Charm Bracelet Challenge

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"Charm Bracelet Challenge" is an exciting adventure featuring Dora and her friends, and it's up to you to help them retrieve their lost charm bracelets! In this fun-filled game, you'll embark on a series of mini-games with each of Dora's friends to recover the missing bracelets. Let's dive into the action and learn how to play each mini-game. Or if you know how to play them, you can head into the game right now!

In Emma's Melody Match you will join Emma as she sings a song and hits the correct keys on the keyboard to play the notes. Your goal is to score sixty points within 60 seconds by hitting the right notes at the right time. Next is Kate's Spotlight Star where you help Kate shine like a star by putting the spotlight on her. Collect 200 points within the time limit to ensure Kate takes center stage.

The Alana's Dog Treat Dash is the one where Alana is out for a walk with her dog, and she needs your help to match all the dog treats. You have 15 seconds to match all the pairs before time runs out. In Naiya's Star Shooter you will join Naiya as she shoots for the stars! Shoot at the stars to create beautiful constellations in the night sky. Use your aim to shoot them up into space and create stunning patterns.

Another one is the Pablo's Race to the Finish where Pablo needs your assistance to reach the finish line of the course. Navigate through obstacles and challenges, using five lives and 45 seconds to cross the finish line. 

Each mini-game offers a unique challenge and requires quick thinking and sharp reflexes to succeed. Are you ready to help Dora and her friends retrieve their charm bracelets? Then let the "Charm Bracelet Challenge" begin!

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How to play

Use the keyboard and mouse.