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What are Barbie Games?

New amazing dolls are appearing, but Barbie is still the most popular among the girls. Barbie dress-up, makeup, hairstyle, and makeover challenges are ready to play on your mobile phones – through our Barbie games online. Decorate Barbie houses and keep Barbie and Ken dating!

When did Barbie start to exist?

The first time the world of Barbie started to exist and was heard for the first time was in 1959, as it was created & based on the idea of Ruth Handler, a businesswoman from America, who wanted to create a cute little doll that the girls all around the world could play with, decorate, and personalize to make it their own version, but keep being a Barbie doll.

To make sure that you girls all know in 2022 how a Barbie doll looks, we are going to present it even since 1959, and you will see that not much has changed to the default style of the doll, which makes it even more exciting. The original Barbie was blonde, had a light tan, blue eyes, pink lipstick, long legs and a wasp’s waist. Actually, this became the default of all the dolls that try to keep up with Barbie's looks and popularity along the years. The doll was popular not only for her looks, but because it was one of the first Fashion dolls that appeared in the US – in conclusion, Barbie games online are highly popular too!

The original Barbie doll became popular very quick because it not only looked beautiful for the time but because it came with a default set of fashion clothes of the time. The doll was dressed in a little pink girl suit, with a purse, a full hairstyle, makeup, and, inside the doll box, you would have been able to find a second outfit for the doll, which was unexpected, and it was the first time it happened in the doll industry. The new character became very popular amongst the girls in the US, and after that, its popularity grew outside the country's borders to the EU and even China and Africa, where all the little girls aged between 3-10 wanted a brand new Barbie doll to play with and have it as their best friend! Nowadays, they also have the option of playing numerous Barbie games!

How would your Barbie look?

It's needless to say that this new category – Barbie games online - is targeted at all the girls that are visiting our website, and today, dear kids, you will see how much fun you can have playing these games with your favorite doll! The Barbie games that you are going to find on our website are going to be available for you in different formats, but the most popular is going to be the HTML5, which means that the games you click on can be played everywhere you are, if you have an Internet connection, and on whatever device you choose. HTML5 supports devices from tablets, mobile phones of all kinds, laptops, or computers running on different operating systems, so we are waiting for you to try the challenges that the main character of this category is going to set for you.

Because it's a girly category and because we are talking about Barbie games, you will see that this category is going to be filled with pink features. From the backgrounds of the games to the environment of the scenes the game is taking place, you will see that pink is going to be a must, because it's Barbie's favorite color, and even if you are doing a complete makeover, she is going to love you even more if you keep a little spark of her favorite color pallet.

It's needless to say that Barbie wants to stay on top of the fashion trends, so most of the games inside this new category are going to be dress-up challenges, make-up challenges, hairstyle tutorials, and decoration processes, in which you will learn even more about Barbie's taste and her love for pink, sparkly things fashion overall. The dress-up Barbie online games are going to also be related to most of the Dress Up games categories that we already have presented to you guys, and we are sure that once we start playing together with Barbie and the other dolls inside the category, we are going to be able to pull off a hell of a fashion show at the end of each challenge.

The rules of these types of games are going to be very easy. The user manual is also simple, so you can play either by using your mouse on your computers or laptops, and with each click, you can trigger a different action, or just use your fingers to tap on the screen, which will have the same effect. You will have a great time playing these new challenges inside the Barbie games because the clothes are going to be different in each game, the style will change, and the trends are also based on the season and the year.

Keep up with modern Barbie!

The makeup industry, not only the fashion one, is very important to all girls on our website, and Barbie is one of the most important characters that try to teach little teenagers to dress well, have a good fashion sense, and start to even have their own fashion styles, which will make them more popular, modern and trendy in their social groups. You will see that the makeup scene is starting to become a thing, and so the Barbie games with makeup/makeover games are also very popular through our games, and so, by using the MOUSE, you will be able to start and pick up the best makeup for Barbie’s outfits.

The makeup is going to be very complex because you will have to put on foundation, which has different shades which you will have to match perfectly with Barbie’s skin tone. Once you put the foundation on, you will have to add the mascara, which is the makeup on the eyes, also called eyeliner, which is mostly black, but fashion trends in 2022 will show us a lot of surprises, and for excentric makeup, you will see that different variety of colors can be used inside the Barbie games.

Lipstick, Shadowline, powders, and other types of makeup will also be available in each of the fashion games that Barbie will prepare for you, and we are sure that you will have a great time creating daytime makeup, night makeup which will have different colors and styles, and cocktail makeup, which will be filled with colors and glitters and will be one of Barbie’s favorites.

The home girl Barbie

You will see throughout the Barbie online games category, that your favorite doll is not just a fashion trendsetter, but she also can be a good housekeeper. Most of the time, the Barbie doll has accessories like houses, so our games will not be any different, and plenty of our challenges will be with your Barbie character and the action will take place inside a house, where you will have to do different types of chores.

There are going to be a lot of cooking games inside this new category, and you will see that the 2022 cooking challenges will make you and Barbie some of the best cooks on our website. You can become real executive chefs with Barbie, but for that, you will have to work hard and learn the recipes and the cooking styles, which will get you one step closer to cooking inside the best restaurants, boats, and hotels for all of your friends, and for all the other Barbie dolls. Inside the cooking games, you and Barbie will have to be very quick, because inside a kitchen, there is no room for snails, so you have to be fast so that you can get your food out hot for your customers.

Each cooking challenge will have different recipes, different styles, and a lot of excellent ingredients. Pizza, burgers, lasagna, pancakes, cakes, pasta, cookies, salads, steaks, and soups will all be on the menu inside the Barbie games cooking challenges, and Barbie can start by being a sous chef, and peel, clean, and cook the ingredients, while ending up being a Michelin star chef, who runs the kitchen with an iron fist.

Besides cooking in restaurants or in her home, Barbie also loves to have a clean house, so there are going to be a lot of exciting cleaning games, in which Barbie will start by having a dirty and messy house. The next step for you girls will be to start looking inside each and every one of the rooms of the house and start by picking up the messy items like dirty laundry, trash, and spider webs, and after that start to actually clean the house. These tasks are not going to be easy at all, because you will see that there are going to be a lot of items that you will have to pick up by clicking them or dragging and dropping them inside a basket or trashcan.

Once you figure out the rules of the cleaning games, you will have a great time and start to see how you can do the same chores in your house, and start helping your mom and dad, the same as you did with Barbie. When Barbie is going to have a clean house in all the cleaning games, you will manage to find all the Decoration challenges that fashion Barbie started for all the little designer girls on our website. In the Decoration Barbie games, which even have a separate category, the characters will need your help to fully change the styles of their home. Finding new furniture, changing the furniture’s style, changing the layout of the house, changing the colors inside the house, and many more are going to be a few of the designer challenges that you and Barbie will have to tackle together.

These are a few of the types of games that you and your favorite doll character can play here on our website, but Barbie also has adventures in which you can go together! Dreamtopia is one of these adventures, and it’s a new series in which you and Barbie can go inside a magical world, with unicorns, dragons, ponies, and little furry pink animals, where she is going to want to explore, run through the woods, and finish special puzzles, card games, and start to have the highest points in the game to unlock special features to each and every one of the games. Have fun!

Does Barbie have a boyfriend?

Yes, Barbie's boyfriend and husband in some games is Ken.

When was Barbie created?

The first Barbie doll appeared on the market in 1959.

What is Barbie's real name?

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Did Barbie and Ken broke up?

Yes, officially the couple broke up in 2004.

Does Barbie have a birthday?

Yes, on March 9.

What's Barbie's favorite color?

Barbie loves pink.

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