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What are Cinderella Games?

Cinderella is a very popular Disney princess, and she is bringing with her Disney girlfriends and even Barbie a lot of makeover games, beauty challenges, and even spa games. The puzzles, coloring pages, and memory challenges have never been easier to finish.

Some of the most popular characters in the history of Disney are arriving today here on our website! The Cinderella games online category is the latest one that we are posting, and you will see that starting from today on, you will manage to find some of the cutest and the most exciting new games with your favorite Disney princess. Cinderella is one of the original Disney characters, and she is very popular because of that. Even though you might already know her entire story, we are ready to bring a new spin to it, and you will see that the new and fresh Cinderella games for girls are also going to be ready for you to try, and you will be able to play them for free even on your mobile phones and tablets, not only on your computers or laptops.

You, dear kids, can see that here on our website, all the Disney princesses are very popular, and Cinderella will not be an exception. The story of the cute blonde princess starts even before she is going to be born, and you will learn which are the tales behind the Cinderella games & story. At the beginning of the story, you have to learn that hard work will get you everywhere you want to go, and all you have to do is just keep your own path and don't think about anything or anyone who is rude or impolite. Cinderella did not have an easy life, but in the end, she manages to become a real Disney princess based on the story, the cartoons, and all the movies that followed her folk tale.

The main character of this story is going to be obviously Cinderella, a young girl who is an only child, and who had a loving family, but her mom died at an early age, and when it was only her and her father, everything was OK, until one day, when her father decided that he should get re-married. That was one of the first things in the story that changed Cinderella's life, and sadly it's not for the better. You will see that her father married a woman who has two other girls from a previous marriage, and they all become a big family. The bad news keeps coming for Cinderella, because her father had an accident which he didn't survive, and she was left alone in the world with her stepmom and her two new sisters, who didn't like Cinderella very much and were always rude to her, and one day after another, Cinderella managed to somehow become their slave, because she is doing everything in the house.

Even though she has a hard life with her stepmom and step-siblings, Cinderella tries to stay happy, and you will see that she is going to even have a special ability that we know that you are going to love – in the story, as well as in Cinderella games. Cinderella is one of the few characters from Disney who can talk with animals, and you will see that they are going to talk all day long while Cinderella cleans the house, wipe the dishes, wipes the floors and even dusts the spider webs. Cinderella is going to sing all day with her animal friends, like the mice from the house, and will clean, cook food, and serve tea for her sisters and stepmom, but she is sad inside because she lost her entire true family. Everything is going to change one night when the prince of the kingdom announced that he is going to hold a dancing ball, where she is going to want to meet his future princess.

Cinderella and the prince

It's time for Cinderella's life to change again, and everything is going to go her way, once the prince announced the ball! You will see that her sisters and stepmom have a plan to go to the ball, and lure the prince into loving one of them, get married and start a new life as a princess at the castle. Cinderella knows about the ball, but she is not invited by her sister or mom, but she got a surprise visit, by her fairy-godmother, which is going to change her life. You will see that the fairy is going to change the way that Cinderella looks, she will get her 100% ready for the ball, and even will prepare a way for Cinderella to get to the palace. Even though she helped Cinderella so much, there's one condition for this agreement, and that is that she will return to her home before the clock hits midnight, or else, her carriage, the means of transportation in the story and in Cinderella games online, is going to turn into a pumpkin, and the horses that pull the carriage will turn into small mice.

Cinderella is a totally changed woman for a night, and even though day after day, she is dressed in rags, with a thorn dress, and without shoes, you will see that the fairy manages to do a full magical makeover in a couple of seconds. You will see that she manages to create a beautiful blue dress with white decorations for Cinderella, a cute and vintage hairstyle, and a beautiful diorama to put on her head like a princess, and you will see that the main attraction of the outfit is going to be her high heels, which also appear in Cinderella games. You can see that the shoes that Cinderella is going to wear are going to be made out of glass. They will be one of the main things that are important in the story, and you will see that once Cinderella gets to the ball, everybody noticed her and her glass shoes, which are unique in the kingdom.

It's very important that you remember that Cinderella has to return at 12 before the magic goes away. You will see that from the moment she got to the ball, Cinderella is recognized by her mom and her sisters who are very jealous of Cinderella's beauty because they told her specifically to not come to the ball and meet the prince so that they will have a better chance. Even the prince noticed Cinderella, and you will learn that they started dancing all night long, and everybody at the ball just stayed there and watched them fall in love, but because the Disney character isn't very lucky, the clock is almost 12 when she figured out that the magic is almost over, so she rushed out the castle, and while she was rushing to her carriage, she lost a glass slipper on the stairs, and the prince picked it up and started using it the next day so that he can find Cinderella, the owner of the glass shoe. This is also the plot in a lot of Cinderella games.

Cinderella's stepmom and her sisters found out about the prince's quest for the mystery girl that lost the glass shoe on the stairs at the ball, and they decided that they can trick the prince into thinking that one of them is the girl. The prince announced that he will marry the girl whose slipper fits perfectly, and of course, that is Cinderella. Because the sisters and her mom decided to keep Cinderella out of reach for the prince, and once they hear about the prince being in the vicinity, they kept Cinderella trapped in the basement, where she was living. Cinderella knows her step family’s plans from the little animals around the house, and she manages to escape, meet the prince and try on the shoe, which of course fits perfectly, and then the prince realized who Cinderella is, and they went to the castle, where Cinderella became a princess, and they loved each other ever since. Now the Cinderella games & story plot sound better, right?

This is the original story and based on it, you will see how many Cinderella games with princes, princesses, and other Disney characters are going to appear right here on our website, where you can play them all for free.

Cinderella and her friends

We already said that inside this Cinderella games online category, you will meet awesome characters, not only Cinderella because she loves her little animals inside the house, that have the ability to talk with the Disney princess. You, dear kids, will have to make sure that you can find all the Cinderella games with animals on our website, and you will see that they will all be grooming challenges, makeover games, and cute little cooking games for animals, in which you will be cooking dog food or cat food, especially for the Disney pets. You will see that the grooming will be the hard part because, after each grooming session for the pets, you will have a playing challenge, in which you will play fetch with the dogs, mice, cats, or even ducks from Cinderella's home.

Of course, once she manages to get out of her stepmother's house, Cinderella started to make a lot of new friends, including other Disney princesses like Moana, the Frozen sisters, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled, Elena of Avalor, Mulan, Tiana, Snow White or even Jasmine, and you will see that all these Disney princesses will appear together and in different groups in plenty of our makeover Cinderella games online! Inside this category, you will find a lot of dress-up, makeup, hairstyle, and spa Cinderella games, in which the princess will need your help, and you will have to be using the MOUSE as the control inside these games, and see how you can start creating new fashion outfits, new makeup styles using new designs and new colors and finish the makeover with a new pair of shoes.

These are just a few of the little Cinderella games that you can play with the famous princess from Disney, but you will see that she is going to be making friends left and right here on our website, and one of the most popular characters that she is going to appear within the new Puzzles, Memory games, Coloring challenges or even Differences games will be the one and only Barbie! The two girls will become best friends, and you will have the opportunity to play different ability challenges and see who gains the most points. That means that new games for kids with Disney characters such as Cinderella are going to appear right here on our website, and you, dear friends, will manage to meet with them and play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets. Have fun!

Is Cinderella a Disney story?

Yes, Cinderella is one of the first Disney movies

Why is Cinderella not on Disney?

Disney+ had to remove Cinderella and other movies due to licensing problems.

Is Cinderella marrying a prince?

Yes, she is going to find love, and marry a prince.

Is Cinderella living alone?

No, she lives with her stepmother and her two stepsisters.

How does Cinderella look?

Cinderella is beautiful, she has long blonde hair and wears throne clothes.

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