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What are Hello Kitty Games?

One of the most popular cat characters in the world is Hello Kitty, and she has a lot of little adventures, little days at the spa, and cute trendy makeovers in which you can take part starting from today here on our website, where you can see that we post the latest games for children.

Hello Kitty is still a very popular character among children on our website, and today the new Hello Kitty games online are ready to be played! You can see which are the best challenges for you to play with all of your friends, even on your mobile phones, if you like little kitties and love the color pink.

The entire Hello Kitty games category is going to be for girls, because the main character is a little white kitten that loves PINK, and all of her little challenges are going to be around pink clothes, pink accessories, and pink makeup for her to wear. You will have a great time playing amazing makeover games and little adventures for girls and even boys, in which you will have to help Hello Kitty defeat challenges.

Where did Hello Kitty appear first?

The little story appeared for the first time in Japan, where her name is Kitty White - a fictional character that is the alter ego of a little girl that is very curious about the world. The character was created by a Japanese company called Sanrio. The character is a gijnka, which is a specific white Japanese Bobtail cat that has a red bow but doesn’t have a mouth, which is still remaining even in this year, and all the Hello Kitty games are going to star her exactly as in 1974! Yes, the kitten character is old, but she is very successful even today, and we are sure that you will be able to find amazing new challenges and games for girls that you can play with all of your friends even on your mobile phones, computers, tablets, and laptops because the new Hello Kitty games online are going to be HTML5.

The original story sets the main character as a little 3rd-grade student, which lives near London, and you can see that she is going to not be alone! Hello Kitty has a sister called Mimi, and she is also going to appear in plenty of the games that we have here on our website. Mimi and Hello Kitty are twin sisters and their birthday is on the 1st of November 1974. Since 1974, Kitty and Mimi have had amazing adventures together in the suburbs of London, and starting from today, you can find them in this category and we are sure that they are going to be your favorite characters here on our website.

Because it was such a real success, the cartoon with Hello Kitty started to be international, so the show started to air in different other Asian countries, and shortly, the show exploded and appeared in Europe and America, which made the Hello Kitty story even more popular, starting a different franchise. Today, there are millions and millions of little Hello Kitty games, toys, clothes, merch, backpacks, and school items which are still used today since 2000 when the merchandising of your new favorite character started.

One of the first things that appeared with Hello Kitty was a little vinyl coin purse, which was very popular and was sold in all the countries that the show aired. The little character also appeared on different pages and in different commercials for random projects and items, meant to be seen by children of all ages.

Where can you play with Hello Kitty?

Your new favorite character is done creating amazing games, and that means that here on our website, inside the Hello Kitty games category, you, kids, are going to find amazing little cartoon coloring challenges, puzzles, memory games, adventure challenges with Hello Kitty as the main character, and even different special hairstyles, spa games, makeover challenges and dress-up games for girls, which you can try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

Inside the Hello Kitty online games category, you, dear kids, can see that, over the years, we have gathered plenty of exciting games that you can play wherever you are if you have a connection to the Internet. One of the best games that you can find here on our website is the new Hello Kitty Skating, in which the little cat character is going to want to start to learn how to skate, so you will have to use the ARROW keys on the keyboard and the mouse to play the game and help Hello Kitty defeat the challenge and start skating as good as possible. Also, you will start to collect as many coins and tokens as possible inside the challenge and see how far you can get inside this skating game.

Like any other girl character here on our website, Hello Kitty wants to take really good care of the way she looks, so you can see that inside the second most played game of this new category, the new Hello Kitty Care, iyou will have to use the MOUSE to play the game and see how the little cat character is going to be on a spa day. In this Hello Kitty game, you will have to help her get a full facial skin treatment, have a cool makeover, and see how much fun you can have playing with your good friends.

Hello Kitty Goes to School, Hello Kitty Coloring Book, Hello Kitty Car Race, Hello Kitty Math are just a few other popular games inside this new category, and you can see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends because in this year there are new online challenges or Hello Kitty games that you can try for free with your new favorite character.

How does Hello Kitty look?

She is a little white cat, with small wiskers and a pink boe on her head.

Where does Hello Kitty come from?

Hello Kitty first appeared in Japan!

What games with Hello Kitty are there?

Awesome games for girls with Hello Kitty are available for both phones/tablets or computers/laptops.

What does Hello Kitty love to do?

Hello Kitty loves to play dress-up.

How is Hello Kitty usually dressed?

She has a blue overall, a blouse and a boe on her head.

How old is Hello Kitty?

Now, Hello Kitty has around 40 years.

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