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Play free Burger Tycoon - Cooking Games

Burger Tycoon is the newest trend in cooking games, and it's live and available for you to try even on your mobile phones and tablets for free, starting from today!

Inside this new challenge, you dear children can see that you will be able to become one of the best burger chefs in the world. You will have a full on restaurant in which you will be playing, and you can cook the most delicious burgers, following the restaurant's recipe and using all the fresh ingredients that we have just bought from the grocery store right before opening the restaurant.

Inside the game, for you to better cook your recipe, you will have to use the MOUSE to control the cooking ingredients and the cooking tools that we have prepared for you guys. There's going to be a lot of orders inside the restaurant, so you have to be fast to face the Burger Tycoon. Each order will have a cheeseburger, a burger, a regular burger or a double burger, fries, sauces and even desserts, a milkshake or a soda, so you have to be very careful and get the order right.

A perfect burger has the cooking process perfectly timed. You have to place the burger meat on the grill, burn the buns a little bit, slice the tomatoes, prepare the cheese and cut in little pieces the cucumber, and so your burger will have all the flavours it needs. Put in the sauces and you will see that the burger will be juicy and delicious. All the ingredients that you are going to use inside your burgers are going to be fresh and bio! You can even do a little gardening or farming, by planting the seeds, watering them until they grow and they can be harvested and cooked so that you can have the most delicious and even bio burgers in the world.

Vegan burgers are very popular these days, so don't get shocked if there will be customers that don't eat animal meat, so you have to improvise. The meat will be changed with vegetables inside the vegan burgers. The cooking procedure for the vegan burgers are going to be the same, and you will see that they will go on the grill and you have to keep it the right amount of time on the grill so that it's going to be cooked properly, and be as delicious as a regular burger.

For the customers to be happy, you will have to move very fast while preparing the food and the orders overall, because dear kids you will see that there's going to be mood meters that you have to keep as full as possible. Once you go further in the game, you will see that upgrades can be made on the robots that automatically cook the food, flip the meat and even match the orders with the trey like in the puzzle games, so you will have to do less work, but have a bigger amount of burgers cooked, and that will mean of course more revenue for your burger restaurant.

Once the food is cooked, you have to put them on a tray and place them on the counter for the customer to get his or hers food. Make sure that you are fast, and so you can defeat the Burger Tycoon, and you will be the player that will have the highest score and the highest amount of money raised after a shift at the Burger restaurant. Have fun!

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