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Dora is notlike any other girl of her age and if you have tried other game with Dora here on our site than you surely know this because you already have experience when it comes to this sweet little girl. She is used to doing all kind of interesting things,she likes exploring and that's why her nickname is Dora The Explorer,but maybe you already know all this information if you are a fan of this little girl who just can't wait to play with you in this new girl game. She is leaving for vacation in the summer holiday together with her parents and that means a lot of fun, tavelling, seeing interesting new stuff that she has never met before and all kind of exciting things. But before she could go on the vacation she needs to pack because she has to wear something in this trip of hers, we are sure that you kids are familiar with this process. She packed someof her clothes and of course her mom helped her because after all Dora is still a little girl and she needs help when it comes to a lot of things.But all you have to do is help her dress up because she hasn't got a clue what she should wear in the car . Good luck!

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