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What are Rapunzel Games?

Rapunzel is one of the original Disney stories! A cute girl with long golden hair is trapped in a tower, and a prince is set in his mind to save her. Rapunzel and the prince are in love, and they manage to have kids and live a happy life, but first they have to go through plenty of adventures and challenges.

The tale of Rapunzel is back! The cute Disney princess is bringing for you guys today a brand new series of Rapunzel games for children that you can play for free with all of your friends. All of the Rapunzel games from our website will be for girls, and they will be amazing to play with, and some are going to be for 2 players!

Not many people know that the original Rapunzel story was originally in Germany, and was created by the famous Grimm Brothers. The first Rapunzel story was part of the Children's and Household Tales in 1812! After that, in the years, the Rapunzel tale was more and more popular around the world, and Walt Disney started to create a brand new movie and Disney series based on the Grimm Brothers' original story. Rapunzel is one of the most popular Disney princesses, because she is one of the original stories with which Disney started, and her story is loved by all the children that watched it, listened to it or read it.

The main character of the Rapunzel games of course is going to be princess Rapunzel! She is going to be very easily recognized because she has beautiful long blonde hair which is so long that she has to always keep in braids in order for it to not touch the ground and get dragged all the time. Rapunzel is popular also because she is very brave and she will be also the hero of her story once you get to listen to it better. There's a new version of the Rapunzel story and it's also created by Disney Studios. This story is called "Tangled" and it appeared on Disney Channel. It's a new Disney series, based on the original story and it shows your favorite Disney princess even braver than before.

Because it's a Disney story with princesses, our Rapunzel games will be mostly for girls! You will see that we are going to try to prepare for you girls some of the cutest and most beautiful girly challenges that you can play for free. Rapunzel dress-up games, Rapunzel makeover challenges, Rapunzel hairstyle games, and even Rapunzel days at the spa challenges will all be available for you girls to play for free. Each and every one of the Disney Rapunzel games for girls that we have prepared for you is free to play online, and you dear kids will have to make sure that you can try them even on your mobile phones, tablets, and computers or laptops.

Hair and Towers

The story starts with a young couple that would do anything to have a child. They live near a big kingdom, and they think that it's one of the reasons that they cannot have a child, so they live near a high-walled tower, which was kept by a witch. This tower was charmed so that it cannot be found easily by anyone that did not know about it, so it was covered in leaves and was surrounded by trees, bushes, flowers, and overall a full-on garden. The wife finally gets pregnant, and during her pregnancy, she was craving Rapunzel, which is one of the salads that was growing near the tower, and because she loved the taste so much, she decided to call her daughter the same name.

Because she loved the salad so much, she decided to eat nothing else than the salad, which will make her ill. The husband fears for his wife's well-being but decided to keep feeding and getting rapunzel for his wife. The salad was growing on the side of the witch, and he was caught stealing, and for him and his wife to remain alive, they make a pact with the witch. They can continue eating the rapunzel flower as much as they want through the pregnancy, but after that, their daughter has to be given to the witch, which they agreed to.

This is how Rapunzel ended up living in the enchanted tower with the witch as her mother. Rapunzel grows up to become a beautiful teenage girl with long golden hair, but when she turned 12-years-old, the witch closed her in the tower without any way to get out. The witch often visits Rapunzel, but the only way that she can get up is by singing to Rapunzel for her to let her hair down the window, and the witch uses it as a rope and climbs up the window.

The tower in which Rapunzel is living was spotted one day by a prince that was riding his horse through the woods, and he decided to look into the tower. Rapunzel was singing inside the tower, and he hears her beautiful voice. The prince cannot climb the walls of the tower and neither can get inside by a door because it doesn't exist. Days go by and the prince is returning to the tower to hear Rapunzel sing. On one of these days, the prince saw the trick that the witch uses to get up the tower.

The prince and Rapunzel manage to see each other after a lot of days of just listening to Rapunzel's voice, and they both fall in love. The prince wants to marry her, and Rapunzel accepts because she also loves the prince very much. They plan for Rapunzel's escape! The only way that they can escape is through the window, and the prince started to visit the Disney princess only at night so that they are not caught by the witch which is coming only during the day. With each visit, the prince is bringing with him a piece of cloth from the palace which Rapunzel is sowing to each other, and so creating a big and long piece of cloth that she can use exactly how the prince and the witch are using her hair, as a ladder to climb down the tower.

Save the princess

Their plan seemed to be flawless, but, the witch figured it out. The night of the escape, when the prince got to the tower and called Rapunzel to let her hair down, once he gets up the tower, he was waited by the witch and Rapunzel is nowhere to be found. The witch tells him that he will never see her again. The prince has an accident, and he falls from the tower, scratches his eyes in the bush that he falls into, and that will make him go blind.

The prince never stopped looking for Rapunzel, even though he is blind. Years went by since he last saw Rapunzel. There's a big surprise waiting for you guys, because the two characters managed to spend a night together, and Rapunzel has a beautiful pair of twins with the prince. After years of search, the prince manages to get into a small piece of the woods, in which Rapunzel and the twins are now living, he was again guided by Rapunzel's voice. The tears of love got the prince's sight back, as he started crying when he hugged Rapunzel after all these years and never stopped loving her.

This is the original Rapunzel games story, which you will see in each and every one of the girly challenges that you are going to start playing right here on our website. Are you ready to help the prince rescue Rapunzel from the tower? You will be able to do so through each and every one of the Rapunzel puzzle games, in which you have to sort through special puzzle pictures in order to unlock the secret doors of the tower and rescue Rapunzel! The Rapunzel games on our website will have plenty of interesting secrets that you can uncover, and we are sure that you will be able to have a great time playing with all of your friends in our free online Rapunzel games!

Is Rapunzel a Disney story?

Rapunzel is now a Disney princess, but was originally created by the Grimm Brothers.

Is Rapunzel in love?

Yes, Rapunzel loves the prince that saved her.

Is there a new Rapunzel movie?

Yes, Disney and Pixar created a new Rapunzel movie.

Where does Rapunzel live?

Rapunzel is trapped in a tower since the age of 12.

Is Rapunzel rescued?

Yes, Rapunzel is saved from the tower by a prince.

Do Rapunzel and the prince have kids?

Yes, they have a beautiful pair of twins.

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