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Hello guys, welcome back to our page! For today we have brought another Five Nights at Freddy game for you, as we know that many of you are big fans of these types of games or really like them, so here we are with another one.

This game will be the “Five Nights at Mario”. We know that there are Mario fans also on this page so maybe this game will attract the Mario fans too. As you can tell by the title already, you will meet a new character in this game and this is going to be Mario.

If you have played these types of games already, you probably know how the game works, but if you are new in this field then let me introduce this game for you a little bit. So this “Five Nights at Mario” game is very similar to the other  Five Nights at Freddy games but of course there are going to be some changes in this game.

So as you start the game you will find yourself in a restaurant, in Mario’s restaurant. They are looking for a new bodyguard to the restaurant, and you are going to be that bodyguard. At night something happens with Mario and he will try to kill you so you will have to survive! You will have to survive 5 days in the restaurant so you will have to work hard in order to survive. You will need to use the mouse for looking around and to interact with the doors and the lights, as you can close or open the doors and you can turn down or up the lights, but these will take from your energy so you have to be careful how you use it, and also you can look through the cameras by clicking on that button on the bottom of the screen.

I hope you will like this game and wish you a good playtime. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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