FNF Starlight Mayhem

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Hey guys! We have a brand new exciting Friday Night Funkin game for you today and I am 100% sure that you will adore this game. As we all know these games are very popular in the world of games and we know that you really love them, so now you have the opportunity to try out this new amazing games, here on our page,, for free of course.

This game will be the “FNF Starlight Mayhem”. In this game you will have a singing battle against CJ in front of everyone in a big concert stage.

Now you will read a little part of the game, for example how it works. When you want to start the game you will have to press enter or space. Now you will be in the main menu part. here you can find 2 game modes, the story mode and the free play mode, but now you will find just the free play mode because there will be just one song, but that one will be bomb.

Now you can start the game. You will have to use the arrow keys or the w,a,s,d keys. Your goal will be to push on those arrows that are shown on the screen, but in the right time, so when they get to their places. Be careful, because if you make mistakes too many times, you will lose the game, but of course you can try again later.

I hope you are going to like this game, and if you do, then give us a like and you can also try out our other Friday Night Funkin games too, and other games from other categories too. You can invite your friends to play together or you can compete with each other. I wish you a great play time and good luck!

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How to play

Use the arrow keys or the w,a,s,d keys