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What are Dora Games?

Little girls play Dora games online all the time! Let them explore the world & find out amazing things about it! Dora the Explorer and Boots are bringing amazing adventure games that you can play on your mobile phones and tablets. Dora will also want to teach you Spanish, as well as how to calculate through the math games. Puzzle challenges like memory games and even hidden objects challenges will be ready for you to solve and help Dora progress in her quests.

Plenty of kids already heard of exploring due to the new category that we just posted – Dora games! Girls and boys can play already awesome challenges from the Dora the Explorer category, and today, dear kids, you can see that we are publishing a brand new category, in which you will also be able to find awesome games like puzzles, fun girly games that involve dress-up, makeup, hairstyle, spa, or full fashion makeovers! You will see that there are going to be ability challenges as well, in which you will have to help the main characters find different details in Dora the Explorer pictures from the cartoon or even the Dora the Explorer movie!

Did we make you curious already? Because if we did, you will see that you are not going to be disappointed, because inside the Dora games online category, all the girls and boys that love to play free games online can find at least one game that can be their favorite! You will be able to find new details about Dora through this description, and you can see which are the future adventures in which Dora and her best friends will go until the Dora the Explorer movie is going to be released. This is an American children's cartoon which was made by Nickelodeon, one of the biggest TV stations for children which creates a lot of special TV shows, TV series, and TV cartoons such as Dora the Explorer which is suited for children all ages.

The first episode of Dora the Explorer was aired on Nickelodeon on the 14th of August 2000, and since then there were multiple seasons of the series, in which Dora and her best friends started a lot of expeditions because she is one of the most curious characters that you ever watched. The series ended on the 9th of August in 2019, but since then there's also a movie that appeared in theaters, and which kids just loved – not to mention all the Dora games. The show was very popular because it was one of the first shows that tried to be interactive, and it gave power to the children that watched the show, because, in each episode, Dora was giving the kids the opportunity to choose for her in different steps of her adventure or missions that she was going through. Even though the episodes were not as long, from time to time, on the screen there were options for Dora to take a specific path in her exploring or use a tool, take objects from the ground, and interact with different characters from the show.

This is just a short sum-up of the show! We are sure that you will enjoy all of it, not only watching the cartoon on Nickelodeon or watching the movie because all the Dora games online that we are going to post are going to be very exciting. Dora is very curious by nature, so you will see how much fun you can have playing with the educational challenges, in which you will have different math problems that you have to solve, and even different equations. Writing and spelling Dora games are also going to be available inside this new category, and there will be plenty created by Nickelodeon!

Explore with Dora

By continuing to read this short description of this category, you will get to know Dora even better and all the other characters from this Nickelodeon show, as well! You will see that the entire series is going to focus on Dora the Explorer. Her full name is Dora Marquez, and she is a little seven-year-old girl with Latina origins who loves to get involved in quests and different explorations. She’s going to be easily recognizable inside the show & all Dora games online, because she is going to always have white shoes, yellow socks, orange shorts, a pink T-shirt, and a purple backpack, in which she will store different things for inventory, that she is going to find on her expeditions or quests.

If you think that Dora, a seven-year-old girl, will go all by herself on these adventures, you can stay assured that she is never going to be alone! She will of course have you guys by her side through each and every Dora game, and she also has one of her best friends with her, a little monkey called Boots. Boots is one of the few monkeys present in the show, but we also have a short description of him ready so that you know how he looks. Boots is a blue-ish monkey that has a yellow belly and the same color will also be on the tip of his tail. The most interesting thing is that Boots is going to have big red boots on his feet, which give him his name as well.

This is going to be a very educational show very good for children of all ages that love riddles, quizzes, and languages, because, as we said before, Dora has Latina origins, so most of the shows will have Spanish inside it – and the Dora games too! Puzzles, riddles, quizzes, adventures, lettering games, counting games, and even match challenges and math problems will all be appearing at least once in each episode which you will have to help Dora and Boots finish. You will see that the audience of the show can also help throughout the episode and guide Dora on her path, making her use different objects, items, or tools while she is trying to finish a riddle or solve a puzzle.

One of the most common secondary characters of this Nickelodeon show, as well as Dora games online, is Swiper, an anthropomorphic fox. That means that the fox is going to walk on two legs just like humans do. You will see that the fox character is going to be very sneaky, and he will also try to steal stuff from Dora or Boots, and all the other characters, which will stop the interactions between Dora and the viewers, so this is going to make the show even more interesting because you will have to help her have a lookout for the Swiper at each time of the show, and see if you can help prevent any stealing that is about to go down.

Another obstacle that you can see inside the show & Dora games is going to be the Grumpy Old Troll, who is found under a bridge that Dora and Boots have to cross to reach their adventure. Once you finish the levels, you will see how much fun you can have through the adventures, because Dora and Boots will have to finish coloring books, sing a lot of songs in Spanish, and learn Spanish from scratch. Also, you will enjoy solving the puzzles by picking up the puzzle pieces and putting them inside the right place, and you will be rewarded with points with each and every one that you solve. Platformer Dora games are also going to be ready inside this new category, and you can play them using the A, S, W, D keys and the ARROW keys from your keyboard.

Who is Dora the Explorer?

The main character of the Nickelodeon show is called Dora Marquez.

How old is Dora?

In the original show, Dora is 5 years old.

Who is Dora's best friend?

Boots is Dora's best friend. He is a cute little monkey that is always with her.

What does Dora love to do?

Dora loves to explore, finish quests and solve riddles and puzzles.

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