Adventure of Flig

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Adventure of Flig is an adventure game in 3D that we are sure you will love because it features a world of funny monsters, and Fling is the character you will play with. He really needs your help to achieve his goals, which aren't easy, but a great gamer like you will be able to help him. Be ready to have fun and enjoy the game alone or with your best friend, because this game can be played in two, so you can share the fun! We are going to quickly introduce you to the simple rules of this game, and after that, you can start playing.

So what do you have to do? It's very easy! In this game, you will run on endless courses, like in Subway Surfers, only you do it in tracks underground, in mines, using the mouse or touch controls to fling your character left and right, as well as up to jump, doing so to avoid the rocks and other obstacles you encounter. It is a very exciting game where players need to take risks and be adventurous.

Make sure you try collecting as many time boxes as possible to be able to keep going, while you should also try getting power-ups and bonuses that help you. You need to be focused and keep your mind on the game if you want to win it. If you play this game in two, you will have even more fun, so we encourage you to try it this way too and see which one you like more. Even if you lose, you can always start again, so make sure you stay motivated and enjoy your game experience.

Start right now and see how great this game is. Remember to try out other adventure games on our website, as we have a lot of new and interesting games especially for you! Enjoy!

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