Super Jim Adventure

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Because we always want to make sure you are having the best time ever here on our site, we are always finding the most amazing games for you and this Super Jim Adventure, believe it or not dear kids, is actually a game which resembles a super Mario game, so we are pretty sure we don't even need to tell you more than that because who can say no to a super Mario game. 

So this resembles a super Mario game very well, but instead of Mario you are going to play with Jim, that is why it is called Super Jim Adventure and we of course hope you are going to be curious about all the surprises this game has for you because it is indeed going to be amazing. 

So come and try out this new super Jim game because it has a lot of surprises for you. The first surprise you get to see is that you get to play a lot of different levels here in this game, and of course that each level is a new adventure and a new challenge and. beware that the levels can become more and more difficult here in this new Super Jim Adventure so you need to learn everything about his strengths and weaknesses so you would be able to go as further in the game as possible. 

You will have a lot of golden coins to collect, but you will also have enemies so of course that you need to pay attention to that. You can't actually fight with them but you can definitely jump on top of them because that is how you get them killed. You can also jump on top of the turtles but beware because the turtle will enter its shell and the shell can damage your health too. Good luck!

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How to play

use the W,A,S,D to move and jump