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What are Cars Games?

Cars are part of a massive industry! You will see that F1 cars and other type of racing cars will be ready in amazing challenges. Delivering cargo around the wold is also possible via trucks, tractors and 18 wheelers which you will also have the opportunity to drive.

Here on our website, we always try to bring for you boys and girls the most exciting and the most interesting games for children, and you will see that starting from today, there's a new Cars category ready and free to play for each and every one of you. This new category is going to bring for you guys a lot of interesting challenges and adventures, which you will be able to try for free online even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers and even laptops. Inside the games, all the boys and all the girls that love cars will be able to search for their favorite model and brand of cars available on the market, and that will make our category unique throughout the internet.

There are a lot of exciting and special games only with cars that you might play on your gaming consoles, and you will see that they are becoming more and more popular even online through our platform, so you kids can play those games for free. There are going to be a lot of HTML5 games with NFS, Grand Turismo, GTA or Grand Theft Auto, Nascar, F1, Grand Tour and  of course, your favorite characters from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, Netflix, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids and Minimax will also be present in plenty of the games from this new Cars games category so that you can play together.

Because there are so many types of cars that are already build in the world, and the concepts keep on coming, and new car designs and utilities are created each and every year, you will see that we have prepared for you a lot of special games that are free online in which you can drive and be behind the wheel of your favorite sports cars, utility cars, war cars, trucks, tractors, combines and even semi-trucks which are known as 18 wheelers in the industry or even busses which once you tried them all, you will be one step closer into becoming one of the best driver from our website.

You will have to start looking through all the categories like Boys, Cars, Adventure, Racing, Trucks, Tractors, Robot Car, Disney Cars, Lighting McQueen, Mr Bean, Wacky Racers, Blaze  and the Monster Machines, Super Mario Kart, Robocar Poli, ATV or the Police category, because these are some of the most popular ones in which we are sure that you will be able to find at least one type of car game which you are going to love to play, and for which you are going to return right here on our website and play it once again.

Racing with your Cars

Most of the love for cars for each boy on our website comes due to the speed of the cars, but it's not legal to drive your cars on the public roads, so Races have been created. We do not say that all the races are legal, because there are plenty of people, and you might do the same throughout the Cars category, in which you will be racing inside real 3D simulators, and the races that you will take part of are going to be on the streets of some of the most famous cities in the world.

But! For a race to be legal, it has to be organized by a professional federation. You will see that there are going to be a lot of types of races that you can go through and try out, and once you do so, you will  be able to pick one and start to train, participate in as many races as possible in order for you to reach the end and be sure that you can defeat the challenges and become the best racer in the world. Racing championships are mostly taking place on a special racing track, which is the case for the most ATM and F1 races, but there are some that will take place on the streets of big cities like the F1 race in Monaco - France, or the night race in Singapore.

The F1 races are some of the most popular ones in history, because the cars are very fast, they look amazing and the sound is something that you will not hear out of any other car. The F1 Cars are not legal to be driven on the public streets, and you will see that they are going to look more like aircrafts or space ships on wheels. This is just one of the types of races that you will be able to attend to, and you will see that there are going to be 2D games also 3D games which you will be able to try, and race through the simulators and measure your points with other players, and see if you are the most skilled F1 racer online or not.

Rally races are also very popular among all the boys that love cars in the world, and there's a different type of car that you will be driving, and there's a different scene also where you will be driving. The cars are also very fast and loud, but these are random cars that you might see on the streets of your city, and even if they don't seem to be that powerful when they come out of the factory, their size, weight, manevrability and other factors will make them perfect for rally racing. Fiat, Volkswagen, Renault and Peugeot are some of the most popular car brands that you will see when you are looking for the Rally races games here on our website.

Big cargo loads

The big Car industry is not going to stop at racing cars or regular city cars, and you will see that there's going to be a big industry through the services that a car can bring to the table. The Truck industry is very big all around the globe, where all the products from food, technology, transportation and even farming, which will all depend on trucks to get their products all around the globe, and you will be able to be a part of this big mechanism throughout or 2D and 3D cargo truck games here on our website, which you will see that are not going to be just a few.

Over 1 thousand truck games are going to be available for you guys to play right here on our website, and you will see that there are going to be usual cargo delivery games, in which using the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard, you will be able to reach your destination by controlling the cargo truck the best way possible. You will have to avoid all the dangers that are going to appear in front of you during your trip, and make sure that you keep a high speed during the transport in order to reach the destination on time.

It all sounds very easy, but you will see that the cargo that you will have to transport in these Truck games will be very dificult, because some of the trucks that you will be driving are not going to be the easiest to keep under control. Some will be very big and will not have that much power, some of them will not have the best cargo trailers, and so if you are not careful enough, you might even lose some of the cargo that you are going to transport through the difficult terrains. Not every transport will be done in cities or good roads like highways, and so you will see that you will reach different paths between cities like woods, high hills, off road terrain and tracks on which you and trucks will have to go through in order to reach your destination and become the best truck drivers online.


When can you drive a car?

Based on the country, the default age for driving a car is 18 or 16.

How many types of cars are there?

A lot! There can be racing cars, delivery cars, service cars, cargo trucks.

Is a truck considered a car?

Yes, any vehicle that has four wheels and an engine is considered a car.

What's the most popular cars game?

Without a doubt, GTA is the most popular game with cars.

What's the best cars racing game?

Grand Turismo and F1.

What's the faster car in the world?

Bugatti Chyron & Tesla

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