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What are Cooking Games?

New cooking challenges are ready to be played on phones and tablets! You will see that cooking burgers, cooking pizza, cooking soups or cooking pasta will never be easier as you will have all the ingredients and all the tools ready inside our kitchen so that you can get started!

We are very happy to see that you are continuing to return here on our website, and you can see that today, we are bringing for you guys a brand new category, in which you can have a lot of fun! Who here loves food?! We love food, and we know that all the girls and all the boys that play online games on our website love to eat delicious food, so you will see that we are going to start posting amazing challenges inside the new Cooking category! This is going to be one of the first challenges in which you can have a great time, because they will bring for you amazing recipes in which you can show off your cooking skills.

Starting from today, we are posting the brand new Cooking games category, in which you have to be very careful, and you will have to make sure that you can learn the most delicious recipes for food that you can eat maybe only in the biggest and the most precious restaurants. You will be able to manage different types of restaurants, and you will have a great time making a lot of money, having chefs under your management and see how you can upgrade it and start to have the best restaurant chains that you will see only here on our website.

The cooking challenges that we are going to present for you guys are going to be very exciting, because the recipes are going to be very different, and you will see that the cooking styles are going to be different from recipe to recipe. It's going to be a lot of fun, because you will learn the methods to cook different ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and different fruits like strawberries, lemons, oranges, pears or even exotic fruits like pineaple, guava or even passion fruit, which will make your recipes be even more delicious for each and every one of the cartoon characters that you are going to cook for.

What princesses eat?

Here on our website, you can see how many little characters like to eat fancy foods, and you can see that the Disney princesses from our website will need your help, because they are going to try to go around the world and see how easy it will be to learn new recipies from around the world, and use all kinds of fancy ingredients in different ways. You will see that princesses like the Frozen sisters, Anna and Elsa, the Little Mermaid - Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, Tiana and even Elena of Avalor will go to different places of the world, and you will see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends, because you will see that based on the country you will be in, you will start to cook different recipes, and the princesses will also be very picky on the things they will want to eat.

The princesses want to stay fit and keep looking amazing, so starting from today, here on our website, you will see how much fun you can have playing with your favorite Disney character different cooking challenges. You will see that the princesses will want to eat a lot of salads, and you will have to cut up the lettuces, wash it and place it in the bowl. After that, you will see that you will manage to have the next step and see how you can cut up different other vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and even red peppers in order for your salads to be tasty and healthy. For the salads to be even tastier, you will see that you can create different types of dressings, and you will have to make sure that you can season your salads with salt, pepper and even chilli.

Besides salads, you can see that the Disney princesses on our website will go to Italy, where they will want to learn to cook and love to eat the most popular and traditional dishes of the country. When you think of Italy, you must think of pizza and pasta, so you will see that the princesses will start to learn how to cook the best pizza with thick or slim crust, which will be very delicious, because you will use fresh ingredients like mozzarella and tomato sauce. Besides pizza, the pasta carbonnara and bolognese are also very popular around the world, and they come from Italy, and you will learn how to make fresh pasta from flower, eggs and water with a little olive oil.

Besides Italy, the girls will travel in other places, like Mexico, where the girls will want to eat a lot of tacos, tortilla chips and burritos, and you will see how easy it will be to learn how to cook them for the princesses. Burgers are coming from the USA, and you will see that cooking the meats in the right way will make you have some of the best ones! Sauces, nuggets, fries and other types wedges are going to be side dishes for the burgers that you will cook. The burgers can have different kinds of meat, from chickend, to beef, pork or even turkey, so you have to know how to cook them properly so that your burgers will be juicy and delicious. There will be special ovens and frying pans ready for you to use, and there will be amazing restaurants in which you can use your cooking skills for each and every one of the Disney characters on our website.

Fresh over Fast Food

What you eat on the daily basis is very important children, so you can see that here on our website, we are going to start to teach you guys some of the best and the most delicious and fresh recipies that you can cook inside your home. From french toast, cookies, cakes or little burgers to full on stakes, chicken wings, chicken breast and other type of recipies that are suited for children all ages. You will see that we are going to have fully equipped kitchens which you can use inside the games with the help of your MOUSE.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing our cooking challenges here on our website, because dear kids there will be special tools that you can use. A full on kitchen with a lot of bowl sets that you can use to toss salads, ingredients and even create special sauses in. You will see that knifes for carving meat, forks for the grill and other types of cooking tools are also ready near the grill or the oven or stove that you can always use, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing with all of your friends from cartoons like Ben 10, Gumball, Strawberry Shortcake, Talking Tom, Garfield, Victor and Valentino and plenty of other little characters from Nickelodeon, Disney or Cartoon Network.

You will see that burgers, pizza and pasta are not the only things that the characters on our website love to eat. For breakfast, you can see that you can make different types of grilled cheese or french toast. Delicious cereals will also be available for you to eat for breakfast besides different types of sandwiches which you can create from scratch. You will see that you will have fresh slices of bread, you will have to butter it up, manage to slice the ham and see how fresh you can make it and even have different sauces and that will help you have some of the best sandwiches, and there will be plenty of other exciting challenges for you to cook early in the morning, for lunch and for dinner. Have fun!

Where can cooking games be played?

You can start playing cooking challenges even on your mobile phones and tablets besides your computers.

Are cooking games free?

Yes! You can search for cooking games on our website and play them for free.

Are you following a recipe inside cooking games?

Yes, the steps are clear and you will have to follow them step by step.

Which is the most popular cooking game?

Pizza is one of the best cooked dish on our website.

What ingredients do you need for pizza?

You will need flour, eggs, salt and water.

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