Drift Racing in the Open World

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"Drift Racing in the Open World" is a super cool game that we totally recommend! It's one of the best new drifting simulator games in 3D that you can play on our website. If you love racing and drifting, this game is going to be so much fun for you! We had a great time playing it, and now we’re going to tell you how to play and have just as much fun as we did!

In this game, you get to drive around a big world where you can drift and race your car. There are three different modes you can try: In Crash Mode, your job is to crash your car into stuff while drifting. You get points for crashing, and the more points you get, the more new cars you can buy. It’s all about making big crashes and having fun!

In Career Mode, you have to complete challenges and races by drifting and driving really well. Each time you finish a challenge or win a race, you earn money. You can use this money to buy better cars and make your car faster and cooler. Free Run Mode lets you drive around and explore without any rules. You can just have fun drifting and racing around different maps. 

There are four maps to choose from: Port City: Drive around a busy port with lots of places to drift. Snow City: Race through snowy roads and try not to slip! Province: Explore the countryside with winding roads. Business City: Zoom through a big city with tall buildings. Use the WASD keys or Arrow keys to drive and drift your car. Earn money by completing challenges, winning races, or making big crashes.

Use the money to buy new cars or make your car even better in the garage. Now that you know how to play, jump into "Drift Racing in the Open World" and start your racing adventure! Have fun drifting, racing, and exploring the world. Enjoy the game and be sure to check out more awesome games on our website!

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How to play

Use WASD/arrow keys.