’s DNA become one, and he starts to change within seconds, making him look like the alien itself, having its power and its abilities, which ultimately makes him a real superhero that starts to fight against aliens all over the Galaxy which were looking for the Omnitrix to take over the entire world - this is the plot of basically all Ben 10 games.

The Ben 10 story could have been seen through all the five series which were aired on Cartoon Network, but besides the series, you will learn that there are four movies that kids all over the world got to watch even in movie theaters or cinema places.

The TV Series

We mentioned that the story of Ben 10 was one of the most popular that Cartoon Network studios ever had, and that made the producers create a lot of characters, a lot of episodes, special cartoons, and special takes of the original story, and the kids all over the world were able to grow along Ben 10. The original Ben 10 story aired over 15 years ago, and some of the latest series were the Ben 10, 010, Ben Gen 10 and Alien X-Tinction, which appeared on April 2021, during the pandemic.

Now that you know which is the end of the story, you must know the beginning, the plot and what are the adventures that the main character went through, and what are the Ben 10 games that you can start to play with all of your friends even on your mobile phones and tablets, besides your computers or laptops.

Ben 10 is the name of the original series, which appeared in 2005, while Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben 10 TV (2006 series), and Gwen 10 are the name of the series which can be seen on the first trial of the Ben 10 saga. This was the beginning, in which you guys can learn what is Ben 10’s personality, which is one of a little energetic 10-year-old boy that overnight started to fight against aliens with the help of his grandpa and his sister Gwen.

After this, it’s time for you guys to meet some of the main characters inside the Ben 10 games online, stories, and adventures! Of course, it’s needless to say that Ben 10 is the main character, and all the action and plot of this Cartoon Network series is going to take place around him. Gwen is his sister, while Four Arms is one of the aliens that Ben 10 can control through the Omnitrix since the beginning, and it’s one of the most popular superheroes in the cartoon. Kevin Levin Vilgax and Charmcaster are some of the villains against which Ben 10 is constantly fighting during the series. Grandpa Max is very present during the first 10 years of the series, while Diamondhead, Wildvine, Ditto, and Tetrax Shard are just a few other aliens in which Ben 10 can change through the Omnitrix.

The secret of the Omnitrix, Race Against Time, Alien Swarm, Ben 10: Destroy all Aliens, and Ben 10 Versus the Universe are a few of the movies that you were able to watch online throughout the years, and learn more about your favorite superheroes encounters, adventures, and fights against colonies of aliens.

You and Ben 10

This new category of online Ben 10 games for boys is going to be filled with surprises, and you will see how much fun you will manage to have, because these new 2022 games on phones and tablets will allow you to make a lot of friends and even help Ben 10 save the planet. Because he is a boy, he loves to go play football with his friends, so there are going to be a lot of sport challenges which you can play, and see which is the better athlete, you or Ben. Through the football games, you will have to work hard, train with Ben, and see how many goals you will be able to score through the challenges, or save if you are the goalie. Basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, or volleyball will all be available inside this new Ben 10 games category, in which you will be able to play against Ben, or in the same team.

You’re ready for other activities?! Because Ben is ready to play with you guys a lot of challenges in which you can test your strength, wrestling, arm-wrestle, and even doing kung fu, karate, or capoeira together, and see if you boys and girls got what it takes to become an alien fighter one day, and, just like him, to be a teenage superhero loved by kids all over the world. These challenges are going to be inside fighting games and even 2-player Ben 10 games which will be played using the A, S, W, and D keys on the keyboard for player 1, and the ARROW keys on the keyboard for player 2. Fight against the enemies of Ben 10 from different Galaxies, and you will see that he is going to be impressed with your wins, and there will be plenty of other games for boys for you to try for free.

All the boys love fast and loud cars, so Ben 10 is going to prepare this new category of fun racing games that you can try. These games can be 2D games, in which you will be driving cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, and even helicopters or airplanes from the Ben 10 story, and you have to show your favorite teenage superhero that you are one of the best drivers that he saw, and that in the future adventures that he will have, you can be his driver and help him defeat his enemies. 3D Ben 10 games are also available, in which you will drive through famous cities and 3D maps with 3D cars.

Because the main character starts to become a cool teenager, you will see that inside this 2022 games category, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max will also want to look as cool as possible, so we are going to prepare for you guys dress-up games, in which you will have to help the Cartoon Network characters create amazing makeovers for school. Makeup games and hairstyle challenges will also be available for Gwen and all the other girl characters.

Inside his adventures and missions, Ben 10 is going to need smart people by his side, because there are going to be plenty of places in which he is going to be stuck, and you, kids, are the only ones that can help him solve the riddles, the puzzles, the memory games, and even different types of math problems which will get him out of jams.

We are sure that you didn’t expect this Cartoon Network category of Ben 10 games online to be filled with awesome challenges, but we are holding other surprises for you, guys. Shooting games, arcade games, slots games, and other types of interesting new ability challenges in which Ben 10 is the main character are ready for you to try, and the most exciting part is that they are going to be HTML5, and that means one thing: playing on mobile and tablets! Try it yourself, and find your favorite game to play.

When did Ben 10 appear?

Ben 10 was first aired in 2004

Where can we watch Ben 10?

Cartoon Network is still airing Ben 10 series, but the new 2021 Ben 10 is on Hulu.

How old is Ben 10?

Ben 10 has different ages in each series/movie. 4, 16, 14, and 17.

How can Ben 10 turn into aliens?

In the Ben 10 games and series, he has the Omnitrix, which controls his powers.

How many aliens are inside the Omnitrix?

Originally, only 10. But in the end, Ben 10 has over 100 in the Omnitrix.

Is Ben 10 over?

Yes, the last series was announced in 2021.

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