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The new Frozen and Frozen 2 stories are represented in this category! Fresh dress-up, makeup, makeover and hairstyle challenges for girls with Elsa and Anna will be ready for her fans to play and see which are their BFFs appearing in these fashion challenges.

Girls all over the world love the Frozen story, and starting from today, you dear kids can see that there's a brand new Frozen games category prepared and filled with some of the most exciting games for girls that you can find for free online! The Frozen 2 movie is appearing even here on our website, where we just published the Frozen games category once again, in which you dear girls can have a great time playing with two of the most popular Disney princesses! The Frozen movie appeared in 2013, and like many of the Disney movies with princesses, the Frozen is based on a famous princess book and fairytale called the Snow Queen which appeared in 1844.

You will see how much fun you can have playing with the Disney characters, and today you will see how two Disney princesses, which are sisters will appear in the same story and the same movie! Which is very rare. Princess Anna and Princess Elsa are the main characters of the story. Inside this new story, you can see how these two princesses are very different. Elsa is about to become queen and her little sister is feeling left out by her sister which she loves so much, and that's how the first Frozen movie starts! There are already two different movies made by Disney! Frozen and Frozen 2 were both blockbusters, and in the moment, are two of the most-watched Disney movies ever created, because plenty of girls and siblings can relate with the relationship between Elsa and Anna.

The Frozen story is very popular, and so there will be plenty of Disney games for girls that you can start playing right here on our website. The new Frozen games for kids that we start to publish are going to be very interesting because they will not be only with Elsa and Anna! There are plenty of cute little characters inside this Disney story like Olaf, the little snowman that is alive, he is talking, and walking and makes a lot of jokes in each scene in that he is appearing inside both Disney movies! Anna and Elsa are going to bring forward for all the girls in the world some of the most exciting and the cutest games for girls that you can play for free even on your mobile phones, tablets, and in which you can meet with many other Disney characters.

Each and every one of the Disney games with the Frozen theme will be awesome, because you will meet with princess Anna, princess Elsa, Olaf the snowman, Kristoff and Sven but there will be plenty of dress-up, makeover, make-up, hairstyle and spa challenges for you to play, and in which you will see that plenty of other characters will be available for you to play with! The Frozen games characters have a lot of friends in the Disney world, and so you will see that Jasmine from the Aladdin story, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas or even Tiana from the Princess and the Frog story will all be in many Frozen games online!

The Frozen story

We already said that the main story will have more than one main character. Plenty of people think that Elsa will be the main character, because she is going to be the Frozen Queen at some point, but on the other side, the Disney stories change based on the society we are living in, and there are the other people that think that Anna is the main character, because she is going to be more present in the story, and all she wants to do is to love her sister and help her be the best queen possible. The story starts as Elsa and Anna are just little baby princesses playing and having fun, until one day, when Elsa discovered her magic powers. The Disney princess has the ability to control ice, and when the Queen and the King found out, they wanted to help the baby princess to learn how to control these powers, and they used magical trolls as teachers.

One day, the Disney princesses were playing in the castle, and Elsa hurt Anna with her powers, and she was affraid that next time they will play, she is going to hurt even worse her sister, and since that day, Elsa remained isolated in her room inside the castle, but that only made her sister miss her more and more with each day that passed. The Queen and King left the kingdom, and during their journey, they had a big accident on sea, and they were declared dead, which means that there has to be a new Queen in the kingdom, and Elsa being the bigger sister, is going to be the one that will stay on the throne. The day that Elsa turns 21, she is crowned as Queen of Arendelle, but she remains isolated, because she fears that the people will not like the fact that she has magical powers. During the coronation, Elsa stays far apart from her sister which misses her so much, but having a lot of visitors at the ceremony, she meets prince Hans and Anna loves him at first glance.

Anna tells her sister that she loves Hans, but the Queen didn't give them her blessing, which makes Anna very angry. The two, princess and Queen get into an argument which makes Elsa unleash her powers all over the kingdom, and that will turn Arendelle from a beautiful, green and spring environment into a block of ice covered Kingdom, and Queen Elsa is going to have a new ice castle, where she isolates herself once more. Anna goes on the adventure of her life and tries to find her sister to make her return home, but she gets lost, and that's the time when she is going to meet with Kristoff, an iceman from the kingdom and his reindeer, called Sven, which will turn into her best friends, and ultimately, you will see that Anna and Kristoff will fall in love, will get married and live a happy life.

Anna, with the help of Kristoff manages to get to the Ice Castle and meets with Queen Elsa once again. Anna tells Elsa what happened in Arendelle when she left and created the Ice Castle, but Elsa does not know how to fix what she created, because she is afraid of her powers, so she cannot fully control them. The Disney sisters manage to fix the continuous winter in Arendelle, and so the kingdom returns to his beautiful state, and the story is going to be continued in the Frozen 2 movie!

How to help Anna and Elsa

Even though the main characters of the Frozen games are going to be princesses, you will see that they also want to have a lot of fun, so that's why our new Frozen games category is going to be filled with awesome challenges for girls that you can play for free. From this new category, you will see that we are going to expect amazing puzzles that you can solve using the MOUSE, and in which you will have to pick up each and every one of the puzzle pieces and be sure that you can guide them and place them in the right spot, so that your Frozen pictures will be completed, and Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff or Sven, whoever will be in the picture, will reward you with a lot of points. Frozen differences games are also very popular, and Disney pictures from the Frozen movie and Frozen 2 movie will appear in front of you, and using the MOUSE once again, you have to spot each and every one of the differences between two almost identical pictures.

Of course, these are just a few Frozen ability games that you can play for free, and we know that the girls that look for Frozen games will try to look for cute challenges like dress-up, makeup, hairstyle, spa or makeover games, which will also be present, available and free to play on our website. These cute games will have Elsa, Anna and plenty of other Disney princesses and characters that you can play with. You can see that all these little Frozen games for girls will be available even on your mobile phones and tablets, and all you need is to have an internet connection.

Once you know what type of game you want to play with Elsa and Anna, all you have to do is go on Google or directly on our website and type frozen games for kids, frozen games for birtday party, frozen games Disney or even frozen games disney lol and this is going to be the fastest way that you can find your favorite type of Frozen challenges that you can play for free. It's a lot of fun, because there are going to be special themes of games that you can try which are from Minecraft stories, Lego stories or even LOL Surprise dolls which a Frozen theme.

There are going to be a lot of Frozen games in which even boys can have a lot of fun, because new adventures with Olaf, Kristoff or Sven are waiting for you to press play on. There are plenty of motorcycle racing games, in which Elsa and Anna are going to try and win the races. Lego puzzles and Lego characters that look like Anna and Elsa can be build in our Frozen Lego games, and all you have to do is to have fun and look for you favorite type of games, and we are sure that inside the Frozen games category, you will be able to find it, and even play it with your friends, because there are a lot of 2 player challenges available as well. Have fun!

Is there only one Frozen movie?

No, there's the Frozen and Frozen 2 movies which are available.

Is there going to be a third Frozen film?

No, the second movie was the last one, Disney announced.

Which is the main princess of the story?

There are two, Elsa and Anna, there's no main character in this story.

Is Elsa going to find love?

No, Elsa is going to remain a single Queen, without a King.

Are Anna and Kristoff getting married?

Yes, at the end of the Frozen 2 movie, there's going to be a wedding.

Is Olaf the snowman still in the Frozen 2 movie?

Yes, Olaf is forever present besides the Disney princesses.

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