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What are Sofia the First Games?

The Sofia the First games will be ready with adventures, dress up challenges, makeovers and even spa treatments for Sofia and Amber her Disney cousin. Help Clover and Sofia the First to solve all the Sofia the First Puzzles, Sofia the First Injured and girly challenges in the Disney magical world.

One of the most popular Disney princesses in the whole world is little Sofia the First, which starting from today is starting to bring new amazing girly games for pre schoolers or teenager, and you can see that our entire games cateogry will be filled with dress up games, makeover challenges, hair salons, spa salons and shopping beautiques where Sofia the First or any other Disney princess for that matter would like to start shooping and filling their cute little trendy wardrobes with the latest outfits and make up.

Once Upon a Disney Princess

Even though it started airing a long time ago in the year 2012, almos eight years ago, princess Sofia the First is still very popular and you can see her face on party cups, party plates and birthday party cones, because all the little girls that still watch all of the Disney Channel stories follows her and sees her as a role model. Sofia is a very popular baby girl amoung all the other Disney princesses, and if you watch the series, you already know that she has visits from all the major princesses that Disney created over the years, and they will have a lot of fun adventures and every scary ones in which they will obviously need your help to get out from without a scratch and still looking cute as ever.

For you to grasp entirely the importance of the Sofia the First series, you can see bellow her entire story, her family, her friends and even her hobbies while she is growing up from a baby princess, into a full on queen over the Disney magic world that she already lives in. The story of this category starts with Sofia the First, the main character, which is present in all the actions, all the dangers, the adventures and the girly challenges that you can find inside the Sofia the First games category starting from today on. Sofia is an only child, and she lived a normal life with her mother called Miranda in the kingdom of Enchancia. The Kingdom was ruled by King Roland the second, which falled in love with her mother Miranda. Sofia and Miranda moved inside the Enchanchia's kingdom palace once Miranda and Roland got married, and so the story of "princess" Sofia the First begins.

Because Sofia hasn't been borned as a princess inside the castle, she didn't know all the protocols, she isn't as classy or as towned down as people would think, and that will only end up in Sofia having adventures, action games and different free challenges that you will see inside Enchcancia with all of her new friends from the kingdom that she will one day rule. King Roland has a boy called James, which is very kind and pleasent with Sofia once she moved to the palace, but she also will have an older step-sister called Amber, which will not like Sofia that much, because she is just a cute little baby that is addored by everybody, and until she cam, Amber was the only girl princess at the palace, and she was in the center of attention.

The story of Sofia the First relies in primary over a magic amulet that Sofia received as a gift, and even though she is just a baby girl, she already know what the magic amulet is capable of, and she is trying to keep it safe. Sofia's amulet is always by her side, because Cedric, an evil sorcerer will always try to cheat Sofia out of her magical item, that you can see that will give whomever has it the power to spawn any of the other Disney princesses into their relm in order to help, save or just advise on different Disney matters. Cedric is gonna be called the villain of this new Disney tale, and you will see that Sofia will need a lot of help inside different games in order to keep Cedric away from her magic amulet.

If you already think that the Sofia the First story was amazing, wait until you see which other powers her magical amulet has, and how much fun Sofia is having inside the Enchancia kingdom. We have told you guys that Sofia is not a very scared Disney princess, and you can see that she will have an interesting friends that keeps her over all the difficulties that she will encounter in the adventure games, in the action games and even the platformer games in which you will have to help Sofia keep Cedric away from her magic amulet. Because she kept the amulet safe for a long time, it has give Sofia the First a very interesting blessing and magic power, which is that she can talk to animals.

Once she discovered the ability of speaking and listening to all the animals in her magic kingdom of Enchancia, Sofia has made a best friend, which you can see that is gonna be a little white and gray rabbit called Clover. He will be by Sofia's side at each step she makes, and will be able to help you in all of your games in order to win and gain points.

Meet with Sofia's friends, pets and enemies !

We are very happy to see that you have made it so far in our Sofia the First games category, and you can see that starting from today, you will have full access at games and challenges for girls with Sofia and all of her Disney princess friends! Sofia has an amazing power through her magic amulet, and that is to spawn other Disney characters from other stories once she is in difficulty or just needs the thrill of meeting her favorite Disney princess or idol.

Maybe one of the most popular episod from the Sofia the First series is the "Once Upon a Princess" which is the very first episode with your new princess friend, and she has a very special story inside this episode, because she did a messy cleaning challenge, and once she saw how much damage she did during the episode, she though that the only girl friend that could help her is nobody other than Disney princess, Cinderella. If you want to look at the episode, try out our games in which Sofia the First is Cleaning the house, is room cleaning, bathroom cleaning or kitchen cleaning, and you might even see Cinderella in a corner helping Sofia out.

Another famous episode with Sofia the first and one of her princess friends is "The 3 Good Fairies" in which the fairies that were Sleeping Beauty's godmothers where by Sofia's side in order to get pass her difficulties. Aurora is going to send her regards through the three fairies, which will be Sofia's teachers in school, and you will find their teaching abilities in all of the learning games and education games in which Sofia the First will try to pop and spell, learn to read and even do math equasions.

One of the longest episode in the Sofia the First series is the "Floating Palace" episode, in which you can see that Sofia will fight in a new adventure against Cedric, the evil wizzard that tries episode after episode to steal her magic amulet, but in the Floating Palace episode, you can see that Sofia will have the help of Ariel, the Little Mermaid, who brought Cedric under the water in the underwater city, where his powers were limited and Sofia got away once again.

Rapunzel or Elena of Avalor are other Disney princesses that will be present in the most famous Sofia the First adventures, and you can see that all of the girls will be ready to fight, to box or even to cook or clean aside Sofia, because all the Disney characters are friends with each other, and when somebody is in trouble, they are by their side no matter what. The latest episodes of Sofia the First are the " Curse of Princess Ivy" and you will be able to find Sofia and Clover in the Elena and the Secret of Avalor movie appeared on September 8, 2018.

Clover is Sofia's little helper, and you can see that once the baby Disney princess got the ability to talk with animals, Clover was one of the first animals that she understood and got to be friends with, and starting that day, they are always together. Clover is much older so he is teaching Sofia a lot of things about life.

The main villain of the Sofia the First games category is nobody else than Cedric. He is living at the palace as a doctor that keeps tabs on all the sick people in Enchancia, but he is secretly a wicked wizzard that only wants to destroy the Disney worlds with all the Disney princesses, and so she is looking for the proper tools to get to the magic Disney worlds, and Sofia's magic amulet is one of the items that he desperatly needs. You and Sofia will have to fight against Cedric every day to keep the Disney magic alive for generations and generations.

Sofia has adventures, favorite outfits and furry friends!

Starting from the very beginning, and stating the obvious, Sofia the First is just a baby girl that is in the verge of becoming a teenage girl, and so she is going to need help from other girls to find out which fashion outfits are in trend these days, so you can find on our website a lot of dress up games, makeover games, and even decoration games for girls in which you and Sofia can come up with new outfits and even create new fashion trends for all the other Disney princesses to wear.

"A few of these fashion challenges can be found if you search for Sofia Friends WInter Party, Sofia Shopping, Sofia Halloween Face Art or Sofia vs Amber Fashion contest"

Do not forget that Sofia's days start with looking at he magic amulet, and Cedric, her enemy villain in the Disney story will be one step behind and try to catch the amulet and see how he can destroy princesses and their stories, so you can see how fun adventures can turn bad in a second, and that Sofia the First often get injured, and has to be rushed to the hospital or to the doctor's office, where you will have to play doctor again, dress the doctor's coat and see which is the problem exactly with your favorite Disney princess.

"A few of these doctor and dentist challenges can be found if you search for Cure Sofia Mouth, Sofia Foot Furgery, Sofia the first Eye Doctor, Sofia the First Ear Doctor, Sofia the First Food doctor or Hand Emergency"

Remember how we told you about the magic amulet ?! Let's not forget that Sofia has the ability to talk to animals, so she is going to be with Clover, her rabbit best friend in all of her adventures and games from our website, which you can see that can be inside puzzle games, coloring games, animal doctor games, funny dress up games and even in spa games.

"A few of these games with Clover can be found if you search for Disney Junior Puzzles, Sofia Weekend Happy Day, Sofia Easter Preparations, Sofia the First Sliding Puzzle, Sofia Palace Pet or the Sofia the First Injured."

Also due to the magic amulet, Sofia the First has met all of the DIsney princesses here on our website, and you can see that they often are together in the spa games, dress up games, makeover games and fashion challenges in which each character will want to look different or look like another Disney princess.

"A few of these girly games with Sofia and the Disney princesses can be found if you search for Princess Elsa Teacher Day, Sofia Western Food Restaurant, Princess Sofia Beauty Clinic, Princesses Coloring Book, or the Elena Disney Quiz."

What's Sofia's favorite color ?

Sofia loves pink and purple, which you can see from her day by day dresses that she wears as a Disney princess.

Which Disney princess did Sofia brought to her world?

Almost all Disney princesses can be found in at least one Sofia the First episode, but the most popular are Ariel the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled, Cinderella and Aurora.

Did Sofia the First went to any of the other princesses stories?

Yes, Sofia the First and Clover appeared in the Elena and the Secret of Avalor movie made by Disney, in which Elena of Avalor was the main character.

Which is the best Sofia the First episode?

One of the most viewed episode of Sofia the First is called

What are the most popular games with Sofia the First?

Without a doubt, you can find at least one dress up and caring game with animals in which Sofia the First is the main character.

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