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What are Bubble Guppies Games?

This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a new and beautiful category dedicated to the characters from the beautiful loved and well known animated serie from nikelodeon, Bubble Guppies. In this new category we have in mind to offer you all the existing online games with your favourite characters but first let’s read a little about the story of the serie and it’s characters.

A new series of games is appearing today right here on our website! We are bringing for you guys a very exciting new Bubble Guppies games category, in which you can play amazing little challenges that you can play with all of your friends for free. The Bubble Guppies is a Nickelodeon story, and we are sure that the kids on our website are going to love it!

Bubble Guppies is a children’s television series which is created by the Nickelodeon studios, and for the first time, it appeared in 2011. The first series was in 2011, and the Bubble Guppies runed for an original four seasons until 2016. Even though the Bubble Guppies series stopped after the four seasons in 2016, the series was a real success, and the children all ages that watched Nickelodeon TV loves the Bubble Guppies, so after three years, in 2019, there’s a fifth season released with 26 new episodes.

The fifth season of the Bubble Guppies was a real success, and in 2020 there’s a sixth season appeared on Nickelodeon on 19th October, 2021. It’s going to be a lot of fun playing the Bubble Guppies games, because dear kids you will see how much fun you can have playing these little games, and you are going to meet with amazing little Nickelodeon characters that you can turn into your friends.

Pop the Guppies

If you guys love water animals or creatures, we are sure that you will love the new Bubble Guppies games that we are going to start posting from today on! The Bubble Guppies cartoon from Nickelodeon is a little show, in which the main characters are little creatures or humans that resemble mermaids very much. The entire Bubble Guppies series will have two types of formats, which kids love very much. From the beginning until the fourth season, the format will be the same. The characters will break a wall underwater, the Bubble Guppies games logo is going to be shown, and the screen will fill with water. This is the sign that a new Bubble Guppies episode is about to start on Nickelodeon, so that kids can find a cozy spot and watch it.

What is Bubble Guppies? Well, it’s very easy. It’s a show on Nickelodeon, which will star a few main characters. These characters will be sea creatures, and one of them is going to be Molly. There will be girls and boys inside the Bubble Guppies games that you can find here on our website. Because this new series is made specially for kids, you will see how much fun you can have playing our free online Bubble Guppies games! You will see how these new challenges will be ready to be played on your mobile phones, tablets or laptops wherever you are if you have an internet connection!

The entire show is going to take place under water, so it’s going to be a sea show! Because the age pool of the Bubble Guppies is very low, you will see that most of the Bubble Guppies challenges or episodes from Nickelodeon are going to be rather educational, so that the children that watch the series will learn a lot of new stuff. Bubble Guppies differences are also very popular games on our website, because they will help children to focus on a task, and pay attention through a certain amount of time.

Meet the Guppies

Molly is one of the main characters of the Bubble Guppies games on computers, and we are sure that you already know her from the Nickelodeon show, and starting from today, you will have a great time playing with all of your friends, and that you can make Molly one of your best friend. She is a bubble human like all the other characters, and that means that she is going to look like a mermaid, in order to be able to move through the water during the show. Molly is one of the girl characters inside the Bubble Guppies games, and she is one of the show’s host. She has a best friend inside the Bubble Guppies, and his name is Gil.

The second main character of the Bubble Guppies games is going to be Gil! You might know him as Molly’s best friend, and the showman of the series. Just like Molly, Gil will also look like a mermaid. He is going to have a human torso, head and arms, but will have a mermaid tail, in order to be able to swim faster and easier through the water. A personal trait of Gil is that he can get scared very easily, but he will trust Molly to protect and help him through the adventures or challenges in the Bubble Guppies games that are going to appear here on our website.

Goby is another one of the Bubble Guppies characters, and he is also a mermaid. Goby is very creative, and is very present in the Bubble Guppies games and episodes from Nickelodeon. Besides Goby, there are also plenty of other secondary characters in this series with which you guys can meet with: Deema, Oona, Nonny, Zooli, Bubble Puppy and Little Fish are some of the other people and pets from the show that you can meet with.

Play underwater

Now that you know almost everything that you need to know about this new Nickelodeon series, you dear kids can see how much fun you can have playing the Bubble Guppies games online! You will see that our Bubble Guppies challenges are free to play online, and you can even play them for free on all kinds of devices. Which are the most popular Bubble Guppies games? Well… the ability games with Bubble Guppies are the most popular, because little kids love to interact with the Bubble Guppies.

One of the most popular games on our website with the Bubble Guppies is the Bubble Scrubbies, in which you will see that you can play Scrabble with the Bubble Guppies online. In this online game, you will have to use the MOUSE and see how picking up different letters, you will be able to place them on the board, and form big words with the Bubble Guppies. Each word you make will get you points on the leaderboard from Nickelodeon, and you and the Bubble Guppies characters might become the best players of all time.

Another popular type of game is coloring books! You will see that Bubble Guppies coloring games are popular and very played on our website. There are more than five games in this new category, in which you will see brand new Bubble Guppies pictures that are white and black, and you will have to use the MOUSE, start picking colors and start to colour the pictures in order to finish the coloring book, and have the most colorful pictures of all time.

Puzzles, differences and hidden objects games are not going to be missed in this new Bubble Guppies games category, and you will see how the characters are going to appear in special challenges with other Nickelodeon characters such as Blaze and the Monster Machines, Shimmer and Shine or the Paw Patrol dogs. Have fun!

Is Bubble Guppies a real story?

Bubble Guppies is a cartoon, it's not real.

Where can we watch Bubble Guppies?

Bubble Guppies can be watched on Nickelodeon.

What characters are inside the Bubble Guppies story?

Bubble Guppies are mostly mermaid characters.

What age should you be to watch Bubble Guppies?

Bubble Guppies is for kids aged between 3-10.

Is Bubble Guppies happening in the dessert?

No, Bubble Guppies episodes are under water.

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