Dora Charm Bracelet

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Play free Dora Charm Bracelet - Dora Games

The most exciting games can be found right inside the Dora games category, and starting today, you guys can play for free the new Dora's Charm Bracelet game for children.

Dora is a very popular character here on our website, so you dear kids can see that she has brought for you a new ability challenge! This is a creativity game for girls, in which you can see that Dora and all of her friends will want you to help them create the perfect charm bracelets! You will use the MOUSE to play the game on your computers and laptops, and you can tap on the Screen in order to play on your mobile phones and tablets.

Each level is going to be different, and will have a different character from the Dora the Explorer story! You will have a great time playing with the girls, which will want the perfect charm bracelets. You can see that each charm will be earned, and you will have to fulfill different tasks in order to gain the charms!

The task will be different based on the charms you want to acquire, and they will have different colors and special ability. The game will be around music, songs and sounds, so you will have a great time playing it we are sure of it.

There's going to be a big piano in the levels, which you have to click in order to make different songs, and so a bracelet charm will pop on the screen for you to collect once the Dora the Explorer track will be created, and you will start to gain points and see how many other exciting Dora challenges will be ready for you guys. Have fun!


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How to play

Use the MOUSE to play.