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Racing each other is happening everywhere, either the races are taking part while behind a wheel of a racing car, a Formula 1, a truck, a train or even airplanes, so we invite you guys to search for your favorite one.

Your favorite type of races

Here on our website, all the boys and all the girls that are passionate about the racing culture are able to find amazing challenges in which they can show off their skills. Awesome games with cars, airplanes, trains, trucks, helicopters, bicycles, motorcycles, or even karts are ready for you to play, and since 2022, you can see that the most exciting racing challenges can be tried even on your mobile phones and tablets because most of these games are going to be HTML5. These racing games are mostly associated with some of your other favorite categories like boys, cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, or helicopters, so you can find them easily here on our website.

Starting from today, you can start trying to become the best racers on the planet by making sure that you will be able to go up on each and every one of the leaderboards that we are going to unlock through the racing games. The 3D simulator games are going to wait for you to get at the starting line, and see how much fun you can have trying to defeat your opponents. With each opponent that you overtake during a race, you will be rewarded with points, and you can see that having a lot of points by getting to the finish line of the race in the first place, the second place or the third race will get you a different amount of points that will be added to your leaderboard, and there are going to be plenty of interesting challenges that you can try.

Make sure that you look for your favorite type of game. For that, you will have to go forward and read the description to see which are the best types of racing games for boys and girls that you can play with all of your friends.

Race with the fastest cars

One of the most common types of races that you can find here is the Cars category, because there are a lot of racing cars available on the market, and you will be able to experience different types of races by being behind the steering wheel of different racing cars. For you to have a full experience of a racing pilot, you dear kids will see that inside our Racing category, there will be plenty of options from which you can pick your favorite. The rally, F1, drag races, circuit races, Formula 2, Formula 3, Turing, and even Nascar races are all going to be available inside this new category, and we are sure that you boys and girls will manage to have the highest scores and try to have the top position in each and every one of the races that you will start.

Each of these types of races is special because some of them are going to take place in very special settings, like in the middle of the rain forest, mountains and other types of rough terrain like in the specific rally races, where you will be driving special rally build cars, which can have different size and can be from a Mitsubishi, Renault, Volkswagen, Fiat to Subaru or Opel. A rally is mostly a sprint race, in which inside the rally car, there's going to be of course the pilot and he is going to be assisted by a co-pilot as they are called, which will help the driver learn the track faster, and he will help him know which type of corner is going to be ahead, which is the right speed and angle that he needs to have a very good time during the race, and make sure that they together can be one step closer to finish in the first position.

Going on, we are going to present to you the Formula races! Which of you guys are in love with Luis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, or Michael Schumacher?! These are a few Formula 1 or F1 drivers and world champions that you are going to meet with during our racing games that you can find inside this category. The F1 races are very different than any other car racing game because the cars are very different than the ones you see on the streets! These cars are specially built, they are very powerful and very fast, and you will see that you can reach top speeds of even 300km/h during a race, which will make these types of races very exciting, and very dangerous at the same time. These cars have room only for the pilot inside the cockpit, and it's looking spectacular, very much so like a rocket on wheels. The colors are not important, and the main pilots are from Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Torro Rosso.

Another very popular motorsport is going to be the NASCAR races! These types of races are very popular in the US, mostly in Texas, where the world championship is taking place, even though the races are taking place only inside the US, the drivers can be from all over the globe. These races are also circuit based, and the cars are going to be specially built so that they are very light like all the other racing cars, and even though there's enough room inside the car, everything's going to be stripped out of the car, and only the pilot seat is going to be left inside the cockpit of the car. The NASCAR cars are going to be fast, and that's why there are a lot of accidents during a NASCAR race. These races are taking place in a DOME as the pros call it.

Race with the faster motorcycles

Because cars are not the only things people can race, we are going to present for you another branch of the racing industry, which is the Motorcycles. For those of you guys who don't know what's a motorcycle, it's basically a car on two wheels, which may not be as fast or as powerful as the cars from F1 or NASCAR, but they keep up the pace, and they are extremely fast, which will keep your adrenaline high once you get on one during our motorcycle racing games that we are going to start publishing more and more often here on our website.

Like cars, there are different types of Motorcycle racing types, and the main ones can be found inside the MotoGP which include Moto 1, Moto 2, and Moto 3. The Dirtbike championship and a very special branch of races, in which you have to do stunts with your motorcycle which you will be able to find games about in a list below.

Each of these types of races has different types of motorcycles and even different types of rules, objectives, and features, which we are sure will make you very interested. The MotoGP is the most common type of motorcycle racing because is a circuit-based race, in which there can be found the most powerful and the fastest motorcycles. The most famous MotoGP pilot is Valentino Rossi, and he is the world champion since 1998. In the MotoGP, you will find motorcycles like Ducatti, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, or Aprilia, which mostly look the same and have the same specs just because there are different types of regulations, but the designs and colors will be different based on the player, the team and the pilot's preferences.

Dirtbikes or motocross is also very popular all around the world, and this type of sport is very exciting because the track is not very ordinary and very often there's not one alike. You will see that the dirtbike tracks are going to be in the middle of the woods, with tight corners, ramps, potholes, mud, trees that you have to pass, and other types of obstacles that will make the race exciting. Inside these races, you will use a dirtbike or a motocross, which will be an offroad motorcycle that is much lighter than the speed racing motorcycles, have different types of tires, and overall a different design. Even though they are not as fast, they are very fun to drive, and you will see them during the motocross races that we already have for you to try.

ATVs are also present on our website, and you can see that inside the category, there are going to be a lot of ATV-based races that you can try, and in which you can even become champion of the tracks.

All the racing games on are free to play on your computers, on your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, so we are sure that you will find at least one of your favorite games online, and you will show us your leaderboard to see how many points you will achieve doing stunts, winning races and overtake your opponents in each race that you are going to start. The most popular games are the 3D simulator games, in which the races are not on real tracks but on different types of cities and specially built places like airports, sewers, or famous tracks from the MotoGP, F1, or Grand Turismo games where you will fight and measure your skills against the most popular pilots in the world. Have fun!

Who is the most popular MotoGP racer?

Valentino Rossi

What types of races are there?

Formula 1, MotoGP, Redbull events for motocross, Enduro

What's the top speed of a F1 car?

The world record is - 372.5km/h

What's the most popular racing game on mobile?

The Asphalt francise

Can you race online?

Yes, races can be done online in multiplayer games, or locally in 2 player games

What's the best racing game right now?

Forza Horizon