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About Beyblade Games!

The largest collection of beyblade games online are available for desktop, mobile or tablet! Tyson and his crew the Bladebreakers have prepared awesome challenges with fighting challenges, Beyblade matches, driving cars, riding motorcycles or even solving puzzles and riddles inside the tournaments and testing their memory while they wait for the next Beyblade game.

Beyblade is our latest category and it's gonna be a lot of fun. A new stack of games for boys in which you can learn a lot about the Beyblade culture. For the boys that love challenges and play with other boys, there are Beyblade tournaments around the world, and you will see that Tyson Granger is the main character and he is ready to become one of the best blader in the world. This new challenge is finished and you can find amazing puzzles, adventures, coloring games, boys challenges and even girls games where you will have to dress up the Beyblade characters. Find the more expanded story below, and look for the most exciting games with Tyson and the Bladebreakers.

Follow the entire Beyblade story !

For those that do not know yet what Beyblade means or the full story of Beyblade, you can see that we have starting gathering information about the Beyblade concept and what means to become a beyblade fighter. This story has been created by Takao Aoki and Takara Tomy, two people that love Japanese cartoons and Japanese manga series, so they thought of a great ideea of characters and a story line that all the boys though before and put themselves into the main character's shoes.

The Beyblade story was created in 2001, but still in 2019 and 2020 it's a great story and see how much fun and learn how to be an ambitious person through funny games and interesting adventures. The main character of the Beyblade story is Tyson Granger, who found his passion in Beyblade fights after he met his good friend and Beyblade fanatic Kenny. The Beyblade fighters or players are going to be named Bladers as all the fans know by know, but for those who just discovered the category, Bladers are the Beyblade players inside the professional tournaments and championships.

Tyson Granger is living in a pretty big city with a lot of Bladers around the blocks, and you can see that each block or neighborhood will have a Beyblade gang with a fierce name and jackets, logo's, nicknames and Beyblade gaming styles that will make them the best players or the worst players. Once Tyson started playing more and more with his blader buddies such as Kenny he went into a different neighborhood to meet with new players and see how he can grow as a blader and start defeating more and more opponents, so he met Kai Hiwatari, one of the Blade Sharks' leaders and best players in town.

After several Beyblade matches, Tyson discovered that his Beyblade is not ordinary and that it contains a special power in sights of a powerfull Bit-Beast, which are little abilities and mystical helpers that live inside the Beyblade and helps it's owner become more powerfull in order to win tournamets. Tyson's beast is named Dragoon, and he will be a very big advantage in future fights. Once Tyson starts to beat most of the Japanese Beybladers, he thinks about going to America and find new opponents that will make him a better blader and being one step closer to the world cup. Tyson goes to United States to fight the All Starz, and he is going to be coaced by Max's mother, who is also a very good blader. Being ambitious, he won the American League and after that he finds himself in a very powerfull European league of bladers where they meet with other kids like Oliver, Enrique, Johny or Roberts, which you can see that they are a real Beyblade crew named Majestics.

For those who do not know, Tyson's crew is named Bladebreakers. Both teams start to go at each other and therefor e have one of the best Bebyblade battles in history, Bladebreakers against the Majestics. Once the European League is won by the Bladebreakers, the bladers go far away too Russia, where the final tournament is held. This final fight against the best bladers in the world is the last step that Tyson and his crew has to take in order to be the best Beybladers in the world, but their competition is fierce, because the best of the best around the world will be present in this new championship.

Tysone and the Bladebreakers are going to wait for you in this new category with games from each step that they took in becoming the best bladers and gaining the world best player title once with the Beyblade World Cup trophy.

Beyblade championships, bladers and Bit - Beats

Each of the adventures that Tyson started after he and the Bladebreakers have started after winning the Beyblade World Cup, where even more interesting, because once you get to be the best, you have to work hard and play as much as before in order to keep your position and see what new talent is going to challenge you to new Beyblade fights and battles.

After Tyson became popular with his first Beyblade movie and cartoons that you saw on TV or on the Internet, he started to go on new adventures, but not with the Bladebreakers, because they split up after becoming the best in the world. Beyblade was the name of the first movie, and the sequels are called Beyblade V-Force and Beyblade G-Revolution, in which the Bit - Beats and the Beyblades will be more present and you will learn a lot more specific stuff that you can see only if you play the Beyblade games and search for you favorite characters.

In the Beyblade series you would have meet with the Majestics, the All Starz or the Demolition Boys, and inside these crews you would have met with Enrique, Boris, Kai, Black Danzer or Ray. All characters have been enemies or friends of Tyson, or just remained as Beyblade opponents that you might have defetead at some points inside the Bebylade games.

In the Beyblade V-Force things are a little bit different, because the boys started to have more and more fights in their adventure because all the other bladers though that Tyson is too good under pressure and that he might be cheating, so they started to have show offs outside the Beyblade tournaments in order to destroy Tyson's beyblade with Dragoon his Bit-Beast. You will also meet with a lot of old characters, but our main focus inside the Beyblade V-Force series are the new ones. Teams like Team Psykick or the Saint Shielsds are the main rivals for Tyson and the Bladebreakers and they will always try to steal the Bit-Beats from which Dragoon is the most powerfull and considered the main threat.

After the Beyblade V-Force series has ended, after a short while you could have seen the air of the Beyblade G-Revolution, in which dear children Tyson, Kai, Ray and Max will be the main characters and of course, they will have enemies and opponents that love to Beyblade all day long. All the characters go separate ways and rejoin their crews like Majestics, All Starz or Demolition Boys. They go to the World Championship again but with their old teams, because they want to have a challenge and see which one of them is the best.

You can find the battles from the Beyblade, Beyblade V-Force and the Beyblade G-Revolution inside our amazing games here on our website. You will see that they will be called Beyblade Destruction Zyro, Beyblade Rip Zone 2, Beyblade Burst Match and Beyblade Epic Battles. These are the most popular games with Tyson and the Beyblade characters, so you can find them all and play online for free.

Expect only the best !

Once you get to know your website and all the Beyblade series, you can make a decision. Stay on and play the Beyblade games or go find another passion. Most of the boys remain on our free games website and try to help Tyson win another Worl Cup title. If you have a beyblade you can leave your comments after each game and see which one of you guys have the most interesting Beyblade with the bes Bit-Beats.

Decorating your Beyblade is one of the best features that you can find in some of the games here on our website, and using your mouse, you will manage to change all the structure of your Beyblade. You will have to be sure that once you change a piece on your Beyblade, like in any other puzzle challenge, you will have to place it back on the right spot so that your device spins the same and maybe even faster. Change the colors, the shapes of your Beyblade and decorate it with stickers, because in the coloring and all of our decoration games here on our website such as Beyblade Pisson Serpent or Beyblade Coloring and Beyblade Coloring games you will be able to do it for free and using what colors you want.

Because Tyson is just a little boy like you guys are, he has started to bring awesome challenges for you to play on your phones and tablets online for free, and you will find adventures in the Beyblade Masters of Mayhem, Beyblade Bliz and Beyblade Rip It. Tyson always wants to stay active so inside his adventures you will be able to drive motorcycles like in the Beyblade vs Pokemon Motocross or play basketball such as in Beyblade Basketball or Gingka and the Snowboard. Sports are important for the mind, but it has to be trained so you can see that ability games and learning challenges are ready as well so you can try them out: Beyblade Burst Match Quiz, Beyblade Burst Memory and Beyblade Burst Match challenges are ready and free for you to play.

These are just a few of our games for boys with the Beybladers, so we are expecting you to search for the Beyblade games category and try your favorite challenges and favorite ability rivalries that star with Tyson and his friends from the Bladebreakers.

What is a Beyblade?

Beyblade is a sport for kids and a device as well. The device spins very fast and holds a little power inside it that gives it special abilities like ninja swords, spitting fire, ice, water or even sand to defeat your enemies more easily.

Who is the best Beyblader?

Without a doubt the best

Best Beyblade Episode?

Very good question, most of the boys who had a Beyblade thought that the best movie was the Metal Fight Beyblade vs The Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader that released in 2010

Which tournament is Tyson's favorite?

Without a doubt the Japenese Tournament is his favorite, because it's the one closest to home and it's the first one he won as a professional Beyblader.

What's the name of Tyson's Beyblade crew?

One of the best Beyblade crew is the Bladebreakers, which Tyson and his friend created after a tournament in Japan.

What countries Tyson visited to become the best beyblader?

The Bladebreakers started winning tournaments home in Japan, but they traveled around the globe throuh China, USA, Germany, Italy and far away in Russia where they become the best bladers in the world.

Which was the hardest opponent that Tyson had?

The hardest opponents for Tyson are his friends Kai, Ray and Max which he made a little crew for a short time, but after that went back to their own squads in order to see which is the best.

Which is the most powerfull Bit-Beast?

Given that Tyson is the world champion, Dragoon is the best Bit-Beast.

How many bladers are in a blader group?

Most blader squads have at least four people, but we do not know that any group has more than 6 bladers.