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Play the largest selection of Power Rangers games on our website! Unlimited fun for boys & girls of all ages! The Power Rangers games are back and they are bringing new adventures! You will see that action games can be played on phones with the new Nickelodeon characters that are ready to fight against crime, race against the best robot racers, and practice shooting with the best warriors or army soldiers.

What are Power Rangers Games?

There are plenty of action Power Rangers games online here on our website, and for each adventure that you start, you will see that here on our website you will have an interesting character with which you can play these types of games. We are sure that you will love our brand new category because it's a superhero one, in which, by the end of the challenges, you will learn how to fight crime, how to defeat all kinds of villains and start to learn auto-defense fighting. This is the brand new Power Rangers games category, in which you and your favorite superheroes will play together even on your mobile phones or tablets besides the computers and laptops.

The Power Rangers are some of the first superheroes that had their show, with the same name as this category. The series started with a group of teenagers that ended up together because they had special skills, and they formed the biggest and one of the first groups of superheroes that started to defend their city against all the villains that try to destroy it. This show is very exciting, because it appeared in 1995 when the terms of superhero, droids, robots, and even Transformers were not very relevant and not very much used, and Power Rangers were the first to begin this series.

The very first episode was in 1995 and it started to become more and more popular through the years, and there was a new series in 1997 and a revamp which was released in 2017. This amazing series had more than 29 seasons aired of the original Power Rangers story, and it was released in more than 20 countries all around the world. Now that you know the basics about the history of the show, we are going to start talking about the premise or the plot of the story & the Power Rangers games: they were teenagers that started to be best friends and work together to fight against crime. You will see that you cannot mistake a Power Rangers character with any other hero that you like to play with, because they will have special costumes with different colors and designs, and, for their privacy and tricking their enemies, you will see that their costumes will come with a full-on head helmet which will cover their entire head, and that will make their identity sealed.

Get together with the Power Rangers games online!

As we said, this group is a bunch of young boys and girls who gathered together and started to fight against crime all over the city and even the small towns around, but they are not alone! The Power Rangers are going to be training very hard to become the fighters that you see on the TV series & Power Rangers games, and you will see that you can be step by step aside the fighters through their training because we started to post a lot of fighting games for kids that you can try for free. This way, you'll see if you can also begin this type of training, and, why not, become one of the Power Rangers once you grow up. Besides the special ability to fight like no other, you will see that the Power Rangers will have different abilities to drive and control special and very powerful robots or assault machines called Zords. You will see that each of the Power Rangers will have one of these Zords that only they can control and use in battle.

As we said at the beginning of this description, you will see that the heroes will have a distinguished look when they become the Power Rangers. They will have a special suit, which will show their "brand". There are different types of warriors in the series, and they are all based on the Zords that they can control. Each of the Zords robots will be based on an animal like lions, tigers, or leopards, or based on dinosaurs like the T-Rex or any other species that you might know. Each of the Zords will have a unique color, so you will not see two Red power rangers or two white ones. The costumes will be unique as well, as the helmets of the Power Rangers will be totally different, with different shapes, designs, and little tools which the Power Rangers could use in combat.

We also mentioned at first that there were three different years in which this series aired on television, and each of the series had another main theme. In the first series, in 1995, you will see that the entire plot and all the episodes will be following the stories of each of the Power Rangers characters, so that the children can start to learn about their skills, their abilities, and even their personalities so that it's going to be easier for you guys to pick a favorite out of the bunch when playing Power Rangers games. Of course, the Zords are going to also be very present in the first series, and you will also have a chance to see how they looked at the beginning of the series.

The second series, the one that aired in 1997 is more based on the action of the heroes, because they are going to be fully trained by their mentor, and they will be stronger, wiser and all grown up. They will also leave their teenage homes, and some of them will live together, which will bring the group even closer because there will be a lot of times in which the Power Rangers disagree on different topics. The enemies that they will face will also be very difficult, and you will see that the characters will learn to defeat them without the use of the big Zords as much as in the first series - this is an extremely useful information for the Power Rangers games online as well.

Side by side with the Power Rangers

Now that you know what these superheroes are all about, we are sure that you are very excited about this new category of Power Rangers games, and so are we! Boys and girls will manage to find at least 10 games that they are going to love because there are a lot of online games that have different challenges from different game genres. You will find out that there are dress-up challenges with the Power Rangers for girls, in which each of the characters will want to change their style! The Power Rangers suits or costumes with helmets will look different based on your ideas. You will be able to come up with new fashion designs and cute couture ideas for the girls to wear their outfits once they take the Power Rangers suit off.

The boys will also be able to find amazing challenges and awesome adventures inside the Power Rangers games. Boys games, ninja games, fighting games, adventure, and action games are just some of the few general categories in which you can find a game that you like! The Power Rangers will prepare for you guys a lot of racing games because the Zords and the boys from the group will love to ride fast and powerful motorcycles, buggies, ATVs, and even trucks because they might need to supply cities with aid after an enemy attack.

You will see that the rangers might also group or gang up with other superheroes that you might know from our website, like the Teenage Turtle Ninjas, Ben 10, Spongebob, or Henry Danger from Nickelodeon, because the brand new Power Rangers cartoons are still airing in 2022 on the TV Channel - Nickelodeon, such as the Thundermans! Inside the Power Rangers games with these other superheroes, there will be a lot of battle scenes and adventures, so most of the games are going to be awesome platformers in which you have to defeat villains and collect coins until you reach the end of the level or the finish line.

The Power Rangers will also want to test your warrior abilities, so you will see that there are going to be plenty of ability challenges for kids that you can try for free even on your mobile phones and tablets! There are going to be plenty of shooting Power Rangers games, in which you will use the MOUSE to set your aim and start to target all the little spots that you have to hit with laser beams, balls, and other objects that can be used instead of a real bullet. We also have memory games with a lot of memory cars that you have to flip, awesome skateboard games in which you can show off your tricks, puzzles from which you can save your pictures once you finish setting the puzzles in the right spots, and even coloring games, in which you can show the Power Rangers that you have a very steady hand by not coloring outside the outline of the drawing.

What are the Power Rangers?

A group of teenagers trained to fight villains.

How many Power Rangers are there?

The original group was made of 5 Power Rangers.

Who is the most loved Power Ranger?

Tommy Oliver is perhaps the most famous and respected Power Ranger of all time

Who is the most powerful character from Power Rangers games?

Most people say that the Red Rangers.

What weapons are the Power Rangers using during battles?

They used battle machines called Zords.

What's a Zord?

Zords are big animals or dinosaur-looking robots that are controlled only by the Power Rangers.

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