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This time the new category that we have decided to offer is a category dedicated to girls, a beautiful new category in which you are invited to join us and have fun.

What are the best Barbie Games in 2021?

  1. Barbie Diamond Castle Rocks ( 31402)
  2. Super Barbie Gymnastics ( 30725)
  3. Barbie and Elsa Casual Fashion ( 23655)
  4. Barbies Sexy Bikini Beach ( 11618)
  5. Super Barbie Foot Injured ( 11383)
  6. Barbie Video Mixer ( 10100)
  7. Fynsy Save Cupid ( 9867)
  8. Barbie Dreamtopia ( 9465)
  9. Barbie Princess Power ( 9443)
  10. Barbie Spy Squad ( 8269)

What are the best mobile Barbie Games?

  1. Barbies Sexy Bikini Beach ( 11618)
  2. Barbie Dreamtopia ( 9465)
  3. Barbie Great Puppy Treasure Hunt ( 7916)
  4. Barbie Starlight Adventure ( 7561)
  5. Barbie Superstar Beats ( 6335)
  6. Barbie My Style Book ( 5902)
  7. Barbie Dolphin Magic ( 4818)
  8. Barbie Fashion Hair Salon ( 4556)
  9. Wispy Forest Spot the Difference ( 4443)
  10. Barbie Equestria Girls Fan ( 4379)
Are you ready for another new category for today? As we promised we try to offer you as manny games as we can, but in order to do that we need to create these new categorie with types of games, or dedicated to characters, where we put the games that we have for you. We try to increase our family of categories everytime we have the chance and we know that you like to play as many games and all of them with your favourite characters, so that is why we try to offer you new categories every time we have the chance. This time the new category that we have decided to offer is a category dedicated to girls, a beautiful new category in whihc you are invited to join us and have fun. It is impossible for us to have this website witout a category of games with Barbie, the most loves doll from the entire wolrd, and one of the best friends of every little girl. We have decided that now is finally the right moment to offer you a new category with Barbie and we invite you to join us and play all the games that it has to offer. What do you say? In this new category we have proposed to offer to youall the existing and beautiful barbie games and games with her friends in which you can have alot of fun. Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. Barbie has been a computer-animated virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films. We all know that Barbie is best as a heroine of several princess or fairy-themed stories, as we know alot of them have appeared. Not only the dolls and the movies made her famous. We encounter Barbie in many other things, like jewelry, clothing objects, cosmetics, perfumes and so on. As we already told you, she is the most loves doll and that is why we want you to have her in games that we offer on our website. Since she was created, Barbie has been portrayed with many different careers. Different dolls are sold with sets of clothes and accessories that fit the career being portrayed. For example, the Lifeguard Barbie play set includes a Barbie, an outfit with shoes, a lifeguard chair, a dolphin, and a life preserver, while the Spanish Teacher Barbie includes a Barbie, an outfit with shoes flash cards, a Spanish quiz, an easel, a notebook, a key chain, and a hairbrush. Each career is created to give children the option of exploring new careers and help them learn new things. In this new beauitful category you will have games with Barbie having different careers, even getting married, or becoming a mother and we inivte you to explore this new and beautiful category and have fun with Barbie, here on!