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Sonic the Hedgehog is ready for you to help him finish amazing races against other animal characters using his own feet, fast racing cars, ATVs, or motorcycles! Nevertheless, amazing adventures with Sonic the superhero and ability challenges like cooking or even dress-up games for girls are waiting for you to play for free – in this new category, Sonic Games!

Animal characters are extremely popular here on our website, and today, you guys can see that one of the most popular ones is returning here on our website with a brand new category! This new Sonic games online category is released and you can see how many exciting games for boys and girls with one of your favorite animal superheroes are going to be ready for you to try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free. This is going to be a new category in which Sonic the original, as well as the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie characters are going to be ready for you to try out, and in which you can start to gain as many points as possible.

Sonic is a very popular character online and on TV, and since his appearance, here on our website, you can find more than 100 free Sonic online games for children! We are going to make a description of him and it's going to be a great adventure learning about Sonic the Hedgehog, which is a new 2020 action movie, in which the main character is going into a new superhero adventure against multiple villains, while you will try to be by his side and defeat his opponents through our fighting games.

Sonic the Hedgehog the movie is based on the original story and the original video game which was created by Sega, the worldwide gaming company. This movie is going to take Sonic on a new adventure, in which you will learn fast that will try to defeat a mad scientist, called Dr. Robotnik. For all of you guys that do not know the original Sonic, we are going to leave you a short description through which you can see what Sonic looks like. As you know, Sonic is a hedgehog, and he looks like a real one, but the only thing that is different from a normal hedgehog is the fact that he is entirely blue, he has white gloves, and red shoes. What makes Sonic so special is that he can reach the speed of light, and that will make him a real superhero!

Start helping Sonic

The original Sonic started in 1990, and Sonic the Hedgehog - the movie started to be prepared and filmed in 2018. Because the new movie, as well as the new Sonic games online, take place in the future, you will see that the entire plot is going to take place on a different planet than Earth, where the main character is going to be chased by an alien tribe called Echidnas. Longclaw the Owl, which is Sonic's protector, gave him a bag of rings, which help Sonic move from one world to another, and once it's activated, you will see that the first place where Sonic traveled through space is planet Earth, where he needs to stay away as much as possible of his enemies.

Over ten years, Sonic managed to create a secret life on Earth, where he started to live in Montana, USA. He feels very lonely, and he wants to make friends, but that will start to make Sonic vulnerable. Sonic is friends with the local sheriff and the vet's wife, Maddie, but they are going to move away from the little Montana city, and he will be alone again. Sonic stays alone for a while in Montana, but grows very lonely and decides one night to run to San Francisco, where he is about to find his friends again, but because he is so fast, the Department of Defense of the United States, spotted his boost across America and started to look for him with the help of Dr. Robotnik, which will become Sonic's enemy throughout the movie and Sonic games.

Sonic managed to find Tom, and he hid in his shed because he was tired and hungry, but Tom found him and he shot Sonic with a tranquilizer dart which will make the hedgehog drop his bag of rings, creating a portal to another world, the Transamerica Pyramid's roof. Tom is helping Sonic in his new adventure and within the Sonic games online, so he is going to start to appear in most of the scenes in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and they both run from San Francisco when found by Dr. Robotnik which makes Tom a domestic terrorist.

Dr. Robotnik figures out that Sonic is almost 100% created by pure energy, and that his powers come from that energy, and now his number one plan is to capture Sonic and start to use his powers for his own benefit. Dr. Robotnik wants to create all kinds of humanoids, robots, machines, and droids that will be powered by Sonic's energy, and for that, he started a full on war against the blue hedgehog to make sure that he will be captured, and for that, you will have to be very creative because you will start to defeat the challenges and win the Sonic games which will most likely be against Dr. Robotnik.

We do not want to spoil the entire plot of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but we are sure that you will have a great time playing each and every one of the adventure games and fun challenges for kids that you can find inside the new Sonic category!

Here’s what Sonic prepared for you, guys!

This is going to be a very fun category, as you already know from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in 2020 or the Sonic cartoons that were on Disney or Cartoon Network. Inside the Sonic games category, you will see a lot of exciting adventure challenges, because Sonic is a full-time superhero, and he will prepare a lot of exciting challenges for you, which you can play with all of your friends even on your mobile phones and tablets for free online, if you have an internet connection.

You can see that the adventure games are going to be more or less the same even though there are a lot of adventure types because most of them are going to be 2D platformer games, in which you will have to use the A, S, W, D or the ARROW keys in order to move around the map, which you can go only forward or backward, but you will be able to jump over the dangers or obstacles that you will encounter on the map. Sonic will of course run at high speeds, and you will be able to use his special ability to defeat the villains because you can roll over the grass and double jump over the obstacles. You can defeat the villains inside the Sonic games by running through them and destroying them, and you can have a great time finishing the adventures and reach the end of the levels with as many points as possible.

Besides the Adventure games for boys, you will see that Sonic and all of his friends will prepare for you guys a lot of ability games, for example coloring games, in which you can have a great time playing with Sonic. Inside the coloring challenges, you will see the first pictures are black and white, and you will have to use the MOUSE to make sure that you can start picking up the colors and placing them in the right spots so that you color the entire pictures and your coloring book will be filled with color and will make you become better artists.

Puzzle games, memory challenges, logic challenges, and even educational games for kids will be ready for you to try right here inside the Sonic online games category. You will have a great time playing with all of your friends because the puzzles will contain pictures that you can see only here on our website from the newest series, cartoons, or movies! The memory games are going to be very difficult and you’ll see how much fun you can have matching the memory cards. Logic games will get you to use your brain more and more, and we are sure that you will help Sonic defeat the challenges and help him have the highest score in the game.

What is Sonic?

Sonic is the main character that looks like a hedgehog.

What's Sonic's special ability?

Sonic can reach the speed of light when he's running.

How does Sonic look?

Sonic looks like a hedgehog, but his default color is going to be blue, and he will have red shoes and white gloves.

Is there a Sonic movie?

Yes, it's called Sonic the Hedgehog and it appeared in 2020.

Is there a Sonic 2 movie?

Not yet, but there's a trailer released of the movie.

Does Sonic have a girlfriend?

Yes, and her name is Amy Rose.