Wubbzy Amazing Adventure

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What is Wubbzy Amazing Adventure?

Wubbzy is a very friendly creature and he loves visiting our site because he always has a great time together with you deear kids so we are more than happy to offer you all the games we can with him, Wubbzy is excited and he is sure you will enjoy this game with him because it is a special adventure one in which he needs your help and you will surely find it very interesting. So he has to go through a lot of pretty difficult levels in order to collect all the pieces and gears he need in order to fix the house and help his robot friends. If you come and access the game , before you can actually start the adventure with Wubbzy, you will find out exactly what happened and exactly what you have to do, so you have to know that a lot of fun surprises are waiting for you and we are excited to offer you this Wow Wow Wubbzy experience. Good luck!

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Others said:

Wow wow everyone! thank u for trying my game! im Wubbzy!

Wubbzy in 10.11.2022 20:10

This game is........ AMAZING! I got to get a bunch of nuts, but I lost a few when I got hit by the eggs and the chickens. Otherwise, this game was a hit!

Julindria Bluetiful Bluefoot in 30.10.2022 16:17


gutas in 01.10.2022 04:27

Where is the music?

Bacon in 17.05.2022 19:23

Where's the music?

Terraha in 15.05.2022 16:36

I Like This Game!

TiaTheFox in 15.04.2022 21:35

just saying, the math equation found in the 3rd level (999Q^2 + pi / 1382 x 6 - 42R = ?) takes too much effort and should not be in a children's game. This discourages my kids from pursuing a career in mathematics, therefore i am suing.???? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

daddy in 15.01.2022 10:17


WOw WOw wubbzy lover! in 12.08.2021 00:48

Nice, but I don’t have a keyboard for this, and plz fix the dialogue and the music too, but the graphics, weird, and the Sound Effects played just fine if it scared me, and anyways, on the game, you can jump, but the space bar doesn’t work, can u fix this pls, Thank u, and all to u guys, have a nice day!

Evan Simpson in 03.08.2021 22:19

Wow! Nunca pense encontrarlo!!

anton_team in 05.03.2021 23:05

I don't even remember anything about the show, I just remember spam playing this game as a five year old. I miss it

m in 23.02.2021 18:25

im so glad i can find this on sites like i am able to play it once more before flash player shuts down i re visited the boss...i called it old friend and at the fought valiently, as i had to i decimated it. speedruning it within 3 minutes while playing the song "megalovania" in the backround...i beat all the other games that im willing to play on this site...but alas, the nostalga comes to an end T_T as i have beaten all the games i was willing to time here is up. im glad it exists but its going to bring quite the tear to my eye when flash player shuts the soundtrack ends i return to my life as a 13 year old, unable to experience a little taste of the good ol days...but no matter how old you are you can play any game you want, infact there is a 19 year old in the comments here, kudos to him. but as if you are too young to play a game well you just have to wait. trust me you dont want to experience things your too young to. well have a nice day fellow nostalgic gamers *salutes*

gamer guy 18 in 19.11.2020 19:36

the spacebar doesn't work! :( I was so pumped to relive my childhood. Pls fix if possible!

sadboi in 03.09.2020 19:05

wheres the full version or this is the demo version

piggy in 10.08.2020 04:42

Wubzy's amazing adventure is cool game where you are wubzy that with theese things called chick bots got trhough outside wiget's house walden's house you have defeat the big robot chicken wbuzy or whatever it was called is best thing in the universe nothing is better wubzy's elmazing adventure wubzy wubzy wubzy

wubzywubzywubzy in 01.02.2020 06:40

the space bar dosnt work

user55555 in 16.09.2019 23:24

I love this game when i was 5 years old! Why did nick remove thid :(

OddFellow in 10.09.2019 02:21

I completely forgot about this game and i was very upset when they took it off the website along with the dress up one

baileycakes in 19.06.2019 20:45

love this

madid in 26.05.2019 17:32

this was fun

hehhhy in 24.05.2019 16:45

Whoa! thiiis is great!

Obehi Iyoha in 23.05.2019 23:40

This is not the place to say that

Jade in 20.05.2019 03:12

space bar won't work

sassy in 20.04.2019 04:08

please someone help me the spacebar won't work? this is the only thing I want to do in life

antichrist666 in 16.03.2019 01:26

Still amazing as before.

Mjor in 20.01.2019 01:15

As a 19 year old male, I can confirm that the final boss battle is quite challenging as I am watching my girlfriend experience it through FaceTime. Kudos to you Wow Wow Wubbzy

LUVMEWUBBZY in 18.01.2019 07:12

Nice game!

Wubbzylicious in 06.01.2019 04:28

I LOVE this game except that I can't get the music to work :(

dnjos in 09.12.2018 04:07

Yeah so the game's great and all except that I CAN'T FREAKIN JUMP

WUBBZYWHORE33 in 28.11.2018 07:41

wow wow wubbzy es el muñequito de mi infancia

[email protected] in 13.11.2018 13:46

i love wow wow wubbzy

[email protected] in 11.10.2018 19:55

This game is soooooo fun! Even though I'm not 7 years old anymore, this is my guilty pleasure. Playing wow wow Wubbzy Amazing Adventure!

Sabs in 04.10.2018 18:32


xd in 12.09.2018 20:42

i used to play this almost everyday as a child,i remember being heartbroken when they took it off of the nick jr website. anyway, this game is actually pretty hard, nick jr was setting us 4 year olds up for failure

anonymous in 21.08.2018 10:31

God I used to play this so much. Looking at it now the game design is pretty fantastic!

Chrono in 18.08.2018 08:07

I lovd this games when I was but a child and now that I am elevin years old i finally see the truth of what life is all a bout. now dont get me rong I am not a sinic but the world is a very messed up place. It is very relacksing to relive my child hood memories. thank you wow wow wubsy adventure

Breath man in 23.06.2018 00:14


someone in 30.05.2018 21:09


someone in 30.05.2018 21:08

this game is the balance between good and evil. i immensely enjoyed the gameplay physics and the outstanding graphics. i was impressed by level 2 as it showed the climax of the game, as wow wow wubbzy progressed as a man. which brings me to the character development, which was absolutely magnificent. i felt as if i were journeying through wow wow wubbzy's life. the final battle of this game was absolutely amazing, as wow wow wubbzy had to gather the help of his friends to defeat the evil robot chicken. he was able to prevail to defeat this enemy, and an overwhelming sense of victory had claimed me when i beat it. i had never felt such accomplishment. the only problem i had with this game was the little connection to the lore of the series. It diverted from wow wow wubbzy's main goal, which was saddening as a true wow wow wubbzy fan. i hope to see in the sequel some sort of allusion to the main series. in conclusion, the team behind wow wow wubbzy had attempted to bring all wow wow wubbzy fans together, and they sure delivered. i give this game a 9/10, keep it up guys.

wowwowwubbzyfan769 in 30.05.2018 03:29


Dat Boi in 19.05.2018 09:18

This will make me cry I use to always watch it and play it since I was little! Thank you, my memories or refreshed :D

Aj in 14.04.2018 22:59


Jessica in 01.04.2018 21:52

I love your games

Aja in 22.03.2018 01:49

I love your games

Aja in 22.03.2018 01:49

I love this game

Hannah in 18.03.2018 05:27

This game is actually kind of hard. I have so much respect for my 6 year old self right now

Dub Dude in 07.03.2018 22:03

Oh my gosh! My sister and I would spend hours on this game playing together trying to beat it! I just finished it in like 5 minutes! This brings back so many memories I am so surprised this is still here after all these years.

Childhood! in 10.02.2018 04:39


money man bob in 05.01.2018 03:13


Brian in 04.12.2017 00:43

The dialogue won't load! I specifically remember some sort of dialogue

Beryl in 30.11.2017 06:50

this brings back sooooo many memories ;)))

Amore in 05.11.2017 01:03

I was four when I played this game

Jordan in 23.10.2017 23:59

The game works great! Only the music doesn't work along with the voices. But the sound effects are still there and the game is still playable. Please fix this. Thanks and hav a nice day :)

Aidan in 04.09.2017 10:51


aida in 23.08.2017 08:10

loaded fine for me, friends! just beat this entire game, i used to play this a lot when i was younger. a lot of the obstacles seemed to resonate with me, as i can recognize some of these things from my frequent nightmares. cool how the subconcious remembers that stuff, huh?

:D in 28.07.2017 09:47

I love this game

elizabeth in 18.06.2017 23:53


Person in 07.06.2017 15:41

I used to play this game all the time as a kid. I really wish it would load :c

cupcake in 24.05.2017 23:03

I like playing Wow Wow Wubbzy games because they are fun to play on.

Zaynab in 20.02.2017 07:01

love it

unknown in 15.01.2017 05:19

the game never loads

sky in 29.10.2016 16:15


ton in 29.10.2016 03:47

this game is fun

ton in 28.10.2016 22:54