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What are Coloring Games?

Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network are all going to send princesses, superheroes, animal characters like Dogs - Dog with a Blog, Gumball, Paw Patrol or Sonic X inside the coloring books that we are starting to post. You will use the MOUSE to control the pencils, the markers or the special brushes to color each picture with characters like Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Encanto or Coco!

A lot of exciting challenges are ready to appear here on our website, and you dear children can see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends. The new games for kids can be seen in plenty of new categories, and you will see that we even created the new Coloring games category, in which you dear kids can see for the first time which are the most interesting coloring books and coloring pictures on our website, which you can transform as fast as possible into full on colored pictures that you can see only here on our website.

The Coloring category is going to be filled with characters from different stories, movies, cartoons or even books. The new games on our website will all bring for you the most interesting and the most exciting characters from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito and even Boomerang! You will see that the most popular characters from these TV stations loved by all the children arround the world will come on our website and will try to bring for you guys the most exciting coloring challenges that you can play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Disney princesses like - Moana the exotic princess, Belle from the Beauty and the Beast story, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled, the Frozen movie sisters - Elsa and Anna, the cutest mermaid Ariel from the Little Mermaid story, Jasmine from Aladdin, Snow White, Elena of Avalor or Tiana from Princess and the Frog. You will see that new Disney characters like all the characters from the Encanto movie, Mulan, the cats from Turning Red, Raya and the Last Dragon, Onward or the Coco characters which are ready for you guys to color together the most interesting pictures from the movies and cartoons you are watching on TV.

Of course, there are other channels that bring awesome stories here on our website, and one of them is Cartoon Network! The most popular stories and characters are coming in this new Coloring category with the most exciting challenge which you can try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free. You will see that superheroes like Ben 10 or the Teen Titans Go, the Kids Next Door or Rick and Morty are going to be present on our website! Johnny Bravo, Lego Ninjago, Clarence, Total Drama Island, Scooby Doo, Uncle Grandpa, Dexter's Laboratory, Craig of the Creek, the We Bare Bears or Gumball are just a few of the stories and characters that are waiting with full on coloring books which you can see only here on our website.

You will see how many other characters are publishing coloring games, because Nickelodeon has an entire series of coloring challenges and educational games for children which you can play with all of your friends and favorite characters. You will meet with iCarly, The Loud House, Henry Danger, Paw Patrol, The Thundermans, Side Hustle, Danger Force, Rugrats, Game Shakers, Dora the Explorer, Avatar the Airbender, Blue's Clues and even the Winx Club! These characters are all waiting for you to play amazing coloring games even on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets or computers, and we are sure that true artists are lying among you guys to burst and eve become paid artists one day due to the coloring challenges you have played through the years here on our website.

Color inside the lines

There are a few types of coloring games present here on our website, and you will see that one of the most popular and most common is going to be the regular coloring challenge, in which you will have a white canvas that has a black outline which frequently forms different shapes, a character or even a full-on environment that will take over the whole page. You will have to be very careful through this type of coloring games because dear children you will have to play the game using the MOUSE and be very precise. You will have to keep the color that you are going to add inside the lines of the shape that you were given. These coloring challenges will bring in front of you a lot of amazing pictures with animals, cars, fighting scenes, and portraits with your favorite superhero from Disney, Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon!

Once you get the hang of it, you will see that the challenges are not as difficult as you though at the beginning, because dear kids you will have to be sure that in the shortest time, using the MOUSE, you can click on the type of pencil, pen, crayon, marker or brushes. These will come in different sizes, because the spaces that you will have to colour will not always be wide and open, so you will have to add little details in small places, and the size of the brush you will use will help you stay inside the lines and have a clean picture by the end of the challenge.

Besides the size, you will see that with the use of the MOUSE if you are playing on your laptop or computer, you will have to pick each time the colors. In each of the coloring games that we present, you will have a big color pallet from which you can choose your favorite colors, or there will be exciting challenges, in which you will have clear guidelines that you have to follow in order for your pictures to look amazing, and for them to look like real pictures from the show the game is from. The category is going to be filled with games in which you will have to re-create a picture, a scene or a frame from a show, so you will have to be very accurate and very careful when you pick up a color and where you color with it inside the picture or why not inside the full coloring book.

Besides this types of coloring games, you will see that there's going to be a special set of games, which are more popular with the kids these days that play mostly on their phones and tablets. The Drag and Drop games, in which you will see that there's not going to be available any brush, pencil, pen or marker, because all you will have to do is to pick the picture from the coloring book, and start to choose the colors you will want to use, and once you have selected a color, just drag it or tap the place where you want to add the color, and it will automatically added on the sheet.

Color by number

As we said, regular games are not the only ones available here on our website. You will see that there's going to be the second type of game, which is also very popular with small-aged kids because is easier to see the final product and you will have everything laid out for you to finish the challenge. These games are called color by number, and you will see that you will still have a shaped image with a black outline, but inside the outline, you will have small brackets that are also outlined, in which you will see that there's going to be numbers. Each number is going to be the symbol of a color, and you will have the same number on the color that you will have to use the designated spot.

You will have to be very careful, because dear kids you will have to make sure that by the end of the challenge, you will be able to fulfill the coloring book, and that you will manage to finish the coloring challenge. All you have to do is to match the color with the number on the image, and you will see that it's going to be auto-filled with color once you drag and drop the color or click the color and after that click the number on the image. We are sure that you will have a great time, because these typs of games are very popular and mostly played on mobile phones and tablets.

There will be plenty of other new exciting challenges like the Coloring games here on our website, and all you will have to do is to stay close and follow our posts. New games, new adventures and new challenges are going to appear in the nearest future, and you will find out which ones inside the categories section!

What characters are in coloring games?

You can play with Disney princesses, superheroes, animal characters, robots and even cars or trucks!

How are coloring games played online?

Using the MOUSE or your fingers if you are playing on your mobile phones and tablets.

Can you learn online to color?

Yes, it's very easy to learn how to color inside the lines.

Can you draw in coloring games?

Yes, there are plenty games in which you draw the picture that you are going to color yourself.

What tools do you use to color online?

You will have prepared different types of pens, pencils, markers and brushes.

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