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Mario, Super Mario and Luigi are some of the most famous characters in video games! Online adventures, Super Mario Kart, original Mario and other puzzles with Mario, memory challenges and different types of clothing and dress-up games for cute girly designs are going to be ready for you to play.

Try out Mario original

The most famous games are right here on our website, and you dear kids can see that we are preparing for you guys a brand new Mario games category, in which you will have the chance to play amazing challenges with your favorite avatar. Mario appeared for the first time with his very first Mario adventure game in 1981, July 9th. Since then, there are more than 100 games with Mario as the main avatar, and he will not be alone as you will soon learn throughout this new category description, and through all the little games that we are going to prepare starting from today here on our website.

Mario was created originally in Japan, by Shigeru Miyamoto. The avatar with the name of Mario is going to get more and more popular, and the name is going to even get his name after the saga takes roots in the houses and the arcades all along Japan. For you faster recognize the avatar, he will almost every time look the same in any of the games that he is going to be featured in. Mario is going to always wear a blue overall, and under it he will have a red shirt. Brown boots and white gloves are the accessories that he will always wear with a red cap that will have the M from Mario on the front. The thing that will make the italian character recognisable dispite his clothes are his blue eyes, his big nose, his belly and of course his moustache.

The entire story of the challenge is going to take place in a very special world, which is going to be different with each type of game that you are going to play, because each game can have a different theme, but the plot or the story of the adventure is going to be the same. You will have to be sure that in the shortest time, using the A, S, W, D or the ARROW keys on the keyboard, you will be able to keep control over the avatar during the adventure. The original game is a platformer game, in which you will have to be sure that in the shortest time you will go through the world.

Mario is going to have a special mission in the original game, and that is to catch the princess which is going to be held captive by a huge monkey in a big castle, and your job is going to be to finish each and every one of the levels with all of their obstacles in order to reach the finish line which is most likely going to be a flag pole that you will have to jump on or touch in order for the game to be finished, and you to be rewarded with all the points that you gathered through the game.

Adventures with Mario and Luigi

Now that you know the main plot of the original Mario game, you can go forward and start to learn more and more about this amazing character. The adventures with Mario are going to be endless, because you will see how him and his cousin Luigi, will be featured in different challenges that you can play for free even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, Xbox console, PlayStation console and most importantly on your Nintendo and Nintendo switch.

At the beginning, Mario started to become very popular for the Mario original platformer game which was an amazing video game for the time, and once you get started with that challenge, you could see that more and more games for kids will be available for you to try. You must know that every game could look different, all of them will have more or less the same rules to play the game under, so we are going to start telling you some of them, so that you can start learning the game better and start to have more and more points each time you try one of the levels of the game.

Mario is going to be a little avatar at the beginning of the game, but you must know that there's a possibility for him to grow bigger and faster. Mario is going to still look the same, but he will grow if you start to destroy the blocks with your head, and have the chance to find a red mushroom. The red mushroom will grow Mario and make him faster, and you will see that there are goign to be even different other traits and rules. While being big, Mario has a little bit of invulnerability, because if he is going to be bit by the carnivore plants that can come out of the plants. You will see that if Mario is touched by the plants, he will not die instantly like when he is small.

We are sure that you like all that's going on until now, but we are not finished. Mario has many other surprises throughout his adventures, so stay tunned. You will see that the red mushroom is not going to be the only booster that is going to be available inside the game. There's going to be a second type of mushroom available in the game, and when Mario is going to take it, doesn't matter his size, Mario is going to turn green, and going to have special powers. You will see that the blue overall is going to turn white, and his red blouse is going to be green. That's going to be the first sign that Mario is going to be turned into Luigi, and have special powers in the original game.

The special powers that we are talking about are going to be the ability to throw fireballs into his opponents, which you will see that can be two different ways that Mario can get hurt. There are going to be turtles that can bite Mario, the carnivore flowers and there are going to be different fire pits, rivers and even empty pits in which Mario can fall and get hurt. You will see that inside the stories, there can be different worlds, and one of the most popular ones is inside the dark dungeons, where can be entire games available with.

Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong

Two of the most popular games with Mario are of course the Super Mario Bros game, which is one of the most played video game on Nintendo since the creation of the video platform, and you will see that even in 2022 when multiple versions of the Nintendo appeared, it is still one of the most played video game on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch lite.

Inside the game, Mario will have prepared for you guys a very special challenge, which you might have not expected until now, because this is not going to be an adventure game or a platformer game, but a racing game! Yes, racing game which you can now play on different platforms not only on Nintendo or Nintendo switch, even though they are very popular on those consoles. You will see that inside the Super Mario Bros game, Mario and all the other characters like Luigi or even Donkey Kong, will have available for each and every one of the players different types of racing karts that you will be able to see only inside this game. The racing karts are going to look in different ways based on each and every one of the drivers that you will choose, so you will be able to see how pink karts, ATV karts, little airplanes on wheels, motorcycles and many other types of karts, which will be distinguished by their little wheels, their noises and their specific traits that will make you one of the best racing drivers on the planet, which will be seen on the online Super Mario Bros leaderboard.

Yes, the Super Mario Bros video game can be played online on all the platforms, being one of the first racing multiplayer games in the world, and you will have the change to become one of the best players from our website. Each level or track that you choose inside the game, you will see that there are going to be special bombs, special abilities and tokens or boosters that you can use over the other players inside the game.

Who is Mario?

Mario is an italian character, and the avatar of the Mario games!

Who is Luigi?

Luigi is Mario's cousin.

What type of game is Mario?

Mario the original is a platformer adventure game.

What's the most popular Mario game?

The most popular Mario game in 2022 is Super Mario Bros.

How does Mario look?

Mario is short, chubby, has a moustache, and dressed in a blue overall.

Where can we play Mario games?

Mario games can be played on mobile phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles and laptops.

Are the Mario games still appearing?

Yes, Super Mario Bros is the latest game on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo, but new Mario games are about to be released.