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Every kid needs toys to play with, and Lego's have become some of the most famous toys for boys and girls. You can build with Legos different cars, different buildings, items from inside the house, and the Lego Ninjagos and the Lego Batman will be some of the stories that can be inside your adventures.

Build with Lego

Before you start and try to play with the Lego characters on our website, you dear kids will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you can learn what is a Lego, where did they come from and see which is your favorite category of games that you can play for free even with your favorite Lego Ninjago, Lego Batman or original Lego Movie character.

The Lego is a line of toys for kids which are made from plastic, and the first company was The Lego Group from Billund, Denmark. Since it's construction, the Lego company managed to become one of the largest companies in the world in 2021. The Lego's are going to be able to be found in different shapes, but they all do the same, can be combined with each other in order to create different shapes or objects, which means that the Lego cubes can be square blocks, round, dreptunghiular or even triangles, which can be all used to build castles, houses and even factories or beach houses.

The first time a kid could play with was in 1949 and soon after they become very popular not only in Denmark but all around the world, you can see that the Lego commercials, the Lego Movies, Lego competitions and even Legoland, which is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world. So that you better understand how big Lego is, until 2015 in july, there were over 600 billion Lego pieces produced in the factories all over the world.

Lego Batman

One of the most famous Lego features, is the Lego Batman Movie! This amazing movie for children all ages and even for adults appeared in 2017 and it was shown for the first time in Dublin on January 29. The movie appeared in the US on Februarry 10, 2017, where it was available as a normal 2D movie, a 3D movie, and even in 4DX.

The entire plot of the movie is going to relay on the fapt that Batman, is going to be the main character, and that he is trying to still be a superehero while being made of Lego. You will see that for the very first time, a human lego is going to be created for a movie, and it's going to be your favorite character, Batman from the DC world. Just like in the original Batman story, Lego Batman is till trying to keep Gotham City under protection over all the villains, and one of his mission is to stop Joker to take over the city.

Joker and Batman start an entire war against each other, when Batman said that the Joker is not that important to him during his fights against villains, and that make Joker even more aggresive. You will see that inside this amazing Lego Batman movie, there will be present each and every one of the characters that you know from the original movie like Robin his sidekick and all the other villains which you will be able to defeat through the adventure games and all the action games in which you and Batman will go through Gotham at night and see which are the dangers you have to protect the Lego people from.

We are not going to tell you about the movie, because it's more interesting for you to see it in the movies or at home, but you will see that there will be plenty of exciting 3D Lego games from the Lego Batman movie, in which we are sure that you will have a great time, because there are going to be adventure games in which you will go through the dark streets with Batman and Robin. Lego Joker is their main target inside this movie, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing with your favorite superheroes, because they will prepare for you Lego fighting games in which you will fight against all the villains and at the end, you will be one vs one against the Joker in the boss fight at the end of the games!

Lego Batman racing games are also going to be available, and you will see how much the Lego Batmobile is going to look like the real Batmobile from the original movie. You will be able to be behind it's steering wheel, and the Lego races will be very exciting, with fast cars and top speed races that you will encounter against the best racing drivers in the world.

Lego Batman pictures straight from the movie will also be available for you to see here on our website because dear children we are going to prepare plenty of Lego Batman puzzle games for kids. Inside the puzzles, you will have to solve each and every one of the puzzles by picking up a puzzle piece and make sure that in the shortest time, you will place them to the right spot in order to have the highest count of points until the end of the game.

There are a lot of girls that love the Lego Batman so here on our website, you will be able to see how your favorite characters are going to need special attention from all the fashion designers, because there are going to need your help to find new clothes, new capes and even new superhero costumes that Batman could wear during his missions.

This is just a short story of the Lego Batman movie and all the free online games that you can watch right here on our website, and you will have to make sure that you try them all before you choose a favorite, and you will see how you and all of your friends will manage to play together because there are a lot of 2 player Lego games for kids that you can play for free.

Lego Ninjago

There are a lot of Lego stories, but Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago are two of the most famous. These two stories are known all around the world, and you are about to get a little description of the Lego Ninjago, where you will see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends and see which are the new ninja games that you can try with all of your friends. Lego is very big in Asia, so the company thought they need to create a new story, especially for that part of the world with their roots and their legends, so that's the way that the new Lego Ninjago story appeared.

The very first episode Lego-themed show appeared in 2011. All the kids love the story, because it's the first one that relies on the folklore of Ninja warriors from Asian. The Lego Ninjago theme is not the first tho, because Lego already did a first attempt, but it wasn't as popular, and it was called simple Lego Ninja, which stopped in the year 2000.

The entire series of the Lego Ninjago is based on the story of six teenage ninjas. Even though they did not had names, they go through alias'. The head of the ninjas is Green Ninja, and he is going to be the most popular and even appear in most of the Lego Ninjago games here on our website. You will see that the Ninjas are going to be defined in the story Elemental Masters, in which you will learn that each of the Lego Ninjago characters is going to be the master of an element. Leaf, fire, water, earth and wind.

What makes a ninja so special because they train a lot, and they tend to become the best in the world at what they do. Inside the Lego Ninjago, you will see that the ninjas are going to train a very special form of martial arts called Spinjitzu, which is taught by one of the biggest masters in the world, Master Wu.

The entire story has cached a lot of wind, and become more and more popular since 2011, and that means that the fans are more and more in love with the Lego Ninjago, and that means that the challenges and the games with the Lego characters are going to be very diverse. The Ninjas made from Legos are going to be very popular even on our website, because tehy will have for you a lot of exiciting adventures in which you will be also a ninja character, and you will work side by side with the Ninjagos.

What is a Lego?

Lego are toys, blocks that can go together to create special shapes or items

What is Lego Ninjago?

Lego Ninjago is a themed series of cartoons created by the Lego company.

Is Lego a series?

No, Lego are toys and after they became popular series and movies appeared.

What superhero has a Lego movie?

Batman! Inside the Lego Batman movie.

When did the Lego Ninjago appear?

Lego Ninjago appeared the first time in 2011.

Who are the Lego Ninjago?

Lego characters that train to become the best ninja warriors in the world