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Welcome dear kids to this new amazing game with an incredible monster! That is why the game is also called " Incredible Monster". It is an amazing fighting game with monsters in it and also, it will be in 3D, so a very great quality monster fighting game is waiting for you here! If you are ready, start right now and have fun or follow along for more!

So, first things first, when you open the game, you'll see a few different options. There's story mode, classic mode, and versus mode. Think of it like choosing your own adventure, each mode offers a different kind of challenge. Let's say you pick story mode. This is where the real action begins. You'll find yourself facing wave after wave of enemies. 

They could be humans, they could be other monsters, you name it. Your job is to take them down, one by one, and show 'em who's boss! Now, to control your monster, you'll use the keys on your keyboard. The A and D keys make you move left and right. Pretty easy, right? Then there's the U key for punching, the K key for kicking, and the H key to use your shield. 

And if you need to jump over something, just hit the spacebar. As you defeat enemies, you'll earn points. And here's where it gets really exciting, with those points, you can unlock even more powerful monsters to play as! Imagine being the biggest, baddest monster on the block, that could be you!

And don't worry if you get knocked down a few times. That's all part of the fun! Just get back up, dust yourself off, and get back into the action. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to unleash your inner monster and conquer the streets! Let's show those enemies what we're made of!

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How to play

Use A, D, U, K, H, and space.