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Beyblade Burst Candy Shooter Game

It is time for us to offer you our newest online game, a new game in which this time your friends from Beyblade Burst are waiting for you to beat your own record at Candy Shooter. Here in this new and fun online type of game, your friends will watch over every move you make while trying to get the highest score and move further in the levels of the game. The rules of the game are the same as those of the classical Bubble Shooter type of game in which you will have to take a close look at the candies that are up and the candy you have in the shooter and shoot it where there are more of it’s type in order to eliminate those and get points in exchange. You will see the game bar loading as you will shoot as many candies as possible and when the level bar is full, you will move further in the game. We are sure that you will enjoy this new game that we have to offer to you and we invite you to have great fun with your friends from the animations series Beyblade Burst, here on, the website where all the fun starts with you by our side. Enjoy!

Use the mouse to play!

You can also read the instructions that Beyblade Burst Candy Shooter are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Beyblade Burst Candy Shooter Beyblade Burst Candy Shooter

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