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What are Pokemon Games?

Pokemon is an exciting story with magical creatures that fight against each other. Pikachu, Brock, Misty and Ash are the Pokemon team which are bringing adventures, action games, racing challenges and amazing makeovers for the Pokemon theme!

What’s a Pokemon?!

The name of the Pokemon did start from the Pocket Monsters from Japan, and this is an entire franchise which was founded by the more famous Nintendo! The story of the Pokemon started in 1996, so it has more than 20 years of history and challenges which you will be able to try once you found out the entire plot, all the Pokemon characters and all the games online that you can try even on your mobile phones and tablets! The original Pokemon games are having a full design spin in 2022, and you will see that they are converted from flash or flashdrives into HTML5, the nextgen technology which helps you meet your favorite stories, movies, cartoons, animals and people inside free online games!

There will be all kinds of Pokemons that are going to wait for you to meet them, train them, play with them and even become their best friends, which you will soon learn that it’s the main plot of the story! There are going to be inside the story humans, which are very well known as Poekmon Trainers. Each human in the story will live with one or more Pokemons, even though they might not be trainers only just doctors, drivers or police officers.

Most of the people have only one Pokemon if they are not a trainer, and you will see that each of these characters will have a special Pokeball in which they live, sleep and regenerate over wounds. For a human to have one, they will have to defeat it in battle, and it will have to be submissive over the trainer/catcher in order for the Pokeball to work. You will see that this is how the story starts, because Ash Ketchum, one of the main characters is going to try to catch his very first Pokemon, but he is not very successful, being defeated over and over by the free or the wild Pokemons that he is trying to capture.

There are a lot of species of these poke characters, but some are very rare. Pikatchu is one of these rare Pokemons, but somehow, Ash wondered over one in one sunny day, and even though he got blasted by his powers, which are controlling lightning bolts, Ash and Pikatchu created a bond that nobody will be able to break throughout the years. Even though the fight was a real fail for a trainer to be like Ash, the Pikatchu Pokemon started to follow him over the forrest and you will see that since that day, they will never be separated again.

The Pokemons are little “monsters” or creatures however you would like to call them, because they cannot be find in the real life. They are created based on different elements, animals or objects like fire, water, earth, wind, thunder, lightning, leafs, trees, fish, shelfish, dragons or even flowers, and you will have over 100 varieties from which you will be able to choose your favorite.

Enter the Pokemon realm

For you to better understand the franchise, you must know that Pokemon the original series created in 1996 aired in almost 200 countries all over the world, and it had over 1 thousand episodes, none of them failed to show Ash and Pikatchu in their awesome adventures as Pokemon trainers. One of the most popular GAMES with Pokemon was the Pokemon Trading Card Game, a fun game for kids all over the world, in which the children had to collect cards with the characters on them, and once you have the full stack, you will be able to start the game.

The Cards are going to hold for you a lot of information on it, like the name of the Pokemon, it’s health which can differ based on it’s size, experience and element from which it was created. The damage is also very important in this game, because it’s going to be your attack against your enemies, the defense which will be part of your health, knowing how many hits your Pokemon can take during a fight in the Pokemon championship. One of the most important thing on the card will be the Pokemon’s ability or special powers, which will be awesome attacks that are more powerful than the default attacks.

We are just scratching the surface! But we are sure that you are already very excited about this new 2022 Pokemon category, so you have to start to look for the free online games and play them either on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PC/Computers.

During the original Pokemon story, Ash Ketchum has only one dream: TO BECOME THE BEST POKEMON TRAINER! Ash’s first captured Pokemon is one of the rarest inside the story, a Pikatchu! This little yellow creature looks very much like a mouse or a rabbit, and has a lightning bolt tail, because his special power is going to be electricity. At first, Pikatchu is very stubborn, and even though he was never captured during their first fight by Ash, he became Pikatchu’s friend more than a trainer, and they both fell in love with each other.

Pikatchu under Ash’s training and during all of their fights became stronger and stronger, and you must know that the Pokemons have the ability to evolve! There are three tiers available for most of the characters, but Pikatchu, even though evolved as a Pokemon, in strength and in strategy during their fights, he never evolved into a Raichu, which has the same powers, but is twice as big, twice as powerfull, and have different special attacks.

Ash, as a beginner Pokemon trainer, will start to have more and more Pokemons under his belt with the help of Pikatchu, but they are not the only characters of the story. Misty and Brock are going to be two of the most constant side characters of the story, and they became Ash’s best friends during his quest to become the best Pokemon trainer. They both are also trainers like Ash, but never got to his potential, and he fat the end became with Pikatchu world champions, and the way they did that is by winning each and every one of the Pokemon tournaments or the championships all over the world.

Try to find your own Pokemon

As we already mentioned, there are a lot of Pokemons inside the story, and some of them are so rare that didn’t even appeared inside the story, but they were mentioned.

We are going to leave you guys a small list with some of the most popular and some of the most exciting and interesting ones, and you can see which you would pick if you were a Pokemon trainer, just like Ash.

Grass and Poison Pokemons: Gen 1: Bulbasaur which could evolve in Ivysaur and last Venusaur! And they had the ability to control leaves and vines like the ones you could find in trees. Fire Pokemons: Charmander, which could evolve in Charmeleon and Charizard which of course controlled fire and they could be seen if injured due to the flame on their tale. Water Pokemons: Squirtle which evolvs in Wartortle and into Blastoise, which of course could control water. Ghost: Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Earth: Onix.

These are just a few of the Pokemons that you could have inside your Poke balls, so you have to watch the series, play the Pokemon games on our website, and see which will be your favorite, what element you love an which is the best special ability that your Pokemon could attack with and protect your invincibility during the championships.

Pokemon GO

Without a doubt, Pokemon GO is the most popular of the games for this francise or series, and it started in 2016. This game was revolutionary for the gaming industry, because it was very interactive with the real world, which few other games on the market did at the time. It fast grew through the gamers all over the world, but it’s popularity brought a lot of issues.

For better understanding the problems, first you must know which are the rules of the game and how do you play it! The rules were very simple, and you had to do is to catch as many Pokemons as possible, how do you do that you ask?? Well, you needed a smarthphone with a camera, and after that you need an internet connection, because you had to get on the Pokemon GO servers and start to share your location. The real world was the map inside the game, and you had to go arround the streets of your town and start to look for the hidden Pokemons.

Once you got close to a hiding spot of a creature, a pop-up would appear on your screen. For you to catch the Pokemon you would had to get close as in 2 feet of it and throw a Poke ball on it so it’s captured. For you to become one of the best player in the world, you would have needed as many Pokemons as possible, and that’s when it got dangerous for people, because they were playing the game while they drove cars or trucks on the road, and there were a lot of crashes.

Ash and all the Pokemons are going to wait for you guys right here on our website, where amazing games like dress-up challenges, racing cars, truck loading or truck delivery games, fighting challenges with pokemons and plenty of other amazing adventures are going to wait for you guys to try here on our website, and all you need is just an internet connection. Have fun!

Who is the most famous Pokemon?

Pikatchu is the most popular.

Who is the main character?

Ash and Pikatchu are both the main focus of the plot.

Where do Pokemons live?

Pokemons can live in the wild but the ones in the competition stay in the Poke balls.

Is Pokemon Go still running?

Yes, Pokemon Go is still online.

What's the most famous Pokemon game?

Pokemon Go.

Did you catch Pikatchu in Pokemon Go?

Yes, even though he is very rare.

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