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What are Garfield Games online?

Garfield is the most popular cat character in the US, and he loves to eat pizza, drink coffee and help his animal friends from the neighborhood, which you will be able to do as well!

Do you guys love cats?! A new story is about to appear here on our website, where, dear kids, you can meet a brand new character that we are sure that you will all love. Garfield games online is the name of the category that we are going to present for you guys today, and you will have a great time learning and playing with Garfield the cat a lot of exciting and interesting adventures & games, educational challenges, ability games, puzzles, finishing coloring books and even dress-up in fancy ways through each and every one of the Garfield games that we are going to present for you boys and girls starting from today.

Some facts about Garfield! The story of Garfield started in 1978 as a newspaper comic strip, it become fast a very popular series for a cartoon which all the kids love until this day. Garfield is a cat character, and the entire story follows its life even from the comic strips until the cartoons published by Carton Network, Cartoonito, Boomerang, and Nickelodeon, and of course the new Garfield games. Garfield is owned by Jon Arbuckle, and he lives in the same house with Odie, a dog. Garfield was so popular over the years, that until today, it holds a Guinness World Record for being one of the longest syndicated comic strips in the world, having more than 2,580 newspapers or journals in which it appeared, besides the cartoon episodes, which might be based on the comic strip.

There's not much information about it, but the action of the story is in a real city! Muncie, Indiana in the USA is the city where Garfield lives with his owner and his dog brother. The entire cartoon with Garfield as the main character is going to be about his actions, his personality, and his traits as a cat - the Garfield games on our website, as well. You will see that Garfield is not going to be an ordinary cat through the cartoon episodes and through each and every one of the Garfield games you can find right here on our website, and you can have a great time because he is going to prepare for you, guys, a lot of exciting challenges like adventures with other cats, fishing trips, puzzles that have to be solved, and even different educational games, in which you will have to create new words, new sentences and even full-on texts that might be published with the comic in the newspaper.

Garfield is one of the funniest cats you will ever meet, because he is very smart, and he manages to manipulate the humans and all the other animals in his neighborhood or in the city to get his way. You will see that he is not going to look like an ordinary cat as well because, in order to spot him in the games with animals or pets, you have to know how he looks. All the details will be revealed at the perfect timing, but before that, we are announcing that the Garfield games on our website will involve educational challenges, racing cars, racing motorcycles, coloring black and white pictures, solving puzzles, memory challenges, and even dress-up games, so we are sure that both girls and boys will manage to find a perfect game for them, and that you can give them a try because the games will be available for kids even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

The Garfield looks

We are going to present to you guys a special character today! We are sure that you have never seen such a cat before in your life. Garfield is the main character of the story that has the same name, as well as all the Garfield games online, and you will see that, even from our website or any other cartoon with pets that you know, you have never seen such a beautiful cat! Garfield has a beautiful color, he is the first ginger cat character that appeared in his own show, and to make him look more interesting, they created Garfield to look like a real tiger, so he going to have black stripes all over his body or in some games or movies! The stripes will be just in a darker tone, so that will make Garfield look more dangerous and slick.

Garfield's color is just one of the perks of the story. You will see that one of the main focuses of the show is going to be his personality. He is very lazy, and for that, he started to become fatter and fatter, and now is one of the biggest cats you'll ever see. Besides being lazy, Garfield loves food, so that's going to be a bad mix, and you will see that the funniest thing ever is when he is forced to do any physical activity, and he will just suffer and try to accomplish his goals. Garfield is going to be the first cat that you know that is addicted to coffee! He loves coffee, and like his owner, he often cannot start his day without drinking at least one cup of coffee - all these comical situations will be found including in Garfield games.

Being lazy, Garfield hates Mondays, when all the people start work and start to be as active as possible, and he just prefers weekends when him, Odie, and their owner just stay and do nothing, except eat pizza and drink coffee. You will see that Garfield is going to love to read the paper and even do the crosswords. One of Garfield's favorite meals is going to be pizza, but he also loves fish just like any other cat, so you will see that there are going to be plenty of episodes & Garfield games in which he, Odie, and their owner are going on a fishing trip over the weekend, where Garfield sits in his chair and waits for his owner to catch small or big fish and just eat them raw, like sushi.

Even though he loves to be lazy, Garfield is very active in the neighborhood, where every cat, dog, or any other type of pet inside the human homes knows Garfield. The animals from the story often get on different kinds of adventures, in which Garfield is going to be, of course, the leader and he will try to defeat the challenges and make sure that they will be finished in time because one of Garfield's biggest nightmares is for him to miss dinner - you'll have to make sure you do the same in Garfield games too!

Gaming with Garfield

We are sure that you will have a great time playing inside the Garfield games online category, because the games that we have prepared are going to be very diverse, and so there's no way that you cannot find at least one challenge or adventure type of game that you can play with all of your friends. There will be different 2 player games with Garfield that you can try, like the chess or the Garfield Checkers game inside the category! If you do not know how to play these types of games, you will see that Garfield will prepare for you a short tutorial in which you can learn the moves, learn the controls, and see in the shortest time which is the easiest way to beat Garfield at his own game and have the highest score to show off to all of your friends in school.

Besides the 2 player challenges with animals, Garfield will prepare for you, guys, different puzzle and ability games. The puzzle games are easy to play because the controls are going to be the same in each one. You will have one or more Garfield puzzle pictures, and they will have a different number of puzzle pieces based on the difficulty that you will have selected for the specific Garfield game. For things to be more interesting, Garfield will try to make you lose the game, and you will see that he will set a timer in each level that you begin, and for you to have the highest score, you will have to finish the puzzles before the time expires, and you will be rewarded with extra points if you do not have extra moves in the game. The puzzle games are ready and done when you finish each and every one of the puzzles, and Garfield will unlock new challenges for you guys to play together.

You, dear kids, will see how inside these new challenges are going to receive new tasks, and so you will find the Tetris Garfield games! You will have to use the ARROW keys on the keyboard to move around the Tetris pieces or blocks inside the game so that it will better fit the pattern that you try to fulfill. Inside the Garfield Tetris challenges, you, dear kids, will have to destroy as many blocks as possible, and the only way to do that is to be very careful and very fast in order to place the pieces in the right spots. The blocks will be destroyed if there are not going to be any missing spots in a line of blocks, and you will see that multiple filled lines in a row will get you extra points in the Tetris challenges.

There are also going to be, of course, all sorts of hidden objects, hidden numbers, or hidden stars Garfield games that you can play with the orange cat, in which you will see that the cat character will prepare for you never seen pictures from the cartoon, and you will have to use the MOUSE to play the games respecting the rules, of course. There are going to be different Garfield games, in which there are going to be two almost identical pictures with Garfield that you have to watch and see how, by the end of the challenge, you have found all the five or more differences.

These are just a few of the challenges with which Garfield is going to wait for you here on our website, with Garfield games online, and all that's left is for you to access the new category and start to defeat the challenges by making sure that you can win points and help Garfield finish each level in each game. Have fun!

Is Garfield real?

No, he is a cartoon, but his story is based on real cats.

How does Garfield look?

Garfield is a ginger, rather robust, cat with stripes on his back.

Is Garfield lazy?

Yes, Garfield is the laziest animal there is!

What's Garfield's favorite food?

Garfield loves pizza.

How old is Garfield?

Garfield turns 40 in 2022.

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