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What are Washing Games?

The washing games that we have for you in this new category will be clothes washing games, characters washing games, car washing and every other things that need to be washed. We are sure that you will have alot of fun playing all these new games that we have for you, new games in which you will have alot of fun playing with some of your favourite characters.

Washing games is our brand new category which is filled with some of the cutest games for girls and boys all ages! You will see that inside this new category, you dear kids can meet with some of the most popular characters that are needing assistance to stay clean. The Washing games are mostly for girls, but boys can also enjoy playing them, because dear kids you will see that the character pool for these challenges is going to be very vast, and they will also need help.

The games for girls in this category are going to be very easy to be played, because the controls are going to be the same for each game! Once you press play on one of the Washing games from this new category, you will see that you have to use the MOUSE as your main controls. With the help of the mouse, you will be able to pick up different objects and trigger actions that you want to make, like turning on the water, using the shower, sponges and even using soap on the main character of the game.

We are sure that all the girls and all the boys from our website will have a blast playing the Washing games from our website, because dear kids they are going to be gender-neutral, and that you will manage to meet with cute little characters that you will love. This category is filled with animal characters, famous people, baby characters, Disney princesses and even superheroes!

Washing animals

Even though the rules and controls of the Washing games are more or less the same, you can see that the challenges are going to be different with each and every one of the games that you start playing, because the characters you have to take care of are different, so they need special treatment. While washing animals for example, you will need to use different other tools when you start the game, so you have to adapt in order to finish the challenge successfully and finish the challenge with a clean, good-smelling, and beautiful animal.

You can see that the treatments that you will apply for animals are going to be different. You will have to use a different kind of shower, a more powerful one, because animals are going to be filled of wet mud or dried mud that’s going to be hard to clean off their fur. The animals will have different objects like leaves, branches or grass in their fur, and you will have to pick it out of their fur and only after that you can start the cleaning and washing process correctly.

With a different type of shower than for humans, the animals will also have a different type of shampoo available so that they can have silky fur, that they will smell fresh and that it’s going to be very shiny once you finish. For the kids that love animals this new Washing games category is going to be perfect, because you can meet with all kinds of animals, like unicorns, panda bears, dogs, cats, horses, ponies or even lions and tigers that you can wash and take care of.

Washing a baby

Besides the animals in this category that need special treatment, you will soon learn that there’s another type of character that is in need for yet another special treatment inside the online washing games! The games in which the main character of the washing challenge is going to be baby are going to be very interesting, because the babies might be famous cute babies like the baby Disney princesses. Baby Elsa, baby Anna, baby Ariel, baby Snow White, baby Rapunzel or baby Moana will all be present in this new Washing games category, and you will see that they are going to need your help, because they are messy and they need cleaning ASAP.

Because they are so small and fragile, you can see that in the baby washing challenges, you will have different washing products like soap or shampoo, and even different tools! The showers are going to be smaller, have less pressure for the water so that they will not hurt the baby, the sponges are going to be smaller and softer so that the baby’s skin is taken care off while taking a shower or a bath. Have fun!

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