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What are Snow White Games?

Snow White is a Disney princess who has a hard story! She is not loved by her stepmother, the Queen! Almost killed by a huntsman, Snow White is cast to live in the middle of the woods with seven Dwarfs that she starts to love and think of as her family. Poisoned by the Queen, Snow White is kissed by her prince and saved from eternal sleep.

A new cute series is appearing! The Snow White games are ready to appear here on our website. You will see that this is going to be a new Disney story that transpired into cute little games for girls, which you can try for free online. The Snow White games that you can find on our website are free to play online for girls, and you will meet with a lot of new characters. The original name of this Disney story was called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but now it's very well known as simple Snow White.

The first time a kid heard about Snow White games and the story of course was in 1937, when an animated musical fantasy film was produced. Of course, the folklore stories of Snow White were already going from mouth to mouth in each and every one of the houses where there was a kid in the house, especially if there was a baby girl. The Snow White musical was also created based on a book of famous author! The Grimm Brothers wrote the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story in 1812 in Germany. As a matter of fact, the Snow White movie was the very first that Disney studios created that had a Disney princess as the main character.

The original Snow White games from our website will all be Disney related! They will present for you guys the story of Snow White through the games. You can play cute little girly challenges, in which the Disney princess is going to meet with the seven dwarfs, get out of dangerous situations inside the middle of the woods, and even clean the house. The cleaning and washing games for girls will also be present in our Snow White games series, so you can play for free. The Snow White games are free to play online, and you can try them all on your phone, mobile phones, tablets and even computers and laptops.

For the children all around the world to have a better experience of playing our Snow White games, you dear kids have to learn the entire story. See which is the plot, which are the little details of the story that might help you to finish the Snow White adventure games that are going to wait for you. There are not going to be only girly Snow White games in this new category, and you will see how many ability challenges like puzzles, hidden objects, coloring or educational games for kids all ages are going to be available, and all you have to do is to access - Snow White games - here on our website.

Is it Snow or is it White

The story in which all the Snow White games are based starts with a cute little girl that lives with his parents, which are the King and Queen of the kingdom. Sadly, Snow White's mother dies when she is young. The King finds himself a new Queen, and soon after he also dies, which leaves Snow White living with his stepmother all alone, which is not the new Queen of the kingdom. The Queen does not love Snow White as much as a mother should, mainly because she is afraid of Snow White's beauty, and thinks that one day, the people will want the princess to take over the throne instead. Due to this fear, Snow White is forced by the Queen to work as an ordinary maid.

The Queen knows a little bit of magic and also has a witch in the kingdom that helps her out. The Queen has a magic mirror, which she aks daily who is the most beautiful in the realm by the following words: Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all", which is going to answer back that the Queen is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom in order to please her, and keep her happy.

One day, when the Queen went in her secret chambers and asked the mirror the same question she did for years, the mirror changes the answer, and it will reply that Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the country, which infuriates the Queen. The fact is that in the same day, Snow White meets with the prince that will become the King of the realm with her. Being very angry about the mirror's answer, the Queen orders a huntsman in the kingdom to kill the princess, but he cannot find it in his heart to finish the mission. The huntsman warns Snow White, and she runs in the woods, he is going to bring back to the queen animal parts to show that he killed the princess.

Snow White is so pure in heart that she easily became friends with the animals in the woods, which are guiding her to a small cottage in the woods, where they think she is going to be protected and safe. Inside the cottage, she is going to find seven small chairs, seven small beds, seven glasses, seven plates and seven coats. She things that the cottage is of seven small children, and because she worked as a maid at the palace, she starts to clean the place up and even cooks some food for when the "children" return. The first surprise is when seven dwarfs walk in the door, and their names are Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.

Knowing that Snow White is not longer a problem in her life, the Queen waits a day until she gets back to the mirror. Once she asked the question, the mirror did not change it's answer, and Snow White is still the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, and it even tells the Queen where she is living. The Queen prepares a little surprise for Snow White. A poisoned apple. If Snow White bites the apple, she is going to fall into a very deep sleep, from which she cannot be awakened only by a pure love's first kiss, which she doesn't know that it can exist, and is very positive that Snow White is going to be buried this way.

First kiss saves the day

After she was tricked by the Queen who appeared at the cottage as an old woman, Snow White bites from the poisoned apple, and she falls into a very deep sleep, and it looks like she will never come out of it. The dwarfs waited a few days for the princess to snap out of it, but it doesn't look like she will ever wake up, and they even arranged for the princess to be buried. The prince manages to find Snow White, and in an act of pure love, he kisses her future princess and she wakes up!

Snow White and the prince are going to get married, live in the small cottage with the dwarfs, but they are going to also be King and Queen of the kingdom, the evil with being taken off the throne, and they will live happily ever after. This is the entire story of the Snow White games, which you can play through each and every one of the girly games and challenges.

Are you curious which are the Snow White games available for you guys to play online for free?! You will see that inside the Snow White games, there are more than 500 games for kids that you can play with! Being a Disney princess, Snow White is friends with all the other Disney princesses, Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Merida, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Merida, which will all appear in plenty of games with Snow White. These games are all going to be cute little dress-up games in which Snow White and her friends will want to change their outfits based on special events that they are going to. Snow White makeover games are also going to be very trendy in this new category, and you will see that a full makeover is needed for the Disney princess, so you have to look for a new makeup style, new hairstyles, new clothes and even new accessories that she can wear and which will all make Snow White look like a different person.

The girls on our website can also play different other types of challenges! Snow White cooking games are also going to be very popular, and you can see that the Disney princess is going to prepare for you guys special cooking challenges, in which the girls on our website can learn how to cook pizza, to cook hamburgers and desserts! Cooking cupcakes, cakes, pies and donuts was never easier, and you can see that Snow White has even prepared for you guys all the recipes and all the ingredients you are going to need to use through our cooking games. Have fun!

Is Snow White a princess?

Yes, her parents ruled the kingdom as King and Queen.

Who raised Snow White?

Snow White was raised by her stopmother, the Queen.

Is Snow White an ordinary princess?

No, she had a hard life, and worked as a maid at the castle, and the Queen tried to kill her.

Is the Queen a witch?

Yes, she lives under a spell that makes her look young forever.

Where did Snow White dissapear?

She went in the middle of the woods at the dwarfs' cottage.

Is Snow White the first Disney movie?

Yes, Disney Studios made Snow White as their first Disney princess movie.

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