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What are Adventure Games?

This new category that we have to offer is dedicated to adventure games, a category in which we offer you all types of advanture games with your favourite characters, celebrities, or even creature. The adventure games are made for you to feel some adrenaline, to fell like you are in the games and you have to fight in order to win, in order to survive.

Here is a new games category for the ones that love some great adventures, as this category is the Adventure Games category. In this category of Adventure Games, you can find the best games with which you can have the best playtimes of your life, as they are all so exciting and perfect if you want to have some real fun during your playtime. You will meet some of your favorite characters, even celebrities or special creatures in some fighting, surviving, or other types of games!

What are Adventure Games?

Adventure Games are holding a big circle of games with all kinds of types that you will surely enjoy. There will be all kinds of games where you can have some great time, get some adrenaline into yourself and just enjoy a few hours here on this amazing page,, where all the games are free of course, and you can play them online. Some of them are also multiplayer games, 2 player, or even 3 or 4, so that means that you can also play it with some good friends and that means some quality time spent together with your loved ones and so much fun, because that is what you are looking for, right? As you can see, there are already four thousand games in this Adventure Games category, and more will come, because there are a lot more games that we will add into this Adventure Games category, so that you can always try out new adventure games and have a great playtime.

When we talk about adventure games, the first thing that comes to our mind is a game where there is an interactive story and you are the main character who is going to explore all the adventure that the game holds in. that game can even come from a movie or a series from which the game will be made and the story of the game will be similar to the story of the film. These are the best adventure games because it is like playing in a movie and you can really get into the atmosphere of the story. These games are usually played in a single player mode as the focus is on you, living the whole game.

The origin of Adventure Games

The first adventure game called Colossal Cave Adventure was first released in 1976, as they were initially developed in the 1970s and early 1980s as text based interactive stories, using text parsers to translate the player’s commands into actions. Of course as computers became more powerful with better graphics, these adventure games slowly became more professional and as you can see, today they are the best kind of games that you can enjoy from any device, a phone, laptop, playstation, xbox and many others. These adventure games can contain a variety of puzzles, for example decoding messages, finding and using items, opening locked doors, or finding and exploring new locations. Solving a puzzle will unlock access to new areas in the game world and reveal more of the game story. These adventure games are very useful from the logical thinking perspective, because as you have to solve these puzzles throughout the adventure game, you also have to use your logical thinking in order to complete the tasks in the game, so it develops our logical thinking as well. This way, these adventure games are not only very fun to play, but also useful for our minds.

Gaming in Adventure Games

As you can see, there are a lot of games already in this Adventure Games category, that will only increase in the next years. The existence of this Adventure Games category is very useful, because here are gathered all the adventure games that you would love to play, and this way it is easily for you to find them because all you have to do is search this category and then pick a game that is nice-looking for you and try it out, because maybe that will be your new favorite game from the Adventure Games category!

One of the adventure games that you can find in this adventure Games category is the survival games, where you have to survive and get out from a place where evil characters, like Slenderman, Slenderina, creepy grandmas and grandpas want to kill you and in order to stay alive you have to get out or kill them. You can also find a lot of games in a Halloween theme, Christmas theme so you have games for each special time of the year and you can celebrate them with some great adventure games. There are also platform games, course games where you will have tons of levels that you have to complete in order to finish the game where the controls are pretty easy as the goal is to avoid the obstacles and reach the end of each course.

You can also find racing games as they are also very adventurous and they also have formats in 2 player mode, so that you can enjoy it with other friends as well and there are also multiplayer games where you can race against other people from all around the world. To make your playtime even better, we also added a lot of 3D games which will give you a very special point of view and this will make the games much more enjoyable. Of course, you will meet some of your favorite characters as there are also Squid Game adventure games, Smurfs adventure games, Minecraft adventure games, Scooby Doo adventure games, Superhero adventure games and much more that are waiting for you to be played! Now that you have found out a lot about this Adventure Games category, you can start right now and enjoy your playtime!

Are the adventure games free to play?

Yes, adventure games are free online on

What kind of characters are found in adventure games?

There are plenty of superheroes like Ben 10, Steven Universe or the Teen Titans in adventure games.

Are adventure games single player?

No, adventure games can be played in 2 player modes.

Are shooting games adventure games?

Yes, because they have multiple levels and missions to finish.

Can we find 3D adventure games online?

Yes, on the adventure category is filled with 3D games.

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