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Are you in for new categories for you? Well it seems like the administrative team of has the incredible pleasure of offering you new categories today, categories in which you wil have by your side some of your favourite characters.

A new Disney story is yet to appear in front of you guys! The brand new Little Mermaid games is a new series of challenges and a cute little games category in which girls around the globe can find some of the latest Little Mermaid games to try out for free! All the new Little Mermaid games are free to play online, and because of the latest technologies, they are also going to be available to be played on all platforms and devices! Phones, computers, tablets, and laptops can be used starting today to play our Little Mermaid games online!

If you guys do not know all the interesting things that are going on inside the Little Mermaid story, you just have to stay tuned and see! The story is going to be revealed later in this description, and you will even learn which are going to be the Little Mermaid games that you can play for free. There are going to be plenty of free online game for girls in which Ariel - the Little Mermaid is going to be the main character, but there are also going to be fun adventure games, ability and even educational games, in which you can learn math, spelling and English.

The Little Mermaid story appeared in 1980, and it was first displayed as a musical fantasy movie, which was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Later on, this story became an original Disney Studios animated film, and the main character of the story began to be known as a Disney princess among the other girls that featured in Disney princess films such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella or Aladdin with Jasmine as the princess. The original story of the Little Mermaid was based on a Danish folklore story, which was written by Hans Christian Andersen. The main character of the story is going to be the same, the story will be more or less the same, and even the characters will keep their names, their titles, and their approach throughout the Disney movie.

This is just a short teaser for what you are going to face against while you start playing our Little Mermaid games! A new Disney princess, a prince and a lot of mythical and magical creatures, such as the princess' father, talking fish, and evil mermaids. All these awesome things are going to wait for you in our latest Little Mermaid games, and we are sure that you will manage to make a lot of new friends and that you will love playing them on your phones or tablets.

Princess tale

Do you know the main character? The tale is called Little Mermaid, but the actual name of the main character is going to be Ariel. Ariel is the Little Mermaid, and she actually is a mermaid that lives in the ocean with her family. Ariel is an underwater creature, a mermaid which is known to be half human and half fish. For a princess background from the beginning, you will learn that Ariel is going to be a princess, as her father is the king of Atlantica, King Triton. Ariel is in love with the human world, and one of her biggest wishes is to be a normal human being, and walk the Earth and the beaches like an ordinary person.

Princess Ariel collects a lot of human artifacts that get lost in the ocean, and she even created a special grotto for all these items. Ariel knows that any contact between mermaids and humans is forbidden, knowing that people will try to capture all merpeople from the oceans and examine them, kill them and be afraid of their abilities and powers. Ariel oversees prince Eric's birthday party on the shore, because his castle is on a cliff near the ocean, and that's the moment when princess Ariel falls in love with the prince. Ariel went out of the ocean to watch the party with Flounder, which is her best friend and is a yellow fish with blue stripes, and Sebastian, a crab. Sebastian is trying to keep a watch on all of Ariel's activities, being one of King Triton's servers.

A storm knocks prince Eric overboard, and Ariel is there to save the prince. Eric faints and is knocked unconscious, and princess Ariel sings to him with her mermaid powers to help him wake up. Even though she loves him, until the prince wakes up, Ariel leaves back to the ocean so that he doesn't see that she is a mermaid. Eric remembers her voice through the song and vows to meet her again, at the same time mermaid Ariel vows to find a way to spend her life with prince Eric. Triton founds out from Sebastian what Ariel did, and destroys her human artifacts wanting to protect his daughter.

Ariel founds that there's a sea witch that can help her become human! Her name is Ursula, and they make a deal to transform Ariel into a normal human for just three days in exchange for her voice. If she manages to make Eric kiss her during these three days, she will have the ability to remain human forever, but Eric will not recognize her without her singing voice, which she doesn't have anymore, as her voice was taken by Ursula.

Kiss the princess, become a King

Ariel manages to convince prince Eric that she is the one who saved him that day during the storm, but in order for them to meet again, she had to give up her voice to a sea witch. Eric and Ariel almost kiss before the magic runs out. This was the first attempt of Ariel to become a real human, which is not the last. Ursula keeps tabs on Ariel's every move, and watching that she is very close of helping Ariel out and losing her voice, she makes his little squid people watch Ariel. Ursula transforms herself into a beautiful human woman in order to seduce prince Eric and make him love her not Ariel, so the three days pass and the magic runs out so that she can keep Ariel's voice.

What do you think? Do prince Eric and princess Ariel love each other enough to pass evil Ursula's magic? You just have to stay tuned and see if the two manage to kiss each other before the magic runs out. Ursula is able to use Ariel's voice to take over the ocean and create a big storm to destroy all humankind, but prince Eric and princess Ariel manage to meet each other on the shore. The two worlds are about to collide for the first time in history! Prince Eric has a few men prepared on ships to fight Ursula, which is huge, she used magic to outgrow herself. She is not paying attention on the people on a small boat that approaches carefully, and the men in the boat stab Ursula in the chest, making her powers less and less powerful, stopping the storm at the right time so that the human world is not destroyed.

King Triton saw that prince Eric and her daughter Ariel are madly in love, and they are willing to save the world again and again if it's the only chance that they are together, so he is changing mermaid Ariel into a real human so that the two can be together. Princess Ariel and prince Eric are married on a ship and they lived happily ever after. Have fun!

Is Ariel a fish?

No, she is a mermaid, half human and has a mermaid tail.

Who is Ariel in love with?

Ariel loves prince Eric.

Is prince Eric a mermaid too?

No, Eric is a prince from the human world.

Who change princess Ariel in a human?

At first Ursula.

Who is the villain of the Little Mermaid story?

Ursula, the sea witch.

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