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It is definitely not a surprise that all the girls, boys, fairies, even animals in fashion games who are here on our site, they all love fashion and they are always very friendly and just can't wait to play with you because they know you can make them look amazing and this Fashionista Watercolor Fantasy Dress is definitely one of those games in which the characters are ready to play with you. 

This Fashionista Watercolor Fantasy Dress, as you can see, it is clearly a challenge in which you can use your imagination and creativity and we are ready to tell you all about the characters you get to play with and have fun with. So Ariel the Little Mermaid, who is cute, friendly, and always ready to play with you are here on this site and in this game together with Rapunzel, curious and always ready for a new adventure and their very good friend, who is in fact not a Disney princess, Harley Quinn. 

Harley Quinn is one of the DC Super Hero Girls and one of the members of the Suicide Squad and even though she seems very different, she is actually very good friends with the modern-day girls, Ariel and Rapunzel. 

Today the three of them want new and fun fantasy dresses, and when you are playing a dress up and makeover girl game like this one, it is very important to pay attention to the style which the characters are looking after, and in this case, the most popular trend is the watercolor dresses. 

If this Fashionista Watercolor Fantasy Dress doesn't seem like anything to you, it doesn't matter because once you start dressing up the characters, you will see that all of them have their own wardrobes, their own styles, and fashion senses and you can find something perfect for each of them. Good luck!

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