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We are pretty sure this Barbie Extra Mazes is not going to be the firdt gsme you play with Barbie, after all she is one of the most popular girls, characters you get to play with here on our site,, and we are pretty sure that the majority of you have Barbie dolls in real life too because Barbie nd all of her friends are really popular toys and that is why we hope you will never miss a chance to play a fun Barbie game.

This Barbie Extra Mazes is definitely going to be a special one, a more interesting one because, as we all know, Barbie is a really big fan of fashion and that is why, of course, many of the games in which you get to play with Barbie are going to be fashion games, life dress up or makeover challenges for you.

But this Barbie Extra Mazes is a new game with Barbie in which you are not just playing with her, you are playing with all of her friends, and you need to help them solve a maze in all the levels you are going to play, which sounds like a lot of fun. So we hope you are going to be curious about this new maze challenge, in each level you are going to encounter a new type of maze, and you are going to play with a different Barbie doll, but her friends are always going to wait for her at the finish line.

You also need to pay attention to all of the extra points you can collect because those will give you 1 to 3 stars in each level, so you would know if you have done a good job. Good luck!

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