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Princesses are all around us! Disney princesses will come and bring for you girls the best dress-up challenges, new makeover requests and full on spa days for you go on.

If you love girl games, you are in the perfect place here on our site because you will have indeed the chance to use your creativity in a lot of the games you will encounter here and one of the coolest games you get to play and the coolest friends you can have, especially if you love fashion and girly activities, then the Princess category of games is the perfect one for you.

We just know you won't need a lot of introductions or information when it comes to this Princess category, we just know that the majority of you kids know princesses, you know how fun they are and you should definitely check out the games you get to play with princesses here on and you will see that you will actually have the chance to even meet new princesses, maybe girls you didn't even know until now.

So the category of games with Princesses is fulled with all kind of girly games in general, princesses have a lot in common with one another, they love animals, they love helping others and of course they also love fashion and it's not important if you are playing with original princesses from their stories which we all know, or maybe with modern day girls, we can guarantee you that you will have the chance to play a lot of dress up challenges, makeover games, hairstyle games and of course the best thing is that you can become friends with girls who you know as your idols.

Disney princesses

Of course the most popular princesses, in real life and also here on our site are the Disney princesses and they are simply the coolest, they have amazing stories, they are friendly, they are kind and of course very beautiful and we just know that playing with them in a lot of games dedicated for the Disney princesses will simply be amazing.

Belle is the Disney princess from the Beauty and the Beast story. She is a simple girl, living with her father, very bright, kind and hardworking and she loves reading, just a simple girl from the village. The story is that one day her father is kidnapped by the angry beast who was living in a castle deep in the forest, and to save him, because he is old and ill, Belle volunteers to take his space and be the Beast's prisoner instead. Belle is very kind and ends up seeing another side of the beast, gentle and loving, and the Beast of course falls in love with Belle and after a series of amazing adventures, Belle and Beast share the kiss of true love and that is how the curse is broken and the Beast turns into the prince he once was and they lived happily ever after.

Cinderella is another very popular princess. She was living with her stepmother and stepsisters, after her father died, and she was living a very difficult life, she was the only one doing chores in the house and her family treated her horrible. The royal family of the land loved to host balls and one night, with the help of her animal friends and her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella sneaks out and goes tot he ball, but nobody recognizes her dressed up and cleaned, she was very beautiful. She danced all night with the princess, but at midnight she has to leave because the spell of her appearance, clothes, hair and make up will disappear. She leaves her glass slipper behind and that is how the prince, deeply in love with her, finds her the following days. He immediately asks her hand in marriage and they lived happily ever after.

Ariel the Little Mermaid is also one of the favorites when it comes to Disney princesses. Ariel fells in love with a prince she saw on one of the ships, but she is a mermaid and he is human, so she sells her soul to Ursula, an evil witch mermaid, who grants her human legs, but takes away her voice. Also, Ariel will turn into sea foam on the sunrise of the third day if she can't share the kiss of true love with her prince Eric, but how can she make him fall in love with her if she can't speak, can't sing. The adventures of the little mermaid continue, Ursula tries to meddle in, but eventually Eric does fall in love with her and thus the spell is broken and they lived happily ever after.

We can't forget about mentioning Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is cursed when she is just a baby to injure herself, to die before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel's spindle. Her three fairy Godmothers trie to break the spell, but Maleficent is much more powerful than they are, so the only result they can achieve is that Aurora won't die , but she will fall into a deep sleep. On her sixteens birthday, Aurora does prick her finger but she is not the only one to fall into a deep sleep, the whole kingdom does. The only thing that can save her is the kiss of true love which does happen after a very long sleep, prince Philip saves her with his kiss and they lived happily ever after.

There are a lot of other older generation Disney princesses, like Mulan the savior of China, Pocahontas of course, the native from the lands which will be America in the future, we can't forget about Snow White of course, she escapes her evil godmother by hiding in the forest and the seven Dwarves help her survive, Kida from the lost city of Atlantis, a magical princess who is brave enough to save her people and so on, we are sure you all know them and love them and their stories.

But there are a lot of modern day princesses as well and we are sure that many of them are your favorites and maybe the most popular ones are Elsa and Anna from the Frozen Kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa is a magical princess, she can control snow and ice and her parents, out of fear of her powers, teach her how to hide them, but that only makes them grow and makes Elsa to isolate herself after their parents die, and Anna can't help but feel really lonely without her sister. On the day of her coronation, Elsa loses control, her powers are too strong to be contained and out of fear of herself, her own sister and all the people in Arendelle, she leaves and hides on the mountain where she can use her powers to her will. Anna embarks on a crazy adventures, together with Kristoff, Sven the reindeer and of course Olaf the snowman and together they manage to bring Elsa back and the sisterly love they share saves Elsa.

Moana the island princess is another example of a beautiful, friendly and very brave princess. She is indeed a princess of her island but she feels like she has a duty to know more about herself and she embarks on a crazy adventure on the sees together with the spirit of her grandmother guiding and protecting her and also together with Maui. Her story is not about love, she manages to save the people of her island and understand more about nature and about herself as the future leader of her island.

There are many more princesses waiting for you here on our site in this amazing princesses category, like Tiana from the princess and the Frog, Rapunzel from Tangled and many more.

Magical princesses

There are also a lot of other princesses here on our site in the most amazing, girly or adventures games. There are princesses who are not Disney girls, but nevertheless they are amazing and they are ready to play with you, become friends and share all the adventures. Some of them may know from stories or cartoons, but maybe some of the princesses you will only meet here on our site and that's ok because we can promise you that you can become best friends.

Who are the Disney princesses?

The Disney princesses are girls from Disney stories, brave, friendly, kind and really beautiful and they all have their amazing stories.

Are Disney stories about love?

Some Disney stories are about love, like Cinderella, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty or Belle from the Beauty.

Are all Disney princesses in love?

No, some stories are not about love between a couple, but there is love in all of them. Frozen is about sisterly love, Merida wants to be courageous and her story, Brave, is indeed also about the love between a mother and daughter, Moana learns to love herself and her duties and understand them better.

Where are the Disney stories located?

You can read, see and play with Disney princesses from all around the world, they can be from the United States of America like Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, Norway like Elsa, even German like Rapunzel or Chinese like Mulan.

How many Disney princesses are they?

There are a lot of Disney princesses, like Tiana, Moana, merida, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, Pocahontas, Belle, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and the list goes on and on and their stories are still getting written.