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What are Makeover Games?

This new category is more for girls, a category in which you will have all types of makeover games.We all know how important is a make up when needed and we also know that it is also considered an art, so we want to bring you in this new category as manny make up games as we can.

There are plenty of girls ready to find new games here on our website, and we thought, what do girls love? Shopping, clothes, glitter and even full on costumes, so we are going to start matching your needs with a new free online games category! The Makeover games is starting it's rule here on our website, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing each and every one of the games inside the Makeover games category!! This is a brand new way of preparing specific games that all the girls on our website are looking for. Each girl, princess, monster or cute little animals that have a specific style get bored of their fashion style, or even get outdated in time, so you will see that through each and every one of the Makeover games from our website, the main character will try to have a new look that is more in trend.

We are very happy to see that there's such an interest from the girls on our website for makeovers because it's the right time for you to explore your fashion sense, and see which could be a new style that you can adopt. There are also going to be plenty of very well-known characters that are also going to need your help because makeovers are not easy to do if you do them yourself. A full makeover means that you will have in a Makeover game a new hairstyle, new type of clothes, new accessories, and even a new type of makeup with new colors, patterns, and designs. All these Makeover games will bring in front of you a new main character which you might already know, so for you girls, it will be one step easier to create a full makeover that will make the avatar look more beautiful than ever.

The games are going to be easy to be played because the rules are going to be the same. The levels will be more or less the same, and all you have to do is to be creative and think outside the box. The cute Makeover games from our website will be available to be played for free online, and you will see that you can play them even on your computers, mobile phones, tablets or laptops, so the only thing in the rules that will be changed will be the controls. On computers and laptops, you are playing the Makeover games using the MOUSE, and you will use the left-click on the mouse to click on buttons, pick up fashion objects and trigger actions. If you are playing on your phones or tablets, the Makeover games are going to be even more interactive, because dear girls you will play using your little fingers, taping on the screen on each button you want to press, and picking up clothes, make-up, and new hairstyles and just dropping them off on the avatar.

Who is giving makeovers?

The new online Makeover games category is very generic because it's about a fashion activity for all the girls on our website. You will see that when a Disney princess, a monster, a cute animal or a superhero wants a makeover, they will come on our website inside this new category, and you are just one click away to play together. Some of the most popular characters that are bringing new Makeover games are going to be Disney princesses: Tiana, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Merida, Cinderella or Elena of Avalor, are all going to wait for you with al least five Makeover games that you can play for free. You will see that these Disney characters are very eccentric, and being so popular, plenty of girls will want to have afterwards a fashion makeover based on the outfit you came up with.

Superheroes like Spiderman, the Teen Titans, Captain Underpants, Batman, Big Hero 6 the DC Superhero Girls, Super Barbie, Iron Man, Thor, Aquaman, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Superman, the Green Lantern, Superwoman or Cat Woman are just few of the girls and boys that protect the world that will need a full-on makeover based on one or multiple themes. They might need a full Halloween makeover, in which they will have to get rid of their superhero costumes and be in disguise. Another type of makeover that superheroes need is after a while, they might get bored of their look, and so a new superhero costume has to be created especially for them!

Animals need makeovers as well, and you will see that cute animal characters like Talking Angela, Hello Kitty, the Paw Patrol dogs, Sven from Frozen, the My Little Pony characters, the We Bare Bears, Happy Hippo or Peppa Pig are also going to be inside the Makeover games and are just waiting for you to help them get ready for cute little animal events, in which they want to look as sharp as possible.

One of the most popular character that you are going to meet with through the Makeover games is of course, a doll. If you are asking yourself who is that, you didn't played many Makeover games yet! Of course, we are talking about the Barbie doll and Super Barbie, which are the cutest characters, and one of the most popular dolls in the world, which has over one hundred looks, and she still wants to explore the fashion world, because she is being invited in plenty of places, and you will have to help her get a perfect fashion look for each even, and nobody to look as beautiful as she does.

What a makeover implies

Is it easy to have a makeover? Of course not. Because the girls that want a full makeover, have to get through different steps that you will have to take through each and every one of the makeover games that we are going to start posting right here on our website. You will see that by the end of the games, you will go through special levels, in which you will have prepared a full dress-up level which will be the start of the game, and based on the clothes that you will pick, you will continue to makeover with a full makeup level, in which you will have to match the new makeup style and colors with the clothes that you already chose for the character.

The second part of the makeover is going to be to match what you choose with a new hairstyle, and for you to choose one, you have to go through special steps. Picking the hairstyle itself is going to be the first step, and after that you will have to go and even try to pick a different hair color for this full makeover. If you manage to find a beautiful color that goes with the new clothes, new makeup and accessories, you will be one step closer to finishing the makeover, and the avatar to look more beautiful than ever, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing this new type of fashion challenge.

All you will need through the makeovers is to use the MOUSE, be creative and follow the rules and the theme of the game, and that will make you have a lot of fun playing the makeover games. You will see that the girls you are going to play with are going to be very cute, some of them you already know, but we are sure that you will meet with new characters as well, and find out that you can make new friends through each and every one of the makeover games that we are going to bring forward for you girls. Have fun!

What is a makeover?

When you change your style from - clothes, makeup, accessories to even your hairstyle.

Can anyone have a makeover?

Yes, anybody can have a makeover.

Who is the character with most makeovers?

Without a doubt, the Barbie doll.

Where can we play Makeover games?

The makeover games are available to be played on your phones and tablets.

Can we play makeover games with princesses?

Yes, Disney princesses are very popular in makeover games.

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